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  1. Theme: Tokyo Ghoul
  2. Theme: Tokyo Ghoul
  3. You have very beautiful work! I'd like to collab some time to learn some more if you wouldn't mind. Here's my devart page of my works, http://aziroth.deviantart.com/.
  4. Theme: Flowers
  5. Here is my submission! (Sorry for my long absence. My grandmother passed and I went traveling to my grandparents house to be with my family for the last week.) Theme: Tokyo Ghoul
  6. Theme: Minecraft
  7. My very first anime that sucked me in was when Tenchi Muyo came out on Toonami. I was 12 years old at the time and I freaking loved the intro music. Now that I go back and watch it, it's almost unbearable and I can't stand how old the animation style looks.
  8. theme: Nier Automata
  9. Ah, sorry, didn't bother to read that cause it looked just like the Graphics rules, lol.
  10. Which banner rotation are you referring to? My forum skin doesn't have a banner. And also, at what size would you consider a banner to be for this comp?
  11. Theme - Characters wielding Huge Guns
  12. theme - (not sure what to do for a theme, since I only do space illustration and 3d abstract)
  13. How would you define freestyle? Wallpapers are my specialty, but I'm confused on what that meant, since freestyle could literally be anything.
  14. I chose it as a theme because I have a shit tonne of renders in my stock folder from like 15 years ago.
  15. theme: Magna Carta