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  1. I am also requesting this! I'll 3rd this
  2. Can anyone say where I can find it?
  3. Starting to record Gaist Crusher from next Saturday!

  4. Can anyone suggest me an secured cloud drive which allows users to play the video but they cannot download it (using any easiest method process like IDM)! Or otherwise, can anyone help me to create a login page for my blogger site! In which the registered users can see the contents of the blog! if anyone can help me with anything above this it would b much helpful!
  5. Dragon Ball Super [Bang Zoom Dub] new episodes (starting from episode 14) may air from next Sunday as they will complete their reruns on next weekend (6th May)! So, I am uploading all new episodes without any technical issues on Kametsu only (if it airs)!


    Sorry for not uploading the reruns! I was quite busy in setting up a new Set-top-box!


    The forum link of Dragon Ball Super Bang Zoom Dub:- 



  6. okk thanks!
  7. Hello, I want to DOR some shows in HD rip but when I try to do that the sound (from the TV Rip) moves a little bit faster than the original rip! Is it the problem about the frame rate? Can anyone suggest me a software which can correct this!
  8. Heart broken has became a common objective of my life cause at every time and every moment I got heart broken cause I got crush with that girl only since childhood who has a boyfriend! I don't why this coincidence happens to me with every girl I like or become my crush! Damn! Heart! So, its better to get beaten up once! Love or lust?
  9. If you have not noticed I have upload Beywarriors Cyborg Episodes again! Do check it out! Again uploading another one tomorrow!

  10. Animax is ending soon in India as a new channel based on the genre 2-14 years old is replacing! But the good news is that Animax's shows will get digital i.e. as VOD service! So the English dubbed Animax shows will be available as Video-on-Demand service!


    Actually I wanted to know what is this Video-on-Demand service and is there any way I can rip anything from them?

    1. Subhraneel


      Edit: it's on OTT service! Now I got to know what's dis!

  11. HBO Pokemon XYZ or Pokemon Sun and Moon
  12. So, these are the following shows I can record in English Dub (which is only in Asia only) (ordered as per I can easily record)

    1. Kiteretsu English Dubbed (Cartoon Network)

    2. Little Battlers Experience Wars (Animax)

    3. Yo-Kai Watch Asia Dub (it is not the US dub, this dub based on the Japanese Characters (not sure about it, if it is available or not) (Toonami-Pogo)

    4. Giant Crusher (Toonami)

    5. Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy (Toonami)

    6. Dragon Ball Super (Toonami)

    7. Beywarriors Cyborg (Toonami)


    Now, the show which I can easily record is Kiteretsu and the show which I may take time to add is Beywarriors Cyborg!


    I am not sure what is available in international and what is not, so please do mention the name of the shows which are available only in Asia that I can record!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Subhraneel


      not ultra b is airing  only in hindi, tamil n telugu!

    3. PrayashLand


      you should still get ultra b

    4. DarkCrack


      can you please record inazuma eleven go galaxy, please

  13. okk! So recorded around 2 hrs continuous English episodes of Kiteretsu Encyclopedia! That means around 12 episodes (considering 1 ep equivalent to 10 min)! Since, I do not know about the JP airing order I will add them in continuous 2 hours order!

  14. okk will try thanks
  15. 40 sec sample https://mega.nz/#!bJgTHawb!MXMm_oBTF4ZAAaI8nHC24ZpSiDJoMYtS2d70zUUh_bg