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  1. bladedaryl

    Who do you prefer, Luffy or Ace?

    Ace is cooler than luffy, but luffy is the favourite
  2. bladedaryl

    One Piece

    The storyline is awesome, enough said
  3. bladedaryl

    Who are your top 3 favorite One Piece Characters and why?

    1. Luffy 2. Zorro 3. Chopper
  4. I thought about this the other day, is it possible?
  5. bladedaryl

    One Piece vs. Fairy Tail

    the strawhats because of their determination
  6. bladedaryl

    One Piece

    death death fruit, kill anyone instantly = ultimate fruit? lol
  7. bladedaryl

    The Three Navy Admirals [SPOILERS]

    definitely the first choice
  8. bladedaryl

    Which One Piece Villain do you hate the most?

    king wapol is such a fag enough said
  9. bladedaryl

    Luffy's mother

    it's interesting to think about
  10. bladedaryl

    One Piece

    one piece of all the treasure in the world, but then how do we know that there isn't greater treasure?
  11. bladedaryl

    Favorite One Piece Character?

    Zorro because he's cool.
  12. Ok seriously, there was the original DBZ, then there's DBZ uncut now there's DBZ Kai. Which one is better? The thing that attracted me to DBZ was partly the music in the american release. Bruce Faulkner really matched how the characters fought and each character with their own theme music. I really got into it, but now these other ones say original japanese audio, it kind of sounds gay no offense. But extra scenes? Someone give me the low down, I'm confused.
  13. bladedaryl

    Schools Days

    The last episode is so effed haha I checked it out because a girl liked it so I tried to see if I could use it as bonding material. Man that was a mistake.
  14. bladedaryl

    Rirouni Kenshin VS Samurai X

    Its the same thing right??? Personally kenshin series I think is way better. Original voices own well in dub im talking about.