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  1. jasonnguyen648

    Legend of Three Caballeros - New Disney animated series

    I believe that this show is mostly animated at Mercury Filmworks in Ottawa, Canada because it share a very similar animation style as Tangled the series and the lion guard.
  2. jasonnguyen648

    Did you want a mainstream live-action spin-off of Kametsu?

    live-action link don't works anymore.
  3. jasonnguyen648

    Where are my favorite uploaders now?

    @Tooncore is still my favorite uploader because he upload most of his dvd collection of cartoon in highest quality with multiple language audio track.
  4. jasonnguyen648

    Android Black Screen Issue for YTV Go/Shomi/Nick Go

    i guess your old phones has some troublesome, buy a new phones or ask for warranty.
  5. jasonnguyen648

    Android Black Screen Issue for YTV Go/Shomi/Nick Go

    try other screen recorder. it will help. I guess it will work with other app.
  6. jasonnguyen648

    Last Animated Movie You Watched?

    Justice League vs Teen Titans.
  7. Hey Mr, Waddles, I just watch all your cartoon release and i like it. Because of the quality are excellent. Thanks you and keep up a good work for release more cartoon :)  

  8. jasonnguyen648

    Cartoons You're Currently Watching?

    I currently watching the Powerpuff girl 2016, Steven universe, and Clarence.