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  1. Unfortunately no, since youtube-dl doesn't support DRM sites.
  2. Yep! It works! I'll upload it later today.
  3. Well I will use youtube-dl it seems that they bypass geo-blocking.
  4. I guess someone can rip it, or I can just try to webripping.
  5. I use VideoDownloaderHelper to copy the video stream links and put it to ffmpeg. There's also youtube-dl.
  6. I hear a Canadian animated show that is currently airing on CITV in the UK. Looks pretty interesting! Any cappers from the UK here?
  7. Happy Birthday!


    Hope you have the best day ever!

  8. Today is my 17th birthday! So wish me a happy birthday! Feel free to!

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    2. kozala


      Happy birthday!  What an amazing age to be!  Enjoy it mate!

    3. Nabull


      @DJStarfish when is the party?! 


    4. aukaauka


      Happy birthday! :D 

  9. My birthday is today! I'm turning 17! So wish me a happy birthday!
  10. Only some providers do have an HD feed.
  11. Yep! MySpleen is down for now.
  12. Well the DVDVideoSoft app has antivirus just want to heads up though.
  13. Who remember this annoying person named EC-707? You know the guy who keeps whining about some cartoon show. And look what he tweeted this stupid question! Yeah I wasn't even interested on this show last time because I was too lazy on other stuff, but I would upload this to YouTube since they not might taken down, but if he sees this he might be so happy, but I don't give a damn fuck at all since many people aren't even interested on that one.
  14. The show has already been found on Lost Media Wiki's Vimeo account. Well unfortunately it's not broadcast in HD, here's why!
  15. Oh yeah! Sorry about that.