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  1. Tooncore. Are you going saturday morning cartoons: 60's, 70's, 80? Thank you. 

  2. My favoritos cartoons is of the hanna barbera.

  3. Dentre os cartoons que gosto gostaria de rever:

    Aquaman 1967, the adventures of Batman and Robin the vou wonder1968, the new aventuras of Batman 1977, plastic-man 1967, the new adventures of superman 1966, super friends 1973-1985 complet series, saturday morning cartoons, the best of superman, the flintstones (franknstones), quick draw mc-graw, droop dog and others.

  4. Tooncore como vai? Você tem super friends 8a temporada (the legendary super powers show) com audio em português? Thank you

  5. por favor pode re-up secret squirrel  show and super friends em breve? Thank you!

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    2. Fabio


      entendi, não vou compartilhar os links com ninguém. Posso copiar os uploads para minha conta e não correr o risco de perder?

    3. Tooncore


      Bem, novamente, se você usar meus links, você me arrisca e você também compromete a comunidade a ter links de download de trabalho ao fazê-lo!

      No entanto, se você baixar os arquivos e fazer o upload dos arquivos para sua própria conta, sim, você arrisca-se em perdê-los, se você compartilhá-los. Você está se arriscando, assim como todos os usuários que fazem upload compartilhando conteúdo.
      No entanto, se você simplesmente baixar os arquivos de mim e depois carregá-los em sua própria conta e não compartilhá-los, você deve estar seguro.

      Well again, if you use my links, you put myself at risk, and you also jeopardize the community from having working download links by doing so!

      However if you download the files and upload the files to your own account, yes you risk losing them, if your sharing them. Your taking a risk, just like all of us uploaders do by sharing content.
      However, if you simply download the files from me, and then upload them to your own account and do not share them, you should be safe.


    4. Fabio


      Você foi claro. Seguirei seu conselho e farei como você sugere. Thank you.

  6. Do you have super friends collection best quality and defenders of the earth? Thank you

  7. Do you have silverhawks, superfriends collection, Warner Bros superman colletion and pink phanther and friends? Thanks
  8. Does anyone have silverhawks complete series? Thank you.

    1. ThePJzer


      @leatherpuppetz will be uploading the complete series as untouched ISOs from the NTSC release sometime in the near future.

  9. Does anyone have silverhawks complete series, superfriens collection, Tarzan, the lord of the jungle filmation, Warner Bros superman collection? Thank you.

  10. tooncore here link valley of the dinosaurs 1974  https://mega.nz/#F!YoNy0KqR!X6NQKRH16uTB_Tg7sUKQmg

    help super friends collection 1973-1985. thank you

  11. Tooncore, please. I remember Droopy dog and MGM studio great clássico. Spider-man 5000 and spider-man and his amazing friends, defendera of the earth, Johnny quest completa series, pink phanter show (the inspetor etc). Hight quality.Clássica Hanna Barbera ( quick draw macgraw, mumbly, touché turtle), super héroes DC 1967 filmation. Captain Marvel series TV, Scooby doo and yabba doo and otherrs. Help us. Congratulations to great work. Fabio.

  12. Good afternoon, I would like to collaborate financially with tooncore. I am interested in Spiderman and his incredible friends, defenders of the earth 1986, dinosaucers, the inspector (pink phanter show) and others in high quality. I live in Brazil. In my country has the hsbc bank. Can I make a deposit or pay by bank transfer? I always get it at the beginning of the month. Awaiting return. Thank you very much.:D

    1. Tooncore


      I don't sell and I do not except donations. You can always donate to site.

    2. Fabio


      Ok. Tank you to information.

    3. Fabio


      Do you have spider-man and his amazing friends, defenders of the earth, quick draw McGraw, droop dog, the inspetor in best quality? Please.

  13. thank you very much

  14. Please dvd spiral zone and visionaries best quality?

  15. thank you for visionaries. Good work. Do you have dinosaucers 1987

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    2. lordashram


      I have M.A.S.K. on dvd and plan to do it asap.

    3. lordashram


      So they put the first 21 eps of Dinosaucers back up for streaming, they have had it before and took it down some time ago.


    4. Fabio


      thank you lordashram

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