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  1. Hey Oblivia ))) thanks a lot, it has indeed been a cool day )) still ongoing BTW .

  2. Back to Hard rock now more of Godsmack and NIN
  3. If you check out Naruto's Manga and Anime there are some differences, (not exactly with the ending though, as, if I am not mistaken, the Anime hasn't reached the ending so far, or at least I haven't found the translated version which has), for example there are some additional episodes on adventures of Kakashi, Naruto, Saske and Sakura which are not present in the manga.
  4. well, they could have totally removed her character, I think she (the character) doesn't add much to the movie (apart from being hot)
  5. Hey quite nice ! Interesting that part is made from Manga, I liked the technique.
  6. the last one I've read is "Narcissus and Goldmund" by Hermann Hesse. Quite a decent one although "The Wolf of Stepps" still remains my favorite.
  7. Seems that the third part is all about robots (well it is called Transformers but they took it too litterally in my opinion), I would like to see more space for acting skills, after all Shia LaBeouf is quite a good actor. The change of the female character seems a bit strange as well.
  8. Just finished Still Life 2, trying to play Oblivion (seems should have been more clever while creating the character )
  9. haven't played a game that really scared me, but "Scratches" (mainly due to the fantastic soundtrack ) gave me the creeps, one of the monsters in Stalker was quite scary at the first moment as well.
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