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  1. Okay, so I want to play some Gamecube games on my Wii and would like to know what I would need to do to do that. I am a newb to this stuff and I find the whole homebrew thing kind of confusing with all its exploits and what not. No idea if it will let me play Gamecube games, if I need a separate application, etc. I believe my firmware is like 3.4 or something. I have a copy of Brawl and Twilight Princess for the Wii if that helps. I am willing to get an SD card, but not to modchip my Wii. Please help?
  2. PseudoSage

    Thundercats 2011

    Well, I did watch the old cartoon and it was alright. But to me it seemed to be in the same vain as all the other 80s boys cartoons, like He-Man or something. They all wore goofy leotards and ended each episode with a comic relief laughter moment (Gahaha! Oh that Snarf). Those types of shows just weren't appealing to me, even as a kid the stories of each episode had predictable plots which despite the overarching themes of single goal and quest it still felt completely episodic and I never got past Lion-Os ridiculous Ronald McDonald hair. Sometimes it was a fun ride, but those were the fight scenes where the bad-guys get beat up and it's super cool! It was the Justice League and Legion of Doom except with cats. Modern action cartoons have left the campy-ness behind since companies realize that it isn't just 5-year olds watching Saturday morning animated shows anymore and storytelling has improved (like Young Justice as opposed to the SuperFriends) . From the first episode (or first two, whatever) it is already setting up more interesting, if a tad archetypal, characters than the originals, a more cohesive setting that actually made sense given the characters (not some weird alien planet where shit just happens for plot convenience), logical themes with story arcs and story progression. None of that forced logic you were supposed to just roll with, like the stuff about "his space pod was cracked and he aged without dieing or being awake, but the rest were damaged too so he is just special like that just go with it" stuff. Not to say it's all perfect, it still falls into the failings/strengths of the predecessors, I'm just saying nostalgia may take things too far sometimes. I am so far excited for the show, I am digging the new character designs (even if they did make Lion-O a tad on the childish looking side, but then again that was supposed to be his character in the first place since in the original he was 12!) and the new Thundara. Mumm-Ra kinda put me off though as he and his cronies so far haven't departed too far from the original and seem to be staying true to the original, but it makes it jarring to see such a mix. The new style of the Thundercats with new, updated character models while Mumm-Ra is still stuck in old mummy-monkey-wizard guy territory without any real changes. Apparently the sun still hurts him, but maybe that will be played off well rather than "he's evil and magic, sunlight is good so it must burn" stuff. ........I wonder if anybody read all this?
  3. PseudoSage

    Thoughts on Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

    It was pretty good. The fighting systems was fast and animation was fluid, but what surprised me most was it lent itself to varied playstyles. It wasn't like DBZ games where you can either combo a person or spam beam attacks, you could continuously dodge and throw shurikens for long range battle, use chakra dash to try and use combo mixed with ninjutsu, spam ninjutsu and support, use support to set up combos, wait till you can use Ultimate Jutsus or pick a character that tranforms into a giant form. Plus there always seems to be players online which is a plus. Just wish it had a little more offline content than story mode. Maybe a mission mode or time attack or something.
  4. PseudoSage

    Where do morals come from

    Ah, eternal pain after death. I think I understand your point: if man wants avoid pain and death whenever possible to ensure his survival and that of his family's genes, then why create a concept that says there will only be death and suffering in the next world? It would seem counter-productive wouldn't it? However humans are complex to be sure. These morals and laws that we create are preached by forces such as religions or other such organizations dealing with the here after to reinforce them. Originally they may have served some reinforcing purpose beyond scaring the daylights out of people with talk of Hell, reincarnation into lower forms, or the alien overlord Xenu, but all things tend to happen things become complicated. Simple rules relayed by stories and ideas of the world to help us understand the social contracts we must abide by become destructive aversive stimuli that act as punishment for wrongful actions. But why would one person create aversive stimuli that punishes another for breaking from these agreed upon morals? Simply because the Laws of Science and the Laws of Government&Religion exist under different contingencies resulting in different repertoires of behavior. As such, over the millenniums, these people with different, but not mutually exclusive behaviors, have created a sort of warped social contract. I use once again B.F. Skinner in this argument.
  5. PseudoSage


    Ah, Shade's comment was quite good. I agree with it to a certain extent as well. In rational thought an assumption must be made to begin anything with which is usually that the thing you are referring to exists or not. You could question if God exists scientifically, but you still have to have faith that the mere concept of God exists in the first place before you can question it. It would be like wondering if your cat you gave away is living comfortably somewhere, but that is assuming your cat is alive or even exists at all to even be considered alive or dead. ((Hope I am making sense and not misinterpreting what Shade said)) Thusly even science itself, which is supposedly a way in which to observe the world, needs a bit of faith in it for it to work as well. While you can see gravity the laws of physics mean nothing to an individual unless he had faith that gravity is there. We thinks our science has proven everything, but in the end we take our current observations as truth using a bit of faith that the theory of the atom won't be overturned in the next 5 minutes. That is why I believe the human mind can not yet truly conceptualize such grand concepts but instead find simplified truths about the small sphere we live in. That is how Gods are formed and how they end. In truth the expanse of our entire planet's intellect is not even a trillionth of the size of the universe and there is so much left to discover. So then the truth of the universe will be outside of our limited grasp. That is why I don't knock people for their beliefs in God, or Gods, or other such religious things. While we cannot truly understand the whole of universe, we can try and put meaning to this mysterious thing and use it to give ourselves meaning in the grandness of it. Do I think life without God is a life without meaning? No. Do I believe those who do believe in a God are dependent upon this concept for an individual purpose? No. I think none of us can truly understand the ultimate answer, but we, as individuals, all have the capacity to have an opinion on it. What you do with your opinion on this what lies beyond the veil of existence is your own prerogative.
  6. PseudoSage

    Non Turnbased RPG

    Try the Star Ocean series. It's pretty solid. Also, there are some Level 5 games such as Rogue Galaxy that won't disappoint. The .hack// series had some of my favorite games too. Games like Mass Effect don't interest me though for some reason.
  7. PseudoSage

    dante vs sephiroth

    Check your spelling mate, I believe it's "Dante" not "Donte". As for who would win: well, I'd say Sephiroth.
  8. PseudoSage


    Giving gifts, receiving few. Getting drunk with my brother and yelling about my alcoholic father ironically in a drunken stupor. Then going home, puking on the ole christmas tree, yelling at the dog because giving them a stocking full of milk-bones is blasphemy against baby jesus. Drinking a beer everytime you see an elf on the TV and passing out on top of my girlfriend..................... ........I'm very traditional and am true to the X-Mas spirit.
  9. PseudoSage

    Say something of the next Country!

    Come for Oktoberfest, stay for the hot german women. Australia.
  10. PseudoSage

    Word Association

    Long sword...
  11. PseudoSage

    Get To Know You Game

    Little bit of mayo and BBQ sauce. Yum... What color would you be most likely to dye your hair?
  12. PseudoSage

    Write the Next Lyric

    "I wonder if I should stop by the bar?"
  13. PseudoSage

    Money as Credits?

    Hackers will become the new age thugs of the streets. Granted that even world governments with military grade security grids can't protect themselves from hackers these days. From the cyberattacks from some Chinese radical to that WikiLeaks guy, none of it would be safe. Sorry, I'll keep my jar of heavy metal coins thank you.
  14. PseudoSage

    TSA's Nude Scanners

    Most common argument I hear from my neighbors these days: "We wouldn't need them if we just profiled every Muhhamed out ther, mrrhrrmmm!" Problem is, they are now of every race and creed. Isn't one of the big fears today the fact that there are white muslims that look the same as everybody else? Anyways, if it wasn't for the radiation I'd just say give me a metal pad to conceal my naught bits. Don't want to embarrass the security workers But radiation is radiation and no dose is good. If you're a frequent flier you may have a higher risk to skin cancer not to mention losing a bit of your dignity.
  15. PseudoSage

    MMORPGs you would like to see!

    Seconded! A create your own Gundam feature would be epic. Let's see, for me I'd really like to see a fast-paced action game system in an MMO. I love RPGs, but I'd rather be using my fire elemental spells like Dante uses shotguns in Devil May Cry. Fast, insane combos, dynamic movement, no more of that clicking to cast a spell and standing around waiting crap from World of Warcraft. Or just clicking a skill to smack a guy harder without moving an inch then waiting for cooldown. No, I want a God of War/Devil May Cry/Kingdom Hearts MMO! Or I'll just take a Kingdom Hearts MMO......