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  1. @NeutralHatred I am about to go to class but I will not be out till later this afternoon. I will make a video tutorial on how to do it. Btw the file size for 720 is around 1GB
  2. @NeutralHatred I use ffmpeg to download from Funimation. https://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/
  3. @DJHulp I do not use the Funi-DL but I would assume it works the same as the program I use to download from Funimation. Here is the link: Wolf's Rain - E01 Media info: As for Scrapped Princess it seems they have not uploaded the video because it is not pulling up on Funimation.
  4. @DJHulp If you have a premium account you are still able to get the authentication key. I just now downloaded episode one of wolf's rain. The file size for it is about 2x bigger now. I guess funimation wanted to have better "quality" I will add the link once it is uploaded to Mega.
  5. Completed: Web-Rips: 1080p: Alderamin on the Sky (Funimation)(1080p)(Dub) Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Funimation)(1080p)(Dub) Handa-kun (Funimation)(1080p)(Dub) Joker Game (Funimation)(1080p)(Dub) Love Live! Sunshine!! (Funimation)(1080p)(Dub) Overlord (Funimation)(1080p)(Dub) Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace (Funimation)(1080p)(Dub) Servamp (Funimation)(1080p)(Dub) Shomin Sample (Funimation)(1080p)(Dub) Sword of the Stranger (Funimation)(1080p)(Dub) Tales of Zestria the X S1- Part 1 (Funimation)(1080p)(Dub) The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Funimation)(1080p)(Dub) The Vision of Escaflowne (Funimation)(1080p)(Dub) Trickster (Funimation)(1080p)(Dub) 720p: Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor (Funimation)(720p)(Dub) Gamers! (Funimation)(720p)(Dub) The Royal Tutor (Funimation)(720p)(Dub) Tsugumomo (Funimation)(720p)(Dub) Tsukigakirei (Funimation)(720p)(Dub) Dual Audio Projects: Dimension W [US-BD][1080p-Hi10][FLAC] ~ Needs to be reworked. Gonna Be The Twin Tail [JP-BD][1080p-Hi10][FLAC] ~ Will be releasing a 720p using Winter's encode Hamatora [JP-BD][1080p-Hi10][FLAC] My Hero Academia S1 [JP-BD][720p-Hi10][AAC] Summer Wars [JP-BD][1080p-Hi10][FLAC] Yu Yu Hakusho [US-BD][1080p-Hi10][FLAC/DTS] Current: Dual Audio Projects: Gundam Wing [720p-Hi10][FLAC] - Completed 25/49 ~ Using EG's video and subs as well as muxing both eng and jap FLAC tracks from US-BD Gundam Wing Endless Waltz [1080p-Hi10][FLAC] ~ Encoded the movie myself from the US-BD and will be using EG's subs as well as FLAC audio from US-BD. The Big O [720p-Hi10][FLAC] - Completed 09/26 ~ Encoded the video myself and will be using FLAC audio from US-BD. Subtitles from G_P
  6. ZRK


    I really enjoyed this show.
  7. I really enjoyed this show.