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Status Updates posted by Karyl

  1. Sorry about the site issues everyone! That was my bad. I hadn't realized that the server was using an old configuration that was meant for the other server, so it was causing memory-related issues. I implemented a fix and hopefully it'll hold up.

  2. BDRyan here (aka IkarosBD), just a quick heads-up that I have dropped my old persona and adopted a new one. I'm still the same 'ol person as before, just new name.

  3. Sorry about the outage. Not sure what happened there. Everything appears back to normal now, but I'll be monitoring through the night.

  4. LostYears' SSSS.GRIDMAN ep 3 will be released later tonight. Einherjar batch will be done Saturday morning. Sorry for the delays, I'm dealing with quite a bit at the moment.

  5. Sorry guys I'm just really out of it today. Lot of personal issues I'm having with certain individuals, leading to a lack of motivation to do anything.


    And yes, my XDCC bot is down. Don't ask why. Personal issues.

    1. (Kirito)


      May god resolve your personal issues very soon 😇.

    2. Pizza Cat
  6. Quick question for all: Would you like to see more from me, such as maybe adding another method or two of grabbing LostYears releases aside from XDCC and torrents?

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    2. (Kirito)


      That's great 😍.


      I misunderstood & thought that u were gonna remove Torrents & XDCC 😅.

    3. (Kirito)


      I would like to see MEGA & Google Drive as those new methods.

    4. (AC)


      I would like a new HDD with every ly series on it posted straight to meh

  7. LAAAAAG (when exiting a game such as GTA V)...





  8. Due to continued server problems at AniDex - our automated XDCC fetching is not currently functioning at this time. New releases for LostYears are especially affected by this and will likely not be transferred to XDCC until our XDCC bot owners are able to transfer the files manually from other sources (or we get lucky and AniDex somehow responds during a feed check). We apologize for the inconvenience.

    1. DigiPokeMon


      Have you contacted anidex to let them know about this problem?



    2. Koby


      @DigiPokeMon Holo has been contacted numerous times but apparently fails to ever respond about the lack of stability.

  9. I am in an IMMENSE amount of pain right now. It hurts more when I'm up and walking after 3-4 minutes, mostly in my lower back.


    That is why I'm minimizing my activity at this time. I will be cutting back on any non-work activity (including the IRC network and the forums) so my back can get proper rest.

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    2. DRX


      Get better, that's the important part

    3. (Kirito)


      I hope that u recover soon.

    4. Nabull


      How you doing now?

  10. Just an FYI: I've done some reorganizing of the Discord server roles. I THINK I got everyone's roles correctly assigned. However, if you're a member of our Discord server, could you please go there and check your current assigned roles to make sure I didn't miss anything? If I did (e.g you're supposed to have the Donator role, for example, or Uploader, or something else), please let me know. Thanks.

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    2. Karyl


      Sorry @NeutralHatred you cannot be a bot. You do not meet the qualifications. :P

    3. ElectricAngel


      I just got the uploader role and I'd like for it to be added to the Discord please 😄 (ElectricAngel#8461)

    4. Nabull


      Why do I not have a special role? 


  11. *sigh*

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    2. Nabull


      Time for Pollux's promotion 

    3. Pollux
    4. Nabull


      I'm sorry, I don't remember asking you

      Now start banning people go go go

  12. A quick note to everyone: I will be taking a hiatus from administration. This is due to a number of things, but I also did sort of warn this could happen back at the end of May, and it's looking like that, in order to maximize my productivity at work, it is necessary.


    I haven't yet decided if I'm leaving administration entirely. I do not yet feel that itself is necessary. But I do feel my ability to make fair decisions is impacted by my work schedule and the lack of sleep caused by it.


    Effective immediately, I will no longer be handling forum matters for a period of 2 months. I will continue to perform regular work on the server itself. Just not on the forums.

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    2. (AC)


      too much AC in here catching a cold

    3. NeutralHatred


      That was absolutely terrible. Please try again.

  13. Apologies for the sudden downtime. A pretty nasty issue was noticed with the webserver during routine updates, that necessitated its downtime in order to fix the problem. This specific problem was related to the webserver log files not rotating properly and thus were consuming excessive amounts of disk space.


    The webserver had to be stopped in order to move the log files out of the way.

    1. (Kirito)


      Maintaining server is such a hassle.

  14. Friendly reminder: Site maintenance WILL be going forward as scheduled on July 1st at 9:30 AM CDT (2:30 PM GMT). Maintenance window is 2.5 hours, actual expected downtime is up to one hour. REMEMBER to join us on IRC and/or our Discord server to stay connected with the rest of the community and staff (including myself)!

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    2. megajew
    3. Karyl


      I have personal reasons I'm not going to go into in public for it, but yes, you guys win. :(

    4. Bardon


      I am so sorry... xP

  15. Sorry about the longer-than-expected downtime. Apparently I'm going to have to actually firewall off all connections except those of the SSL CA during renewal in order to prevent connection overloading. This overloading caused the verification process to fail, necessitating another attempt to initiate the certificate renewal.

    1. Koby


      Didn't even notice the downtime.

    2. toonami335


      Why don't you use letsencrypt with auto-renewal. My servers run with almost 0 downtime with letsencrypt.

  16. Heads-up: I'll be renewing the SSL certificate for the server shortly. There may be a BRIEF moment of downtime. Apologies in advance.

  17. Reactivated maintenance announcement. It's looking very definite that I'll be able to do the maintenance work *FINALLY* next weekend.


    No details have changed regarding the maintenance itself.

    1. NeutralHatred


      Don't worry, everyone, it'll change to the week after on the 30th.

    2. Cryptic
  18. Cancelling the aforementioned maintenance outright. First had to postpone it, now I have family obligations I must take care of. Oh and yes, life obligations as well...as usual.


    The announcement bar is set to deactivate on June 10th, and has been reduced to just a bar above the message content - the top page bar has been deactivated already. I'll reactivate the announcement when I have a much more solid idea of when I'll be able to tend to the site updates.

  19. Sorry folks, no maintenance got done today. I had work obligations - believe it or not the training I'm going through necessitates a bit of at-home reading to get an advantage on learning the material. That, and I had major sleep issues first few nights so I had to rebalance my internal clock.


    I've rescheduled it for June 10th but to be quite honest I may just completely call it off.

    1. NeutralHatred


      If I knew how, I would totally do it for you.

    2. Karyl


      @NeutralHatred it's all good man, thanks. I knew that going into this there'd be a lot of adjustments I'd have to make to my routine - sleep, free time activities, etc. It's just going to take time to get used to. That being said, job's going well so far DESPITE having to battle through the 'extreme fatigue' issues initially caused by my inability to fall asleep the first two nights. Slowly my body's becoming accustomed to it, I've gotten used to the public transit route and timing to and from work, I've gotten to know many of my fellow peers in the training class that I'll eventually be working with once training is complete...well enough in fact that I know several of them are also fans of anime! :D


      All in all it's shaping up well so far. We'll see how I feel come next weekend, I don't think I'll be nearly as incapacitated as I was this weekend, lol, especially if I'm actually getting used to the sleep routine I'll have to follow.

    3. (Kirito)


      It's nice bro that u got some companions that are anime fans.


      Changing your biological clock may take some time & it is very tiresome at first but you will get the hang of it. I myself have suffered extreme tiredness when I went to coaching classes to prepare for my exams & could sleep only 5 hours a day.


      Anyways, you have my best wishes so, do your best & forget the rest.

  20. Day 1 is tomorrow. I'm quite excited (and admittedly, a bit nervous! - I haven't had to get a new job for almost 9 years).


    From May 30 until the end of July, I will be unavailable Monday thru Friday - these are my training weeks. I will only be around in very limited capacity during the weekends, or sometimes not at all depending what exactly we're doing, during this time.


    You all better be on your best behavior, else I sic a Mod or Koby on you guys :P

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    2. Zachimillius


      Best of luck. I am week 3 into my new job and it has been a little nerve racking going from very experienced to knowing nothing again. Though, I just received my first fortnightly pay! So tempted to go splurge on something to celebrate but should probably put it it away.

    3. (Kirito)


      Good luck man.


      I am rooting for you. Show them what you got.

    4. normalsomeplace


      Best of luck on your new job. It can be diifult at times, all you have to do is push through it with your all.

  21. FYI: Starting today, I will no longer be around at all online - that's IRC, forums, Discord, etc - except for a very limited time during weekends, for at least the next 2 months. This is due to my new full-time employment + the need to shift my focus to that.


    You can, of course, still leave me private messages during the week but odds are I'm likely not to be able to respond until the following weekend.


    Wish me luck in my new venture, and with luck I'll be a little more free after these next 2 months.

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    2. NeutralHatred
    3. Kid Boruto

      Kid Boruto

      I wish you best of luck @IkarosBD, I know you'll do well :)

  22. Just so everyone knows...my presence here over the next week and a half will be greatly reduced, as I try to prepare myself for the first day of my new job. Also, since I'll be working a full-time schedule Mon-Fri, I will only be here for an extremely limited time both Saturdays and Sundays.

    1. Saf


      I'll try to miss you.

    2. Cryptic


      who's gonna plan the party?

    3. emjay911


      Real life comes first . Good Luck !

  23. Hello everyone! Just a heads-up we're planning some major server work soon! See the first featured topic at the top of the page for details!

  24. You all better behave now. I will not be around at all Sunday! If our mods report anything to me...




    ...uh, I haven't actually finished that thought yet. Oh well. Just behave!

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    2. monsieurcooler


      you make it sound like we care

    3. NeutralHatred



      You might care if I decide to temp ban you for a week for a being a douchemeister.

    4. (AC)


      Fuckin ban me mang


    In case you're wondering what the outburst of excitement is about - I had an interview today for a new full-time position with a BPO (business process outsourcing) company fulfilling one of their many contracts. I am very, very pleased to announce that I made the cut! WOOOOO! :D:D:D

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    2. P3-NI5


      Congrats! Having job is great

    3. (Kirito)






      Well done bro.

      You have my best wishes.

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