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      We recently switched nameservers for the kametsu.com domain. The domain's registrar did not correctly handle this transition (it did not respect the zone parameters whatsoever), and this caused a DNS resolution error with some DNS resolvers (such as with Google's public DNS, ISP-run DNS resolvers, etc). If you are just now seeing this after finally being able to reconnect to the site, you have my sincerest apologies, I couldn't have anticipated that the registrar would muck the transition up. Otherwise, the site's been fully functional without issues. If there are any problems to report, please PM me.


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  1. Anime DVDs you own?

    I don't have to many and alot are really random but are pretty rare i think Neo Ranga FLCL [the 3 seperate disc case and a japan import as 1 disc] Ranma 1/2 OVA Cowboy Bebop Rahxephon - (my person favorite) Neon Genesis Evangelion Elfen Lied Serial Experiments LAIN and many more ill update with a pic when u go to visit my mother house. My next purchase would have to be anything Hunter x Hunter truly a fantastic anime series old and new.