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  1. Well the DVDVideoSoft app has antivirus just want to heads up though.
  2. Who remember this annoying person named EC-707? You know the guy who keeps whining about some cartoon show. And look what he tweeted this stupid question! Yeah I wasn't even interested on this show last time because I was too lazy on other stuff, but I would upload this to YouTube since they not might taken down, but if he sees this he might be so happy, but I don't give a damn fuck at all since many people aren't even interested on that one.
  3. The show has already been found on Lost Media Wiki's Vimeo account. Well unfortunately it's not broadcast in HD, here's why!
  4. Oh yeah! Sorry about that.
  5. Season 18 will be out on DVD this December. According to TVShowsOnDVD, they will be cropped in widescreen, just like fucking FXX broadcasts did these. I'm still getting it though. At least MuchMusic still airs reruns, the older seasons are still in the original 4:3 ratio on that channel. I checked on iTunes Canada for Seasons 1-3, they are still in SD, but it's it's cropped in Widescreen. At least Amazon and iTunes US are in HD.
  6. It's already been uploaded.
  7. Happy Canada Day and Happy 150th birthday to Canada to fellow Canadians!

    1. DabDeity710
    2. Loyal Wolf

      Loyal Wolf

      Happy Canada Day to you!


      Still remember when you Canadians saved us Dutchies!

    3. DabDeity710



      Let us not forget the hardships of the brave men responsible for this day

  8. Well I accidentally revealed my email years ago since I want to get fan mail. But i'm right the email sends spams anyways.
  9. Well the bad news today that my Outlook email account has been hacked. Since I have to verify my account. Once I did, they blocked my email account. I no longer use OneDrive. I have to use Mega for now on.
  10. What does this have to do with this post?! It hasn't even come out yet, and it's a waste of time too.
  11. Both would be fine. Depends.
  12. I think we should tell @misseps.
  13. Watch Disney Channel has recently added a classic Disney cartoon. I may know that the series is already resourced anywhere else. Can someone rip the first two seasons, if they are any better than the ones from other sites? https://watchdisneychannel.go.com/the-proud-family
  14. It's actually NTSC.
  15. Yeah I encoded before I uploaded. I used Elgato Game Capture HD via Component cables. I convert the TS file to MKV using MKVToolNix. If anyone wants to try properly deinterlace and IVTC using VirtualDub, go ahead! https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkS1NZUK12bGh1xi_xWZb1s50sZJ Handbrake doesn't seem to have that Chroma issue though. And your right, I may have to get an Avermedia or Hauppauge capture card in the near future.