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  1. Does anyone know hen it wiil release on Netflix?
  2. Could you rip World of Winx from Netflix? (In HD) It would be really awesome if you do.

  3. Have you done the new SU shorts yet? It doesn't seem to be listed on your telegram.

    1. aliqandil


      Well, You could just telegram me!

      No I havn't, Not yet.

    2. MunkhD


      I'm sorry, I couldn't use telegram much, I'm new to it.

  4. I am talking about the specials! not the webisodes.
  5. Quote


    Hi could you do the SU episode Onion Gang and the new shorts? Love your encodes!

    1. aliqandil


      I haven't done the new shorts, But I've already encoded onion gang:



      I have these listed on my telegram channel.


    2. MunkhD
  6. Since this post I have requested someone to upload it. And the person di. Look for TheRival on extratorrent.cc The specials are there. But there might be no seed. You could ask for reseed.
  7. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4ng8f1_steven-universe-beta_tv well I found these. It is not a cam rip.
  8. Can anyone get all the available ever after high episodes from netflix without any watermarks and logos and in HD. Pretty please, I really need it. Thanks a lot. If anyone can't get it from netlfix is anyone able to get it from the ever after high dvds from region 2 and 4 and monster high great scarrier reef, boo york boo york and scaris dvds?
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