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  1. Our dearest member @PannenkoekenNL is no more! May his soul rest in peace!

    1. Koby


      rest in peace.

    2. 3Teja6


      Rest in peace. 😥

  2. so, came after a long time, working on original content on yt!

    Please do check one added today based on pokemon: 


  3. Cartoon Network HD+ India Launch PROMO


    1. Dhruvthegamer75


      Do u have any idea when it will come to other networks.

    2. Subhraneel
  4. Marvel's Spiderman Season 02 is going to debut tomorrow in India with 4 new episodes!

    EDIT: Schedule Data Posted Wrong by DIsney xD - It turns out to be Ultimate Spiderman! in the airing

    1. DigiPokeMon


      in Englsh, if so please capture/encode thanks



  5. Well, I read some news about some Indian Animated shows! I also wanted to sub some episodes of Indian Animated shows in English! If anyone wants to support or want to have a taste please do comment!

    1. Cat


      By "read some news", do you mean watching PewDiePie's video on Motu Patlu? And by "wanted to sub some episodes of Indian Animated shows in English", do you mean Motu Patlu? Cause if so that'd be memetastic!

    2. Subhraneel


      Yes maybe I watched that only, well I didn't understand is memetastic a positive or negative answer!

  6. From 1st Nov, on Toonami India there is a show named "Dragon Ball Z Sa Version", I am not sure what is this, maybe it is the 1st season of DBZ airing cause (S01 is Saiyan Saga and Sa has been taken from there)!


    If anyone know what is this, please do tell!

  7. hey! can you please check the uploader usergroup thread once!

    1. Renzourin


      Whats going on there?


    2. NeutralHatred


      He's requesting being put in the Uploader usergroup.

  8. Disney International HD (India) promotional video


  9. yes there are many such who rips someone subs!
  10. Finally ordered a new capture device Aver DVD EZMAKER 7, thanks @PannenkoekenNL for donating half of the price! Please do say is it enough to get high quality audio? Please do help me how to perfectly capture shows with it and the recommended softwares needed! Thank You!

  11. Well, I have connect an AUX cable, one connected to audio output and another connected to laptop audio in! But when I connect the cable, windows detects it as headphone (my laptop has one jack which support both microphone and headphone)! But when I remove the cable from audio out then WIndows detects it as microphone! See the following: When I connect the audio in to laptop and removed the cable from audio out! and when I connect as audio in to laptop and connect the audio out Please help!
  12. It's time for revive this once again! Baby!


  13. Well, finally a great news, Marvel's Spider-Man (2017) episodes airing in India weekdays rather than US which is airing weekends (currently airing episode 04)

  14. Am I not yet eligible for uploader!? Applied for the post but yet no replies?

    1. DeathTheKid


      Koby is the only person that approves of uploader status and he's currently away. Not sure when he'll be back.

    2. DigiPokeMon


      Koby just recently got a job and had to move from texas to flordia. Yea no clue on koby



    3. Subhraneel


      oh ok! Sorry, I didn't knew abt this!

  15. Animax Asia HD is now available on Sony LIV platform as Premium LIVE streaming channel! So, again going to start recording some Asia only English dubs soon enough!

    1. onkar2tanmay


      Keep an eye out for SlamDunk please...

  16. 7231 7232 I didn't knew!!
  17. 22'' Sony Bravia (I guess its became antique cause I bought it on 2010) and 18" Dell Monitor (HDMI-TV)
  18. I think I have got a bad news!


    From July 1st, Toonami India may totally shift to hindi 24 hrs block as I have just now checked the schedule, it differs from the Toonami Asia schedule!

    1. Arian


      Thanks for the heads up. Now we should put our energy to find someone who has access to Toonami Asia.


      And I think Toonami India is doing this to hurry things along with Dragon Ball Super.

    2. Subhraneel


      Again in 2nd July, (may not be updated in the schedule) DB Super is present there! May occur anything because they aired DB Super Episode 01 in place of Ben 10 in schedule during debut!

  19. Dragon Ball Super Episodes (Indian airing) update: Toonami India's Facebook page mentioned new episode will air starting 1st July! Will record and upload the episodes in higher quality this time!

    1. Etzimal


      Is that the same dub as the US? I haven't seen either.

    2. Arian


      @Etzimal It's a US-based dub, but only airs in South Asia, so no.

  20. So, I found many groups who were trying to rip Ninja Hattori episodes (English dub) from Amazon Prime Video (India)! I saw some groups who wanted help in that, I can easily rip them (using screen recording) but I need a premium account (as I have already used the 30 days free trial) of rs. 499/yr!


    Anyone who wants me to rip them, please do contact me via PM!

    1. PannenkoekenNL


      I actually have downloaded them all already using a Indian VPN. I just haven't uploaded them yet.

      The intro isn't included tho.

    2. Subhraneel
  21. I think both the chicken and the egg came at the same time!
  22. Starting to record Gaist Crusher from next Saturday!

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