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  1. Upscaled DVD vs Remastered Bluray Source
  2. Anyone?
  3. E02-06-09-12-15 (DVDR) https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4230470
  4. @master0919 What's up man?
  5. E01-E28 Portugese Audio
  6. I can't give download link for DDL site. But you found e.g..: on BTN, nCore, Morethan.
  7. @slick1109 Yep, I know. I don't shared download link, just posted an info, available the 101 Dalmatians series in FullHD. Good luck!
  8. 101.Dalmatians.-.The.Series.S01.1080p.Amazon.WEBRip.DD+.2.0.x264-TrollHD and on BTN & nCore & Morethan.
  9. I would like to Recess S01 (CasStudio) reupload, because the Amazon link is died. Original topic
  10. @master0919 Why don't you share it publicly?
  11. I don't know, I founded only dead Magnet link. https://btdb.in/q/The New Woody Woodpecker Show/
  12. @Yatogam1 [Magnet] The New Woody Woodpecker Show S01-S03 DVDRip (Portuguese Dub) NFO&Pics
  13. The New Woody Woodpecker Show (Season 1-4) (1999-2002) WEB-DL 720p [Hurtom] E01 - The New Woody Woodpecker Show (Season 1-4) (1999-2002) WEB-DL 720p.mkv or [AST][The New Woody Woodpecker Show][1999-2000][Arabic][HDTV1080p] [AST][The New Woody Woodpecker Show][Ep01][Arabic][HDTV1080p].mkv http://arabicsource.net/details.php?id=4054 Someone got it?
  14. Hi! I want to make encode. What do you think, which the "best" source? I can't decide... https://mega.nz/#F!b8AHwYIY!TFd89h31y-aiLOuwBlLMSA And what kind of filters and plugins recommend?