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  1. Hello Ryutai! Which one was your release of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun? The one labeled with Winter or Moby JJ?

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    2. ColdFlaMes


      Yours seems to be the most decent release on nyaa, and it was also uploaded on BakaBT so what I said must be true xD.

      Anyway, why aren't the 720p specials not in listed in any of the bots on https://xdcc.kametsu.com/?

    3. Ryutai


      Ah fair enough, and I'm sorry I don't involve ment on that side of things at all (xdcc or any other mirrors for that matter). I currently don't have the ability to upload and I don't think I have the files anymore since a new release wouldn't be patchable anyways. When I'm finished with stuff I'm doing for other people I'll take a look at it.

    4. ColdFlaMes
  2. happy birthday crazy anime guy :3

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      You know me well. 😛



  3. Gotcha! Tickle-tickle! hehe... 

  4. Yesss :heart_eyes:
  5. Send nudes for a discount on membership
  6. Liking the new name! Dragon God. Fitting ^_^


    1. Ryutai


      lol I wish, thanks <3

  7. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2496160/what-does-the-mean-when-prefixed-to-windows-font-face-name
  8. Never done what you are describing and never seen the encoding tag used before, no idea if that could be the problem but maybe try without that. Other than that double check script is the same resolution as your video and you have the font installed and attached correctly, can you upload screenshots of the original line, the line post change in aegi then in your player or can you upload the original sub file and say what the resolution of the video you are muxing with is. Also just a note are you literally just rotating a line so it's on a 90° angle or are keeping each character upright but making the line vertical? Not sure I can be of any use but I can take a look at least.
  9. Ryutai

    The CTR Muxing Standards Guide

    Gib internet and motivation then maybe :') nah mark my words bakemonogatari TS will happen maybe so uhh whenever I get a spare year to work on that.
  10. Ryutai

    The CTR Muxing Standards Guide

    Yeah sorry my bad >_> Fair enough on the torrent name part, hadn't considered that. Appreciate the response. Yeah I understand the intention, never know might eventually spread though. I'll think about using it moving forward not that I'll release anything anyways :')
  11. Ryutai

    The CTR Muxing Standards Guide

    First off thank you for the post it's much appreciated, I think Hark0n raised some arguments that I agree with and regarding your internet argument I also like Hark0n did not have access until university and every time I visit home this is still the case. Consistency would be awesome, no disagreements there. Regarding group name at the end, I have seen you voice this many a time citing group pride and such as reasons anime groups refuse to place it afterwards, I personally don't take huge issue with this however I do believe it serves a far greater purpose in anime than other media especially when it comes to subtitles e.g. saying FFF or commie gives the majority of the community an idea of what they are downloading hence placing it before the show name imo isn't that weird or wrong per say. In western media especially Music and TV produced in English the group simply equates to quality of the encode, whereas in anime it can vary user experience greatly and signifies video quality through translation, typesetting, editing, karaoke you get the idea. I think it's easier as a remuxer to say tag doesn't matter especially a dual audio releaser at that (e.g. targeting English users-> translation pretty much insignificant) whereas the wider anime community I feel may never adopt such a system, I understand you are primarily targeting users on this site just thought I would highlight some opposing points.
  12. Just curious I have a few questions surrounding this, what considers linking software? for example if I link a reddit or other forum like page that may also contain a software download is this a violation of the rules? (this is a question both if the intention is to direct the user to download a program and if not and its coincidental that software links also reside on the linked page) also are we still allowed to recommend and reference the use of software that doesn't meet the conditions above if we cannot directly link it? I can give a few examples if need be. Should also note furthering the first questions can I in anyway give the destination or how to find software that does not meet the above criteria on this forum? Also is linking an official page i.e the company who made the software considered reputable? E: @IkarosBD
  13. There may be a future project under HTT last time I spoke to Baal about it, as for the current offerings in comparisons I did a while back Yousei 720p 8 bit looked the best notably TCL 1080p was completely off so don't grab that, Cman was okay still looked worse than Yousei even at the higher resolution imo and it has ordered chapters. Subs no real comment but on a quick look at ep1 I was modifying CGi subs instead of Cman.
  14. Ryutai

    Moodkiller's Topic Index

    lol fair, I realised I switched the link in the top for some weird blurred album art used half way down the post anyways so no Hibiki for those who copy the line :') also yeah was testing what you could do with gaps and multiple images at some point I'll go through and populate each Hibiki image with the text and a new image link for each section, just another year or two and it should be there.