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  1. Azy

    SOTW #286: Final Fantasy

    Theme: Tokyo Ghoul
  2. Azy

    WOTM #002 - Space Closed

    Theme: Flowers
  3. Azy

    SOTW #283: Minecraft [CLOSED]

    Here is my submission! (Sorry for my long absence. My grandmother passed and I went traveling to my grandparents house to be with my family for the last week.) Theme: Tokyo Ghoul
  4. My very first anime that sucked me in was when Tenchi Muyo came out on Toonami. I was 12 years old at the time and I freaking loved the intro music. Now that I go back and watch it, it's almost unbearable and I can't stand how old the animation style looks.
  5. Azy

    Brave Theme BOTM #001

    Ah, sorry, didn't bother to read that cause it looked just like the Graphics rules, lol.
  6. Azy

    Brave Theme BOTM #001

    Which banner rotation are you referring to? My forum skin doesn't have a banner. And also, at what size would you consider a banner to be for this comp?
  7. Theme - Characters wielding Huge Guns
  8. Azy

    WOTM #001

    theme - (not sure what to do for a theme, since I only do space illustration and 3d abstract)
  9. Azy

    WOTM #001

    How would you define freestyle? Wallpapers are my specialty, but I'm confused on what that meant, since freestyle could literally be anything.
  10. I chose it as a theme because I have a shit tonne of renders in my stock folder from like 15 years ago.
  11. Here is my submission. It's from The Irregular at Magic High Theme: Sword Wielder (just picked something random from the list)