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  1. AstraTheStar

    Last Animated Movie You Watched?

    Justice League vs The Fatal Five, what an awesome throwback to the series, glad to see they got most of the original voice cast back considering the show's age.
  2. AstraTheStar

    Canceled Shows

    Its sad to see some cartoons got canned due to poor merchandise sales, money talks and even when the series was well-received by its viewers if it didn't print money it would go once the contract was up.
  3. AstraTheStar

    Games you regret buying/playing

    The first Resident Evil on the Playstation, I had nightmares about the monsters for weeks as a child :'(.
  4. AstraTheStar

    Last Animated Movie You Watched?

    Personally I found it quite enjoyable and a change of pace from recent Pixar movies, however it had been overshadowed by Disney's other release this year; 'Zootopia'. It seems like history has repeated itself regarding 3D animated Dinosaurs, Disney's Dinosaur had mixed reviews as some thought the movie was slow and dull. The last movie I watched was Beauty and The Beast, its my 'go-to' Disney movie when I'm feeling down or fancy watching something that doesn't need my full attention when working.
  5. The movie had that "animated series" vibe from the start, makes me wonder if we are returning to the late 80's-90's where most of the big animated movies had their own spinoff series (The Jungle Book - The Jungle Cubs/Tail Spin, The Lion King - Timon and Pumbaa, Aladdin animated series just to name a few). Then saying that, getting a spin off has always been a thing for the larger successful movies, not always turned into an animated series but to poop out one or two straight to VHS/DVD/TV movies. If they can make money on it, they'll milk it for all its worth. Lets hope the series doesn't taint the movie.