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  1. Really cool that Watch CBC is added some French kids content from their French rival Radio-Canada.


    I was ripping 1001 Nights and #DansLaToile using antenna. That might be cool, but they only have the first 3 episodes of the select French shows.

    1. dangerousvhs


      Pretty ironic seeing as the site's going to shut down at the end of the month and be replaced with an anglophone port of tou.tv. 🤔


      There might not ever be many episodes posted, but this might be the only chance to get a 1080p web-dl...


      I hope someone can break the DRM on tou.tv.

    2. DJStarfish


      Well at least you can rip tou.tv with youtube-dl, sadly they're 480p.

    3. dangerousvhs


      I'd quite like to know how youtube-dl even manages that, it completely refuses in my browser.


      That said, I've also found some videos that CRASH youtube-dl.

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