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  1. Does the method work for Boomerang with wvstream? I tried it, it won't work. It seems they have a license, try it with the Boomerang mpd file. https://www.boomerang.com/wvd/modlicense
  2. If anyone has a download link and share it here, you can!
  3. Here ya go! It's ongoing, since I will rip the rest this weekend.
  4. It's like Netflix, it's free.
  5. I can rip it for you guys from Tubi.TV. It's in 714p (1280x714).
  6. Does anyone have Amazon rips of The Loud House? Does the subtitles are in-sync unlike iTunes, and does the quality look better than iTunes? Let me know!
  7. I would love to see the Amazon rips too. But for now we have the iTunes WEB-DLs. http://millenniumring.co/downloads/djstarfish/SpongeBob SquarePants Season 1 [1080p WEB-DL]/
  8. Can someone upload my uploads that I posted to Kametsu to millenniumring.co?


    I would love to see my uploads reuploaded to the server, since I don't have any room for cloud storage anyways.



    1. Arian


      Interesting that you say this, because you could have contacted me directly for this.


      We can discuss terms over Facebook.

    2. DJStarfish


      Alright! PM on Facebook. I'll give you the folder link for Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs (Season 1) to your server.

  9. I need a voucher code for Mega since I wanna upgrade my Mega account.

    1. TunaTunie


      they r hard to find nowadays, its only 5$(CAN so even cheaper US) a month for a upgraded account if not

  10. You can get it right here. I'm unsure about Season 2 since it's about 52GB.
  11. Whenever I tried signing up for Sharemania, they gave me a message which is like spam-behavior. Is it just my email or I have to use a different email service?
  12. Just to heads up Floopaloo is airing on Yoopa.

    1. DJStarfish


      Sadly my provider Rogers doesn't even have Yoopa.

    2. Pacific85


      I hope it will air on Unis too.

    3. The Anime
  13. I meant to say it's the one i'm giving you the link for the Windows 10 app of Netflix, not the DVDVideoSoft software. https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/store/p/netflix/9wzdncrfj3tj
  14. I heard that Netflix is available for offline viewing for the Windows 10 app. Well sadly, my Netflix account is expired.
  15. Someone posted to MySpleen, the iTunes WEB-DLs. http://www.myspleen.org/details.php?id=25256