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  1. can you update the folder link of Puppy Dog Pals episodes!

    The link in this thread is not working: 


  2. Well, I read some news about some Indian Animated shows! I also wanted to sub some episodes of Indian Animated shows in English! If anyone wants to support or want to have a taste please do comment!

    1. Cat


      By "read some news", do you mean watching PewDiePie's video on Motu Patlu? And by "wanted to sub some episodes of Indian Animated shows in English", do you mean Motu Patlu? Cause if so that'd be memetastic!

    2. Subhraneel


      Yes maybe I watched that only, well I didn't understand is memetastic a positive or negative answer!

  3. does the ENGLISH Dub get released?
  4. From 1st Nov, on Toonami India there is a show named "Dragon Ball Z Sa Version", I am not sure what is this, maybe it is the 1st season of DBZ airing cause (S01 is Saiyan Saga and Sa has been taken from there)!


    If anyone know what is this, please do tell!

  5. hey! can you please check the uploader usergroup thread once!

    1. Renzourin


      Whats going on there?


    2. NeutralHatred


      He's requesting being put in the Uploader usergroup.

  6. Beyblade Burst Episode 04

    In the following thread, episode 04 is episode 03! https://kametsu.com/topic/55450-beyblade-the-complete-collection/ Does anyone has episode 04?
  7. Disney International HD (India) promotional video


  8. Soft Subs versus Hard Subs

    yes there are many such who rips someone subs!
  9. The Powerpuff Girls: Power of Four

    you have not mentioned anywhere in the topic title you need what quality, moreover I think to requesting same thing as another topic is inappropriate!
  10. The Powerpuff Girls: Power of Four

    i am saying about myself!
  11. The Powerpuff Girls: Power of Four

    Well, by the requester attitude I wanted to create a new thread and requested that but it would be like a duplicate thread! So, I am requesting in here, if anyone has the only HDTV Rip too of the Power of Four, please do give me! (if higher quality possible, then thanks)
  12. Finally ordered a new capture device Aver DVD EZMAKER 7, thanks @PannenkoekenNL for donating half of the price! Please do say is it enough to get high quality audio? Please do help me how to perfectly capture shows with it and the recommended softwares needed! Thank You!

  13. Well, I have connect an AUX cable, one connected to audio output and another connected to laptop audio in! But when I connect the cable, windows detects it as headphone (my laptop has one jack which support both microphone and headphone)! But when I remove the cable from audio out then WIndows detects it as microphone! See the following: When I connect the audio in to laptop and removed the cable from audio out! and when I connect as audio in to laptop and connect the audio out Please help!
  14. It's time for revive this once again! Baby!