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  1. If anyone's interested, there's an ongoing Dual-Audio thread for the BD Box, by yours truly. You can find it here:
  2. velo223

    Waifu2xcaffe vs. XMedia Recode?

    It seems I need to manually tweak the AviSynth script for SuperResXBR to make it work with MeGUI. Also, I can't find any download links for SuperResXBR. A little help here?
  3. velo223

    Waifu2xcaffe vs. XMedia Recode?

    Thanks. That makes more sense. I think I'll use the upscalers you mentioned, and encode using H.264. Two more questions: 1. Which is better? NNEDI3 or SuperResXBR? 2. How do I make sure that the colour space is YUV 10-bit in the output file?
  4. velo223

    Waifu2xcaffe vs. XMedia Recode?

    No, what I meant was, doesn't AviSynth export video that is like, 70+ GB? I know AviUtl does. The source is gonna be 10-bit 1080p raws for the most part, so there aren't really any artifacts to take care of. To make the video look a bit more pretty, I first enhance it in PowerDirector though, using three filters: BCC Magic Sharp NewBlue Detail by Chroma NewBlue Sharpen
  5. velo223

    Waifu2xcaffe vs. XMedia Recode?

    But aren't the files AviSynth creates ginormous? Just asking since if I can get a better result with SuperResXBR or nnedi3, I don't mind switching to those. But my current machine is a bit low on memory right now. Also, which filters should I apply?
  6. Hi guys, so quite recently I've been upscaling Digimon BD episodes from the 1080p raws, by first adding filters to the raws in PowerDirector, and then sharpening and upscaling in XMedia Recode. The upscaling algorithm I use is Lanczos (very expensive CPU-wise I know). It is beyond my current laptop's capacity to upscale the 2K I get from upscaling the raws, to 4K. However, assuming that I do buy a powerful enough machine sometime in the future, I wanted to know what would be better to upscale an anime like Digimon (specifically Zero Two and Tamers): Lanczos with +0.8 sharpening in XMedia Recode, plus an HDR pass in PowerDirector Ultimate Suite, or upscaling via Waifu2xcaffe, and then applying an HDR pass? I vaguely remember seeing a video on YouTube of an upscaled 3D Sonic short, just a little over 11 minutes, that took 80 machine hours to upscale. Is it gonna be that bad? Should I stick with XMedia Recode? Or is Waifu2xcaffe, or the more user-friendly iteration AutoWaifu, worth it?
  7. So since there wasn't a dedicated thread for Tamers on the forums, I thought I'd make one myself. First things first: which group(s) will be handling the raws for Digimon Tamers? I've been visiting FY-RAWS' website daily, on the off-chance that they've already released the 8-bit raws. Can someone who knows Chinese ask them if they plan to do Tamers? Also, does anyone know if any release group plans to do the 10-bit raws? Next, what are your thoughts on the new drama CD? Do you think Tamers should have a continuation? Finally, what did you like the most about Tamers? Feel free to discuss anything pertaining to Tamers in this thread.
  8. velo223

    Digimon Adventure Tri (2015)

    Honestly, with the way they've been ignoring the Zero Two kids, it can go either way. If the Zero Two kids appear somehow in Our Future , they don't necessarily have to make another sequel with the Zero Two kids. However, the Adventureverse being the cash cow that it is, I wouldn't be surprised if they announced another sequel. Hell, they could announce a direct sequel to Tamers, or a brand new season featuring none of the characters we know and no one would bat an eye. I still kinda hate that my parents aren't letting me get Loss. I really wanted to snag the BluRay this time around, since I've heard the voice acting is stellar in the dub, and it would finally give me an excuse to buy a BD player
  9. So, does anyone know if the Cartoon Network Hindi dub of Digimon Adventure can be found anywhere on the internet? I saw a video of the kids being resurrected from the raw data during the Apocalymon battle on YouTube a couple of years ago, but I never found the full episodes. Please, if anyone can link to the episodes, no matter how low quality, it would mean the world to me, as then I can create a BluRay remux for my best buddy, who is a big time Digimon fan, but prefers the Hindi dub.

  10. velo223

    Digimon Adventure Tri (2015)

    Check the Dual-Audio section ASAP. It's also among the similar threads for this thread, so yeah. You're welcome btw I've released it in Triple Audio format with the English dub audio as the default track.
  11. velo223

    Web seeding services for torrents?

    Thanks for that little tip. However, correct me if I'm wrong, but don't these third-party file hosting sites have some sort of expiry for their links? Is it possible to get a DDL that does NOT expire? Also, yes I'm too broke to afford a dedicated server, so this is the only route I can afford to choose, if only for initial seeding.
  12. Hey guys, So I was over at Nyaa the other day, looking at some of the anime torrents by Kametsu users, and I was wondering something. There is something called a 'web seed', which is basically like a third-party service where you can upload your content, and then load the download link from there into your bittorrent client, so that it acts as a seeder. The main benefit is that you need not leave your computer on while the torrent seeds, as after the upload, everything is handled by the remote server. I know Dropbox has such a feature, but you need a 'Private' folder or something, something that not ALL users have, and the main downside of Dropbox is that it only seeds as long it is the sole seed. If another user starts seeding, Dropbox no longer seeds the torrent, resulting in a drastic drop in download speed. Also, there is no point in creating multiple Dropbox accounts, for much the same reason. So, my question is, do you guys know of any other free/freemium services which are either implicitly webseeding services, or can be used as web seeds? Thanks in advance.