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  1. Both would be fine. Depends.
  2. I think we should tell @misseps.
  3. Watch Disney Channel has recently added a classic Disney cartoon. I may know that the series is already resourced anywhere else. Can someone rip the first two seasons, if they are any better than the ones from other sites? https://watchdisneychannel.go.com/the-proud-family
  4. It's actually NTSC.
  5. Yeah I encoded before I uploaded. I used Elgato Game Capture HD via Component cables. I convert the TS file to MKV using MKVToolNix. If anyone wants to try properly deinterlace and IVTC using VirtualDub, go ahead! https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkS1NZUK12bGh1xi_xWZb1s50sZJ Handbrake doesn't seem to have that Chroma issue though. And your right, I may have to get an Avermedia or Hauppauge capture card in the near future.
  6. I seem to have deleted that Arthur episode raw. But anyways here's one example for a different show. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AkS1NZUK12bGh1sETCm_9ATUzeq_
  7. I was thinking about encoding my HDTV encodes with Virtualdub. But I have one problem, when I deinterlace or IVTC 1080i encodes, you notice that they have shitty looking chroma errors. Look at the image right here: You notice on the right, that's what's the problem. I've looked up finding how to fix the chroma error on VideoHelp forums, I think people uses Avisynth (Which I pretty don't know how to make a script). I've been using Handbrake to deinterlace and IVTC (For some programming I encoded), people tried encoding 1080i encodes CRF 18 or 17 and Slow or Very Slow preset, but I just prefer it Very Fast preset so I want the file size to be smaller and my laptop to be very fast. It looks a lot better anyways. Now, I need help with this, geez.
  8. It's now on Watch Disney Channel. http://watchdisneychannel.go.com/pat-the-dog Hey @misseps!
  9. Pat the Dog will be airing on Disney Channel in the U.S. this Saturday, I believe this show will be added to Watch Disney Channel after it airs. Here in Canada, Radio-Canada aired the French dub every Saturday. I have TVRips of the French dub (if anyone is interested). Is anyone willing to rip that show on Watch Disney Channel this Saturday?
  10. Does the method work for Boomerang with wvstream? I tried it, it won't work. It seems they have a license, try it with the Boomerang mpd file. https://www.boomerang.com/wvd/modlicense
  11. If anyone has a download link and share it here, you can!
  12. Here ya go! It's ongoing, since I will rip the rest this weekend.
  13. It's like Netflix, it's free.
  14. I can rip it for you guys from Tubi.TV. It's in 714p (1280x714).
  15. Does anyone have Amazon rips of The Loud House? Does the subtitles are in-sync unlike iTunes, and does the quality look better than iTunes? Let me know!