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  1. That is an option as well. I did compare & personally preferred Yousei, but I'll make a proper screenshots comparison to get a group opinion here when time comes near.
  2. Haven't put it on my thread yet, but I'll be doing Problem Children relatively soon. Yousei-raws vid&aud + audio ripped from my own BDs.
  3. RASETSU Anime Release Index

    Season 1 - Minor typos fix in eps 7 & 9, and fixing my Signs & Songs/Full Subtitles rookie editing mistake in ep 12. These revisions are just subtitle-related and all patchable, so shouldn't dissuade you from downloading the existing copy. But also possibly swapping video from FFF to Beatrice upon lengthier review, which would mean a more significant and unpatchable revision. Season 2 - I wish Beatrice had finished S2 also, but they only did Vol1 so far. Reviewing other video sources for eventually doing Season 2--three possible encodes from obscure Chinese encoders from TSDM & U2 named Link, A4/エミ, and Lv.1--using FFF/Heroine/Rasetsu subs (addtional TLC/TS from me) and EN audio I encoded from the BDs. That's plans for down the line, not terribly soon for that I'm afraid.
  4. Storage Solution's ?

    Local network-attached-storage server--2xRAID10 arrays, one 8x8TB and one 4x10TB for a total of around 47TB functional space. Nearly an equal amount scattered across older external HDDs for backup stored elsewhere. More than just anime stored, obviously, but it's part of the system. Also, a few million 5.25" floppys for secondary backup (3.5" users are poseurs and modernist deviants). Never really trusted cloud stroage. It's actually not really a paranoia thing, but that would be easier to explain.
  5. RASETSU Anime Release Index

    ^=Update=^ Nazo no Kanojo X | Mysterious Girlfriend X is complete, 13/13 episodes + OVA/NCOP/NCED posted to Mega, AnimeTosho, and torrents. Next up in the near future: Ichigo Mashmallow (a ridiculously cute show requested by the very patient ThePJzer), and then something quick and easy before I tackle This Ugly Yet Beautiful World. At Idle's suggestion I'm currently reviewing [=^_^=]/frost's video encode of Absolute Duo against Chihiro, it's possible that'll get revised soon.
  6. Ladies versus Butlers! Yeah, jumping on that self-promotion train AND giving a good suggestion to the original post. #winning
  7. RASETSU Anime Release Index

    Slightly updated top posting, added release thread links to two concurrent works in progress: Nazo no Kanojo X | Mysterious Girlfriend X (1080p) Ichigo Mashimaro | Strawberry Marshmallow (1080p)
  8. Moodkiller's Topic Index

    Just FYI, but he likes to be called "Catter" now--tell everybody.
  9. ANT = https://animetorrents.me/ The release in question, I believe: https://animetorrents.me/torrent-details.php?torid=26747
  10. RASETSU Anime Release Index

    Ladies versus Butlers! v2 revision is complete -- 12 EPs, 1 NCOP, 4 NCED, 6 BD Specials, and 1 DVD-only special. All Mega links and torrents now added. Mysterious Girlfriend X is up next, with This Ugly Yet Beautiful World slowly churning along in the background. Nazo no Kanojo X - tentative sources -- ANK-Raws 1080p/Hi10 video & Japanese FLAC audio, GotWoot subs, English FLAC audio encoded from USBD. The OVA was not dubbed, but I think ANK produced a better encode than the previously available sources. I may include it anyway, but undecided for now.
  11. #Kametsu IRC channel issues

    didn't see the thread till now. Peer review and open discussions are solid points and are probably the best policy changes it could have going forward for building and encouraging trust between users and staff. I've been a part of various groups and IRC stuff on and off for a few years; mostly off, since I don't like people very much, but I see a lot of places and people and all sorts of group dynamics and environments. In the time I've been kicking around this place, I would say that #Kametsu doesn't really have any genuinely world-class asshole douchecanoe users stinking up the place and causing real mood-killing problems in the chat (even the actual official Moodkiller does not count for this), so a heavy hand is not really needed to run the place except when obvious outsiders come in to troll and destroy. These types are usually not regulars, and they're easy to spot, deal with, and move on from. That fact of there being generally decent folk around the place is probably what really amplifies the problem people had/have with heavy-handed or capricious administration (and that's just fancy talk for "why the hell did you kick him for no reason??!")... but it's also an easy fix, it starts at the top, and the stuff you've outlined above is a good step in that direction. But I'm worried about one point though--you say "joke kicking" is now on the Not-List, and that's probably a good thing since those things inevitably get taken too far at some point, but you're still going to joke-kick Etzimal at least once in a while right??! It wouldn't be the same and I think that one rule may do more harm than good..
  12. RASETSU Anime Release Index

    KuroFS correctly noticed that the NCOP/NCED files for Kuusen Madoushi / Sky Wizards Academy were missing the fonts. DDL for NCOP/NCED v2 (full files): NCOP | NCED | Patches for NCOP/NCED v2
  13. RASETSU Anime Release Index

    WATAMOTE completed last week, significant revision to Ladies versus Butlers! currently ongoing--first four EPs completed and QC'd, episodes and patches uploading now.
  14. [REQ] Best Dual Audio Strike Witches Encode

    The Dragon-Releases release that Hark0n is available here. I was actually just asking dragoncb about this the other day. Apparently he addressed the synchronization of the English audio track (philosophy-raws usually had minor-to-major issues with this on their dual-audio sets), but I haven't listened to it yet. He's working on Season 2 also (similar sources), unsure of ETA.
  15. RASETSU Anime Release Index

    First several episodes completed for Watamote and added Mysterious Girlfriend X and a few other things to the future projects list.