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  1. Yep, but in this case it seems to be an iGPU issue or something. on a win10 laptop I see it's using ~50% of the 3D of the GPU. You do you dude But yea, if anyone can also try running this site using an iGPU on a Chromium build that'd be great.
  2. Ok so i checked and I do have Hardware acceleration on since ever. Since my laptop has NVIDIA Optimus, I started a fresh copy of a Chromium built with the dGPU instead of the iGPU. Site loads up quick. as you guys have mentioned. Either way the site works much better/smoother on Firefox/Waterfox. Maybe it's just an Intel GPU+Chromium/Chrome thing? EDIT: Heck, it runs even quicker on Firefox using a dGPU. It must be an Intel thing and this site idk lol
  3. Well I've tested this on Chrome and Waterfox (basically firefox but 64-bit). Chrome is choppy, on both Win7 and Win10 unsure why. Waterfox (firefox),on the other hand) works 100% fine with no issues. I'm testing with no extensions btw.
  4. Ever since the unexpected downtime occurred, this site has run extremely slow or sloppy on the latest version of Google Chrome. I'm referring as to when you are scrolling on the site. I don't get on this site much often, but I still check it out a few times. Sadly, the weird sloppy scrolling ruins the site for me. Has anyone experienced this since the last unexpected downtime? I'm making this thread as it's been annoying me for the past week or so.
  5. I remember hearing this crap a long time ago- like as far as 2012. They were just rumors that changed over time though, but it still remained the same. I remember hearing it from an ex-online friend back in 2013 as well. Anyway, these sensible topics have been getting out of hand in the recent years. In the future these could hurt someone as the accused are labeled as guilty before proven guilty which makes makes all false-positives positives.
  6. This thread is a goldmine lol Ah, those were the days. After 9 years of this thread being made the game finally comes out, for realies.
  7. Vila

    Muffins or Cupcakes

    I second. I like both. Guess I'd have to choose the one I would prefer the most, which is cupcakes. I still like both too, tho
  8. Earliest I can think of were DB, DBZ, Sailor Moon (though watched too little), Digimon Aventure, Digimon Tamers, Pokémon, Card Captors Sakura (little special child me found it boring for some reason or did not understood it so I watched little of it on CN)... there was this Cybercat Kurochan that aired on a local channel before coming to the states. I do remember my dad watching Evangelion one or two nights when I couldn't sleep as a child, does that count? Funny story about Digimon.. that was like that first thing I watched on former channel Fox Kids while channel surfing. I think either my parent's provider added new channels, or my parents got a cable upgrade. I could never get into Saint Seiya as a kid sadly (kinda wish CR didn't geo-blocked the series in the US but licensings and such). I didn't pick up on anime again 'till 2007 or so, with the internet and such. ...and the change of watching taste.
  9. I really hope more online games offer cross-platform. The thing about the Switch is that I kinda dislike Nintendo's way of doing online. It's cheaper than PS+, yes, but at least Sony's online method of doing things are much more stable. I remember how frustrated it was to enjoy Splatoon 2 after a while, and then came the paid membership to all users. I barely know anyone that is on Xbox.. possibly one that was on 360 but they got a PS4 eventually so yea lol
  10. Idk why this topic came back from the dead, but at least it serves a reminder towards me that I should prob finish season 2 as teenager me never finished it even though I bought the DVD back when Bandai Ent was still around lol. But yea, great show. Freshman year memories cuz I watched it around that time. I found it hilarious how this girl was a god that could destroy the earth and stuff. Really interesting stuff.
  11. Cold, freezing. Is this what Canadians have on a regular basis? At least it isn't horribly noisy like it was a few weeks back, with all of those high winds and 16 degree weather (that's Fahrenheit, btw).
  12. I personally think that since all of them are x84-based there is little reason to worry about graphics. Well, unless if you really, really, need a 4K bluray player and you're in the Xbox ecosystem. I've personally been towards the playstation and nintendo. While growing up, my parents had Nintendo, but when I came to the US, my bro and I manage to get our first PS1 and it was different. The only Xbox product I've owned in my entire lifetime (and still do!) is an OG Xbox that I got from a local electronics/video game store that went out of business back in 2007/08, and a cheapo 360 controller (my bro has an actual 360 controller lol). [To anyone wondering, it was 14 bucks with a 50% all-must-go discount, with a "broken" disc player] Anyway, both has its advantages, such as the PS4 Pro giving you 4K and/or 60fps, while the Xbone gives you more powar, and much better backward compatibility with its older titles. The PS4 has exclusives that aren't on Xbox or PC, while the Xbone gives you cross-play with Win10 and your xbone with most of its original titles. Regardless, most games are now released on most major platforms so it really comes down to what your needs are, and what your squad plays with the most. For me, I'm kinda forever locked to PS cuz all of my purchases and such lol
  13. Vila

    Status Quo

    That's actually right if you think about it that way. Not many would keep themselves active on the site after archiving the min requirements. Sadly I've seen that happen in the past. Forcing people to reply or something just creates a bunch of spammed "thank." My previous teenage eyes had seen that happen in the long past. What matters now is that the site is alive regardless of its downfalls and negativity that has occurred since a month or so ago.
  14. AH, that explains things. For a moment I thought FUN$ would keep its English dub for its platform only. Remember hearing this last year, and found it nice of CR doing a dub at the same time as the subbed ver. Hopefully they'll update us with more info... eventually.
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