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  1. Hi all, i'm not a robot

    sounds like something a bot would say for sure
  2. My best friend was studying computer science, I have interest in technology and its applications and I played around with .bat scripts and other stupid stuff and enjoyed it so thought I would give it a try. Every other day give or take. Not very long as usually I'm working on coursework which is small short term stuff, nothing too complex. As for the other stuff you said you can learn whatever you like but imo learn to create useful well-made programs before doing cross platform stuff. Yes syntax isn't as important the concepts for sure but not knowing syntax will kill any kind of workflow tbh. Also should note I am really not qualified to give technical advice I am still new to this myself, I am sure there are many others on the site who can help you far more than I can.
  3. Fundamentals will remain relevant whatever, more specialised/current stuff not so sure, but that is the case with all fields and professions they are never completely static, (well there probably are exceptions but you get the idea). How do you know if its up to date, hmm if you are looking at something that is constantly developing then you will have to check yourself, not all material on everything is always up to date of course but again a lot of programming is built around principles which shouldn't shift too often. I haven't been programming very long at all, less than a year, I am hoping to pick up programming as a career path yes, I'm not 100% sure exactly what I want to go into just yet but I have a good idea.
  4. don't be, learn from the ground up at your own pace, get interested in the subject and your curiosity will soon overcome any apprehension you have. Its a big world out there and there are infinite things one can hope to learn which is daunting I get that, but honestly don't be afraid everyone starts somewhere no matter how basic your level the more you research and look into things the more informed you will become. There are so many tutorials/books/forums insert whatever medium you like here to learn programming, so just get stuck in, if you need sources I may be of less help here due to me using university restricted material a lot of the time but I can recommend a few books and places to look. also your questions 1) It helps but honestly no, learn fundamentals then specialise as you go 2) Of course the more you know the better I recommend learning one language at a high level of understanding and then learning after that should be far simpler and at that point you should be more aware of programming in general and hopefully you have an idea of what languages you wish to learn to accomplish your goals.
  5. as someone who is learning via an academic route (university course) largely the main factor to learning fast is exposing yourself to lots of code and writing lots of code, importantly though maintaining good practices and correcting yourself as you go is super important when you're starting out, I'm still very new to things so I won't go in to detail but start by writing super simple programs like printing words, scanning for input in the console, learn to understand and use loops etc. (I am primarily learning java)
  6. Second the simuldub hopes, can't wait for this one
  7. First Moby JJ, then Ryutai, and now... 流体?


    ...which means 'fluid' according to Google Translate.

    I like your style, young man. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    Edit: he has become my slave now.

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      What in the name of Rem's glorious blinding bangs is going on in this status?

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      Scyrouses, Scyrouses, Scyrouses EVERYWHERE !!! :waaaht:

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      It is a mystery. One purported to be of truly astounding proportions. Astounding... and purported no less, with regard to proportions that is. To be, that is... nor not. Or something. (ellipsis... ellipsis... ellipsis...)


      The future, always changing it is... never the same. ^_^


      La la la... la la  

  8. SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    kek how would I know you pm'ed him I'm not telepathic
  9. SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    Pretty sure Smugcat is doing yuri
  10. blame @Moodkiller's lazy typesetting assistant for the delays :^)
  11. AC | Anime Index

    uhhh I never actually looked into it, guess you could go for FFF straight remux or from what I can see zero raws did it don't know if that is worth looking into
  12. AC | Anime Index

    Do red data girl while your upgrading releases to have lossless audio plz