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  1. @(AC) Any chance on doing Good Luck Girl! 1080p FLAC??
  2. I second this request.
  3. Yousei-raws for both seasons
  4. Heh. That's me, quick af.
  5. Requesting both seasons of Kamisama Kiss in 1080p with FLAC audios :3. Shiro and dragon-releases did the 1st season but the audio is AAC lewl and as for the 2nd season didn't see anyone did a 1080p lel. https://myanimelist.net/anime/14713/Kamisama_Hajimemashita
  6. @shamil11 What will you change? was planning to download it but then I saw this lel.
  7. @Catar So.. does that mean you're going to do it? If so, tysm!
  8. @ragnawind I've already requested this one too but it's only 1080p lel.. anyway, scyrous said if no one else is interested in doing it there's a chance he might pick it up in December but I think he'll only do 1080p cause he prefers it unless it's a kametsu release or a joint-project.
  9. Requesting Say "I Love You" BD 1080p FLAC Dual Audio (shiro did one but the audio is AAC ). https://myanimelist.net/anime/14289/Sukitte_Ii_na_yo
  10. Are you interested in doing it? I didn't ask the kametsu crew cause I think u guys have a lot of projects going lel.. (lucky me scyrous accepted Another I didn't request ushio to tora though cause i'm freakin shy to ask for 2 requests lol) shamil & MK is currently doing something and catar is currently closed for requests that's why I didn't ask them. Also, I just think no one here was really interested in doing it.. but if you are i'd be delighted af haha.
  11. Here check the comments of me and golumpa lel. https://anidex.info/torrent/80174