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  1. I agree. My main interaction when using a computer is with the programs I'm using, not really with the OS. There's almost no programs that are Linux-specific (even stereotypical ones like bash or gcc can be run via cygwin), while a whole lot of programs are Windows-specific. So it makes sense to go with Windows.
  2. I think this depends entirely on what people you hang out with. People are much more likely to play one or the other (or at least to be publicly known as doing so, which is what this perception is about) if they know someone who also plays and want to play with them. So the fact that you've seen people commonly playing one specific game doesn't really mean much.
  3. This is the main point. People can already post things under their real name. If someone is not posting something now, they aren't going to just start doing so if a real name was required. Some of the things posted now anonymously would still get posted, but many wouldn't. Making the internet non-anonymous would accomplish nothing but stopping a large amount of its content from being generated.
  4. This is a fantastic series. I don't think I would have ever expected "go around squirting ink" to be as good of a game mechanic as they made it.
  5. I don't think it's right that consoles are able to control activity on them to such an extent. Dictating what games can appear on the platform and charging large fees to the ones that do. Charging for multiplayer and forcing every game to go through their multiplayer servers. There's a reason why indie games don't appear on console until long after they get popular, if at all.
  6. Personally, I get annoyed when streamers rage after a game. Probably because you can no longer do anything in game, so raging makes you feel like you're still doing something? (except you're not, really)
  7. You could probably just look back a couple hundred years to see what it would be like. Not quite no entertainment, but they had to make their own entertainment. There was an awful lot of sitting around going on.
  8. Being rideable is also cool. Eg compare them to the zebra, which are very similar but noone has managed to domesticate.
  9. Let's hope it turns out as good as it looks.
  10. Any minecraft modpack that includes Redpower.
  11. Hm. That's more reasonable then I was expecting. I might have to look into this.
  12. The e-ink displays are good for reading. Much easier on the eyes than a normal screen. But they have such a low refresh rate that they can't be used for general purpose tasks, so you pretty much need a device dedicated to just reading.
  13. Sure, I could see slang usage being related to swearing. Maybe someone who uses a larger than normal amount of slang (and thus possibly having a different than normal vocabulary) is more likely to have some of that slang consist of swearing?
  14. That's the thing about getting bought by a larger company. Sometimes the larger company doesn't understand the market and winds up ruining the business, other times you would be hard pressed to notice anything different. I guess the good thing would be that they are less likely than before to run out of resources and disappear (not that that was a major concern, though.)
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