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  1. Every bit of info does! Thanks for sharing!
  2. I'm relatively (a few years) new to the anime archiving scene and I love to download and watch the uploads over here. (Only 1080p please!) However, I find myself quickly running out of storage space inspite of possessing several hard disk drives. Could you all, if possible share how you store all your files? I would love to get some options or recommendations about what kind of setup I should go for which would be economical as well as give me enough space to download all that I want. For me personally, cloud storage is not an option as internet in my country is neither unlimited nor as affordable.
  3. Am i remembering wrongly that the vivre card points to Lola's mother? Doesn't that mean it points to Big Mom herself!? I wonder how much of an influence Nami's friendship with Lola will have on anything as Big Mom doesn't have much regard for other humans even her own family (seeing how she killed one of her own sons and also discarded her husband)
  4. I usually prefer the dub. Anime like Fairy tail are actually very well dubbed. For anime like one piece I started with the dub and once I ran out of episodes switched over to the sub. I can never go back to One piece dub the voices are ruined for me. :-( Now I've run out of subs as well and have switched over to the manga. Happened with a lot of anime.
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