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  1. Anyone having issues uploading to MEGA this morning, or is it just me? (stays in "Initializing")

    1. EccentricOne


      Mega is super slow in general right now

    2. ElectricAngel


      I'm having the same issue too :/

  2. Currently have the MX Dish Mex feed (most times I have Claro Latin America feed). Didn't air it. This is because the last update on their Tv guide doesn't include the half-hour special (replacing it with Lars of the Stars/Jungle Moon instead). CN LA's feeds: LA1/Pan-regional (Colombia time), LA2/Pan2 (Chile/Pacific/South), Argentina, Mexico (mexican time).
  3. Vila

    Windows 7 or Windows 10?

    I've heard that some really newer motherboards just won't work with W7 at all, as you mentioned about the motherboard driver issues, but most do work, especially laptops. You can still run W7 on most 6th gen and 7th gen Intel CPUs, with a few workaround and a small "tweak hack" to allow a workaround for windows updates 'till 2020. This vid explains how to do that (took me a while to find this, put it in the wrong private playlist lol): Actually managed to install Windows 7 Pro on an i7 6th gen MSi laptop after lots of pain. Drivers worked well (was later re-upgraded to w10pro). Have no idea about 8th gen so yea lol personally, I've never had major issues with W7, not as much suffering that I've had with W10, it's weird way of updating drivers randomly, windows store taking up disk usage (attempting to kill the ssd), and settings and stuff. Windows 7 just works once you get everything up and running. If it aint broken it aint broken (well... unless if a program/app/feature is only available in windows 10 like DX12 support). Either way dual-booting, or having a separate SSD with windows 7 could be a better option than Hyper-V or VMware if you need legacy support that won't work in windows 10 at all. I'll forever cherish windows 7 tho
  4. wow, I remember following the series back when it was on Netflix where the only way to watch Netflix on the big screen was via the Wii Netflix disc thingy. Has it really been /that/ long? Hoping everything works out, and that somebody is confirmed to be in charge on making dual encodes of the show (don't know how to bluray rip and properly encode them as of now).
  5. I still haven't tried the "NAS" WD or anything that is meant for archiving, but from my bro and I's experience WD is 500x better than Seacrap. the HDDs I have had good use has been WD and Hitachi. Toshiba has been good as well but idk the current ones. The only WD one that died on me was an old Xbox og 8gb HDD, but that was to be expected and I didn't lose nothing important.
  6. I'm just annoyed on how lazy they were, and how they used kisscartoon out of all other options lol (and yep, that place just steals rips, re-encodes them, and takes all the credit)
  7. So here's the deal: Fox Latin America announced a new network called "NatGeo Kids Latin America," replacing MundoFox Latin America in the region. So, Dish Mexico decided to promote the new launch, and so they made their own promo. The problem here is... I /think/ whoever was in charge in making the promo didn't check the KissCartoon watermark on one of its clips. Pay close attention on the top left corner, and on the TV the kids are watching. lol Here's the promo. And, yes, that's an official promo. So what you guys think that a huge service provider used kisscartoon footage?
  8. Vila

    Nickelodeon MOD Blu-rays

    I've heard of Nick/Viacom going exited with MOD DVDs and interesting that they're going with MOD Blu-Rays now but I rather prefer when they used to release their own DVDs with a few bonus materials and something more than just an Stereo audio track without any CC or Subtitles. I honestly find it a bit lazy but I still understand that it lowers the cost of producing physical media. Tbh I just don't like as to how simple they are in "technical features" as an MP4 file without any subtitles nor additional track support.
  9. Vila

    Hi, are you a Canadian capper? So apparently there's a Canadian provider that has the new Steven Universe ep on On Demand (should be with a generic title/description). If you're not from Canada can you get someone else to check it?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Vila


      yep, that one exactly

    3. Arian


      You got it! It'll be uploaded by Saturday or Sunday.

    4. Vila


      Thank you very much! :) Really appreciate it.

  10. They always crop things on all 16:9 promos/commercials to fit the widescreen aspect ratio. Not sure why but yea, you can see it on their linear channel promos. Btw, If anyone's curious, I asked them if they have plans to have an SAP-like alternative since most of the streaming services don't carry a second audio track unlike linear TV (not even HBO Go apparently). I actually did get a reply and they told me that they'll have Spanish dubbed programming "for most of the content this summer." Fingers crossed that they keep their word, and that they add all those classic CC shows we are all hoping they add soon.
  11. Sorry for bothering you, but do you have the new episode of SU? :(

    1. Vila


      still not on my provider's app so no. I'll just have to HDTVRip it :/

  12. I'm not a fan of the show but having an high interest with lost media it made me see that I shoulda prob hit record when I saw that on the guide earlier. Guess they're trying to make it more hip for the kids or smth?
  13. everytime I use the encrypting site, the Click n Load button won't work.