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  1. por favor pode re-up secret squirrel  show and super friends em breve? Thank you!

  2. Do you have super friends collection best quality and defenders of the earth? Thank you

  3. [INDEX] Uploads by Tooncore

    Are the links off?
  4. [INDEX] Uploads by Tooncore

    Muito obrigado tooncore pelo grande trabalho e dedicação. Em breve teremos uploaded saturday morning cartoons? Anos 60's, 70's e 80's e looney tunes clássico collections? Eu posso colaborar com o DVD Popeye & friends(1980). Obrigado.
  5. [INDEX] Uploads by Tooncore

    Tem alguma possibilidade de postar might mouse the new adventures and might mouse in great space (FILMATION 1979-1981)?
  6. [INDEX] Uploads by Tooncore

    Tank you tooncore. Great classics Hanna Barbera, best quality. Do you have Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-doo season 04 80's?
  7. What was your Favorite classic cartoon as a child?

    Do you have silverhawks, superfriends collection, Warner Bros superman colletion and pink phanther and friends? Thanks
  8. Does anyone have silverhawks complete series? Thank you.

    1. ThePJzer


      @leatherpuppetz will be uploading the complete series as untouched ISOs from the NTSC release sometime in the near future.

  9. Does anyone have silverhawks complete series, superfriens collection, Tarzan, the lord of the jungle filmation, Warner Bros superman collection? Thank you.

  10. tooncore here link valley of the dinosaurs 1974  https://mega.nz/#F!YoNy0KqR!X6NQKRH16uTB_Tg7sUKQmg

    help super friends collection 1973-1985. thank you

  11. Tooncore, please. I remember Droopy dog and MGM studio great clássico. Spider-man 5000 and spider-man and his amazing friends, defendera of the earth, Johnny quest completa series, pink phanter show (the inspetor etc). Hight quality.Clássica Hanna Barbera ( quick draw macgraw, mumbly, touché turtle), super héroes DC 1967 filmation. Captain Marvel series TV, Scooby doo and yabba doo and otherrs. Help us. Congratulations to great work. Fabio.

  12. Good afternoon, I would like to collaborate financially with tooncore. I am interested in Spiderman and his incredible friends, defenders of the earth 1986, dinosaucers, the inspector (pink phanter show) and others in high quality. I live in Brazil. In my country has the hsbc bank. Can I make a deposit or pay by bank transfer? I always get it at the beginning of the month. Awaiting return. Thank you very much.:D

    1. Tooncore


      I don't sell and I do not except donations. You can always donate to site.

    2. fabio


      Ok. Tank you to information.

    3. fabio


      Do you have spider-man and his amazing friends, defenders of the earth, quick draw McGraw, droop dog, the inspetor in best quality? Please.

  13. thank you very much

  14. [INDEX] Uploads by Tooncore

    Please. Do you have classics hanna barbera more quality? Example: touche turtle, quick draw mc graw, breezly...., rocket pockete, popeye 1979-1981 ... Plasticman 1979, spiderman 5000 1981 dvd, spiderman and his amazing friends. Thank you to work.
  15. Please dvd spiral zone and visionaries best quality?