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  1. pavanpd

    Storage Options for Archiving

    Every bit of info does! Thanks for sharing!
  2. If there's a dub available for the newer one, how come it hasn't been picked up for a dual audio release? Thanks for your help by the way! And I'm not on animetorrents, but thanks nonetheless. I now know what to look for at least.
  3. I could not find it on the spreadsheet so... Is there a good version of Mob Psycho 100 out there? I think it is dubbed. Also, if possible could you please recommend the best sources for Berserk, both the 1997 one (which I believe is dubbed) and the recent ones as well?
  4. pavanpd

    Storage Options for Archiving

    I'm relatively (a few years) new to the anime archiving scene and I love to download and watch the uploads over here. (Only 1080p please!) However, I find myself quickly running out of storage space inspite of possessing several hard disk drives. Could you all, if possible share how you store all your files? I would love to get some options or recommendations about what kind of setup I should go for which would be economical as well as give me enough space to download all that I want. For me personally, cloud storage is not an option as internet in my country is neither unlimited nor as affordable.
  5. If he's going to take them both together, we might have a wait on our hands (Since the dubs aren't out yet apparently). But that certainly is good news!
  6. Ah! Funny I couldn't even find Seven Deadly Sins (Gonna go visit my doctor). Thanks for taking the trouble to clear that up!
  7. Thanks for the release @Catar I was looking for 1080p versions of Shokugeki no Soma and Nanatsu no Taizai and was surprised to not find any on Kametsu! (As far as I could see - I'm often nearsighted) Is it possible for you to take them up? Or you could just point me in the right direction of a good quality release Thanks for all your work. And you seem to be having some troubles. Hope it all gets fixed!
  8. That's great news! I can imagine how much work it is going to be to deal with so many episodes! On behalf of all FT fans I really want to thank you guys! You don't always get the appreciation you deserve but it hasn't stopped you from being the lifesavers of many of us Hope you keep the good work going!! Thanks for all your releases! I'm terrible with words
  9. Alright. I'll take anything I get at this point. And I get the slight feeling that you don't want me to watch the OVAs so I won't.....But I'd like to have it if only for the sake of completeness...
  10. Is it possible to do Fushigi Yugi and its OVAs? I'm yet to find a good enough upload of it And its something I want to watch as a lot of people seem to have been introduced to anime through it.
  11. pavanpd

    Moodkiller's Topic Index

    No problems. After being a regular customer for the past couple of years, if there's one thing I've learnt its patience! Nevertheless, am grateful for all the time you put in to the releases and make it available for us.
  12. pavanpd

    Moodkiller's Topic Index

    Any updates on Maid Sama!? I've grabbed a lot of your encodes and really appreciate all your work!
  13. pavanpd

    Shirσ's Anime Index

    I did see that. But was hoping for a 1080p version.