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  1. Eh it was borderline I'm watching this for the H-scenes, plot was boring for me. Shrine maiden girl who's name I can't remember best grill she needed more development though, sister stuff was tooooooo long! Also poor OP everyone is recommending shows that aren't on Kametsu >_>
  2. I saw somebody post Yogsuga no sora a while back and that's basically a harem where the guy bangs pretty much all of the female characters Not exactly full of plot but ticks the perversion and nudity boxes (lower half obviously not but if you want that go watch yourself some Hentai) Should note I personally thought it was uhhhhh not great >_< Also @Scyrous shameless plugs
  3. Hmm fair enough thanks for the response, will have to look into it. I must live under a rock >_<
  4. Nice! look forward to anything you release in the future. Don't think I've seen any comparisons with AV1 hadn't even heard of it, upon a quick search its mainly being compared with HEVC so not sure how it holds up to AVC. Any reason you have more hope for AV1 than the HEVC?
  5. Hehe I'm looking forward to badass grampa, studio Mappa as well \o/ hopefully its as interesting as the synopsis makes it sound.
  6. thanks ya for today's light reading
  7. Handy chart, thanks you. Kekkai sensen season 2 might be nice, season 1 was surprisingly enjoyable \o/
  8. Just to clarify 4:4:4 does have its uses its not useless in all occasions I was led to believe that it is used to preserve chroma resolution instead of using 4:2:0 which would downscale the chroma, however I was under the impression this logic only applied when encoding 720p and not 1080p as I'm guessing the chroma is not downscaled if the resolution is left at 1080p. I have seen encodes with somewhat legitimate reasons for doing so but I neither remember the full explanation for using it nor do I have the expertise to explain anyways but here not sure how accurate the translation is but along the lines of chroma restoration idk https://nyaa.si/view/815670
  9. Would strongly recommend Kametsu over FK99's in every regard, h.264>HEVC (HEVC has a nasty habit of denoising too much destroying details in the process, not always but most HEVC encodes suffer from this) FK99's release is a re-encode which should set alarm bells ringing if your looking for quality, each time video is encoded data is lost, as such why introduce a second lossy process in which more details will be destroyed?! Audio is better on the Kametsu version FLAC vs AAC for the English track (lossless vs lossy) subtitles are (subjectively) better on the Kametsu version as well, on top of that FK99 decided to over filter and mess with all kinds of things (colours/sharpness/grain) all of which again generally don't end well and end up not reflecting the original BD's very well either. So all in all given your brief the Kametsu version satisfies nearly all your criteria bar hi444 (hi444 1080p why??? I was under the impression this was nearly always pointless in 1080p encodes, 720p yes I understand but why 1080?) so honestly if you want the best don't grab re-encodes ever and for this show in particular Kamestu is the best available at the moment and I don't see what there is to be improved upon. Also the second link yeah avoid that group if possible again re-encodes >_< Should be noted I'm not an encoder so someone with more technical knowhow feel free to correct me on anything :3
  10. Ahhhhh I tried lol tbh I didn't have you down as a harem kinda guy anyways :^) nah I don't even know why I liked it so much myself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ music was nice though
  11. Its a good show you should watch it and alrighty yeah that's fine I understand, I had it listed as a project a while back but I never got my hands on the audio and since then I haven't had the time to work on things anyways thanks for the response anyway
  12. Little request, could you do The world god only knows s1+2 with (1080+FLAC) afaik shiro did s2 with AAC and USBD and DAE did s1 with USBD and AAC as well, briefly scouted video and yousei is available for s1 and kuroi for s2 not sure what else though, shiro and DAE both used CMS subs again not sure what else is available. Would appreciate this to complete the series with 1080p FLAC to go with Deanzels OVA's and third season.
  13. Both are goddesses, but going to throw Emilia as my vote, Rem was adorable but idk I just prefer Emilia. I can already feel the hate for saying this >_<
  14. Tbh in terms of the subtitles neither were great in terms of typesetting or OP/ED and I never got a chance to compare the actual dialogue though.
  15. Awesome no problems there then, I still have the originals but alas no wifi to reseed >_< also yes that and forge's encode was a little bit starved as well, if I can dig up the comparisons I did I will post them here but myself and the others in the projects chan thought mawen was notably nicer than yousei (8 bit as well in this case iirc) and forge so figured the upgrade was justified.