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  1. shamil11

    RASETSU Anime Release Index

    10/07/18 UPDATE: Back from the dead. Main portions of Aokana and Ichigo Mashmario completed and released, some extra parts of these series still in progress as noted. Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm | Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue (1080p complete, 720p in progress) *NEW* Ichigo Mashimaro | Strawberry Marshmallow (720p - main series complete, OVA+Encore in progress) *NEW*
  2. shamil11

    [NOMINATIONS] Anime of Winter 2018

    Citrus and Ryuuou no Oshigoto were really fun to watch, but I'd have to nominate Yuru Camp as almost inexplicably the best by far from the Winter airing season.
  3. shamil11

    SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    Best news of all, been looking forward to that ever since I saw Kuromii-san first mention it.
  4. shamil11

    The CTR Muxing Standards Guide

    While I fear that the crusade to spread the gospel of scene naming to anime may divert from the vastly more important issue of a thoroughly scientific approach to proper audio syncing, this looks like the torso of a giant. A great start. Close attention to the little details like track tags is important and often overlooked, I like the emphasis you've given that here. However, particularly newer remuxers are often sloppy or inattentive to the vital finer points of checking and correcting audio issues, this also is a good direction for emphasis--I assume this aspect will be comprehensively covered in the guide after the Naming-Unbelievers and Unforced-Trackers have been liquidated?
  5. shamil11

    [NOMINATIONS] Anime of Fall 2017

    Blend S
  6. shamil11

    RASETSU Anime Release Index

    12/28 UPDATE: Hundred (1080p/720p) dual-audio release completed and distributing. Updated and restructured future projects list to reflect new content and revised priority of certain items. Added GDrive/XDCC links and cleaned up source/download sections for most individual release threads.
  7. @sfaxt do you have an opinion on mottoj encodes? Seems to do mostly retro restorations. (others familiar with this encoder are free to chime in as well!)
  8. shamil11

    Seedbox questions

    Permissions for root or anything of the sort shouldn't be necessary. I modified a simple install script for it when I installed on my slot. Run the following in ssh (left and right parenthesis included) and it should work: ( wget https://megatools.megous.com/builds/megatools-1.9.97.tar.gz tar -xvf megatools-1.9.97.tar.gz cd megatools-1.9.97 ./configure --prefix="$HOME" make && make install )
  9. Yeah all existing releases have lossy audio, but the USBD does have TrueHD 5.1 English audio. I believe Shiro's uses FFF's release with the JPN audio re-encoded from FLAC to AAC and English audio & commentary in AAC from the USBD. I can probably get the BDMV from u2 and provide the lossless audio if somebody is interested in finishing the series for release, though I might recommend comparing the Yousei-raws video (which I have and may also make available). Aside from that, I would be quite unable to do any of the real work on it myself at this time--my project queue is about 14 deep at this point, no lie. It'll be a busy new year for me...
  10. shamil11

    [REQ] Baidu Fast Download

    Are you using the BaiduExporter browser extension and aria2? That's the best option I know of.
  11. That is an option as well. I did compare & personally preferred Yousei, but I'll make a proper screenshots comparison to get a group opinion here when time comes near.
  12. Haven't put it on my thread yet, but I'll be doing Problem Children relatively soon. Yousei-raws vid&aud + audio ripped from my own BDs.
  13. shamil11

    RASETSU Anime Release Index

    Season 1 - Minor typos fix in eps 7 & 9, and fixing my Signs & Songs/Full Subtitles rookie editing mistake in ep 12. These revisions are just subtitle-related and all patchable, so shouldn't dissuade you from downloading the existing copy. But also possibly swapping video from FFF to Beatrice upon lengthier review, which would mean a more significant and unpatchable revision. Season 2 - I wish Beatrice had finished S2 also, but they only did Vol1 so far. Reviewing other video sources for eventually doing Season 2--three possible encodes from obscure Chinese encoders from TSDM & U2 named Link, A4/エミ, and Lv.1--using FFF/Heroine/Rasetsu subs (addtional TLC/TS from me) and EN audio I encoded from the BDs. That's plans for down the line, not terribly soon for that I'm afraid.
  14. shamil11

    Storage Solution's ?

    Local network-attached-storage server--2xRAID10 arrays, one 8x8TB and one 4x10TB for a total of around 47TB functional space. Nearly an equal amount scattered across older external HDDs for backup stored elsewhere. More than just anime stored, obviously, but it's part of the system. Also, a few million 5.25" floppys for secondary backup (3.5" users are poseurs and modernist deviants). Never really trusted cloud stroage. It's actually not really a paranoia thing, but that would be easier to explain.
  15. shamil11

    RASETSU Anime Release Index

    ^=Update=^ Nazo no Kanojo X | Mysterious Girlfriend X is complete, 13/13 episodes + OVA/NCOP/NCED posted to Mega, AnimeTosho, and torrents. Next up in the near future: Ichigo Mashmallow (a ridiculously cute show requested by the very patient ThePJzer), and then something quick and easy before I tackle This Ugly Yet Beautiful World. At Idle's suggestion I'm currently reviewing [=^_^=]/frost's video encode of Absolute Duo against Chihiro, it's possible that'll get revised soon.