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  1. Heads up to everyone, During the course of the next week or so, I will be tweaking and testing some things on the server backend - mainly to optimize it for resource usage but also to see if I can't speed it up a little bit more. This activity will be done sporadically, not consecutively, and could possibly result in periods of time where the site slows down or perhaps even goes unavailable briefly from time to time. There will also be a time where I'll carry out the usual slew of regular backend software updates. Date(s): Between July 6th, 2020 and July 16th, 2020 Time(s): Sporadically, for an hour or two at a time. No actual set specific times. For: Backend adjustments/tweaking+testing, software updates and adjustments. Downtime: None expected, but could be brief periods of slowness and/or brief moments of unreachability. Rest assured that, at any point I'm carrying out work on the site, I will be available to fix any errors that occur quickly. Most people probably won't notice much going on at any point - this is just to make everyone aware in case you do. Thanks for your understanding!
  2. Another big reason our initial plans fell through is mainly due to my own schedule and life crises. I've transitioned to full-time work 40 hours a week, and that just hasn't left me the sort of time I'd like to have to do things for the site. But never fear, I still fully intend to follow through, I just have to find some good, decent, solid time to do it. It'll come eventually but I'm not giving up on things here and I've zero intent to do so in the future. That, I promise.
  3. This is where Koby and I kinda diverged. I started playing Trails in the Sky, he started with Trails of Cold Steel. Technically, I followed the in-game timelines, if I'm not mistaken. I'm probably not as well-versed in the whole timeline as Koby is though. I do know that the timelines do intertwine between each different series.
  4. Sorry about the outage. Not sure what happened there. Everything appears back to normal now, but I'll be monitoring through the night.

  5. Truth be told, this is another one of Sweeney's underhanded tactics against Steam. Nothing new here. Epic really isn't gonna get anywhere the way they're going with this, Steam already has too much a solid foothold for Epic to overtake them that easily. As far as I'm concerned, now that I know about this...should I ever install Epic's client, all Epic's launcher is gonna get when it tries to read Steam files on my system, is a big ol' nasty Windows "Access is denied" message. A clever Windows admin such as myself also knows the tricks to prevent program installation detection and process listing. And there's not a damn thing they can do about any of it.
  6. @Beave even if those aspects already exist, there's always room to expand upon them. The idea we had really was to just do a complete reorganization of things. Move some things around, expand some of the existing topical forums, things like that. There are gaps to fill, but we can't really think of any better way to fill those gaps than to ask the community. The idea we wanted to go with is to do a refocus onto gaming while keeping our love for anime and cartoons alive, we just didn't feel right "just doing" that without asking people first. As far as anime discussion goes...the loss of downloads was a major blow, but we also recognize that the community absolutely loves their anime and their cartoons. To that end, we've been planning on doing a lot more expansion upon that very topic, perhaps adding in some special 'prizes' for perhaps randomly picked winners from time to time Really we can do some similar things for other topical areas like gaming, think you already saw an example of what we attempted to do with that. The same idea might be expandable to other topical areas, for example maybe some music-related giveaways from time to time. You get where I'm going with that. At this stage it's more about finding a direction we want to take the site in, given Kametsu can no longer do what it used to do, because Koby and I are both still very much willing and able to keep things open. We just want you guys to decide which direction the site should be taken. The control is being placed firmly in your hands. Thanks for your reply!
  7. @diarma86 there's a good reason we decided not to just 'pack up'. The site did start out as just a discussion forum. The download stuff was just an 'addon' to it and of course people just flocked to it...but it ended up also creating a lot of problems for the site as well - namely people that just sign up to do nothing but spam or cause trouble (mostly the former). This played a large part into Koby's decision, and by extension, mine. It was very difficult to do what we had to do. We knew the impacts of either decision. But I've said this a million times already - there is only one thing we care about more than anything else, and that's every single one of you. Even downloads being there couldn't hold a candle to how much we cared about our members. In the end we did what we had to do...not just to protect ourselves or this site, but also to protect each and every one of you. Because we just care that deeply. We realized that making this sort of call would mean the site would never be the same. It was not an easy sacrifice, believe us. But we'd rather keep the site and its members, than lose everything. You guys are why we keep doing this. No other reason. None. We'll be cooking up some stuff this summer, hopefully when I've got more time. Look forward to that!
  8. @dealvidit are you sure it's also not the fact that I'm operating it on a much quicker server (mine!), or that my server administration skills played a part in it? LOL I mean ever since we migrated the site over here, it pretty much gave the site access to vastly more resources than it previously had available on its older server, namely because virtually nothing else runs on this server to consume its resource - like literally there's only one other low-end process running on this server and that's it. Other processes on the other server were consistently consuming resources and while for the most part that didn't hurt the site's performance too terribly much, it still had a noticeable negative impact. Mind you it's not the reason we migrated though, the reasoning there was more or less the fact that Koby didn't feel like we needed to be paying for server resources we're hardly using, and me (being my generous self) graciously stepped in and offered to host free of charge. All that aside though I'm very happy to see there are those that remain loyal to the community. They recognize the fact that, first and foremost, that is precisely what Kametsu is, what it started as, and what it will always continue to be. Thank you so much!
  9. @Vaux I completely agree with all of that. This puts us in a good position to do so much more for people. Heck, if interest is high enough, we might actually give away physical copies of anime in events we might hold, say a tournament we might hold in an online game for example. Our position now might actually allow us to work out such deals with production companies like Funimation at some point down the line. But even if such deals never materialize, we would still quite easily be able to run these contests for you from our own pockets. Heck, we might even also give away gift subscriptions to streaming services like VRV, FunimationNow, etc as prizes. You get my point. One door closes. Another opens to potentially more possibilities.
  10. @LeonVIII Koby and I were considering easing up on discussion restrictions, in fact. The key thing really is just keeping to our "no facilitating downloads" rule that we had to implement. Some of our own staff made the same suggestion internally, and we can see the benefit of doing so, so we think that the rest of the restrictions we set after the DMCA incident can go. We'll announce something when this is decided 100% for sure but for now that's where we're leaning.
  11. The site migration was completed, albeit with a few bumps along the way that made it take like 6 hours instead of 2 and a half, lol. Really sorry about that, but things should be working properly again. Notice - Site Migration When: February 26, 2019 at 7:30 PM Duration: Approximately 2.5 hours What: Site migration to a different server Sorry for the short notice on this one, but it's important. I will be migrating the forums off of the current server onto my own servers. This is because, at this point, we're essentially paying for server hardware resources we're not even really using, and this is due in large part to the removal of downloads from the site. It simply doesn't make any sense to continue to pay for the server the forums are on because of this, so I have instead made an offer to Koby to host the forums on my own server, free of charge. To facilitate this move, I will be deactivating the forum website right around 7:30 PM CST this evening. I've set aside 2.5 hours to perform the move, but if things go as planned it'll not take the entire window to do. The gameplan is as follows: At or around 7:30 PM CST, deactivate the forum website in the webserver configuration, redirect all traffic to a static page Perform full database dump (expected time: about 15-30 minutes maximum) After confirming dump integrity, migrate the dump file to the new server and import it (expected time: about 15-30 minutes maximum) Begin transferring website-related files to the new server (expected time: about 45 min to an hour maximum) Migrate webserver configuration files to the new server, and locally test configuration (expected time: about 10 minutes or so) Make the necessary changes within DNS (expected time: will vary depending on various ISP's DNS caching policies and refreshes) Obviously, since I have offered to host the forums completely free of charge, this raises the question for many of you: should I still donate? The answer to that is, absolutely! Even though I will be hosting the site itself free of charge, Koby still has to pay the licensing costs of the forum software itself as well as the themes. So yes, continue to donate. The only change is that money will just be used to keep the forum software license current as well as pay for these wonderfully designed themes we have. Oh and, of course, @Koby is still insistent upon compensating me for the trouble even though I said I'd do it for free (stubborn guy, LOL), so a portion might also be used for that as well. As always, IRC and Discord will both remain available. Again sorry for the short notice, but this move is that important and we feel that it's the best way to move forward from here. Thank you for your understanding!
  12. I see a lot of misunderstanding here so let me try to clear this up, mainly to clarify some things that @Scyrous brought up previously. First and foremost is this - yes, initially, we wanted to start out with a clean environment, at least while we built up the rest of the site. You have to realize the first and foremost focus was getting the forums back up and going again. Which we did, and we're working on the little things now. But really, if I had to be completely honest, with the ultimate goal of getting the site going again accomplished...I don't see a need to completely stifle all talk of piracy. Piracy in of itself is a perfectly fine discussion topic so long as people aren't actually linking to pirated content. Things like the A/V section for example I saw as beneficial (much like @Catar did), and as people like Scyrous like to do, they like to discuss their projects and such and I do not see any problem with any of this. The key thing from all of it is that pirated content can't be linked to anywhere on the site. Discussion topics surrounding it should be fine. So @Koby perhaps now we should reconsider site policies towards these things and loosen up a bit. The worst is behind, I don't really think being this strict about it is necessary anymore so long as we keep actual linkage to pirated content off the site.
  13. Fair point, but you still have to understand where we're coming from here. The existence of downloads from Koby's perspective was slowly starting to cause the community participation itself to decline. As more and more came, they went straight after the downloads and didn't bother to actually post around and get involved with the community. I can straight up tell you now that, we have a REALLY huge number of 0-post accounts - these are the people who cared nothing for participating and only wanted downloads. This is what we're talking about. On that same token, there were also those that signed up and did nothing but spam in the hopes of ranking up. They didn't care for the community, either. All they wanted was the top-level stuff. It's these specific types of people I'm referring to.
  14. By all means though, participate. And don't forget about IRC and Discord. We still have both! Even if you're not much a forum person, if you feel more comfortable on IRC and/or Discord (especially IRC, hint hint) then by all means use 'em!
  15. @EmptyBasket pretty much, but not really for that as it was for the fact that the site didn't actually have a "designated copyright agent" to handle DMCA claims. By default that means they go straight to the host company which, along with what you said, means safe harbor protections go right out the window. We knew we were in the right for the most part, but, there wasn't a way to really defend ourselves as we were, not on such short notice anyway. As Koby stated previously, they had already initiated court action against him. Our hand was forced. Here's also why jumping server hosts wouldn't have done any good, aside from being short-notice. Sure, a server can physically exist in a country where DMCA laws are pretty much flat out ignored. But that just protects the *SERVER*. It doesn't protect the person operating it. And copyright enforcement agencies know this well. That's why they will use other means for enforcement. Such as, for example, compelling a host company to give up info on the customer. Or, perhaps, compelling a domain registry for the owner's information, even if protected by privacy controls. Or, attempting to trace back transactions for either the server, domain, or both. Even seizing control of the domain (like in the case of the original Megaupload, for example). There are many, many ways enforcement agencies can accomplish their task. So no, going offshore wouldn't have done any good, and being on such short notice, would not have been worth the cost or effort, not with what we have to pay already to operate the site and forums. We already realized we'd lose some people over our decision, but we make this decision in the best interest of the users of this community. Nothing matters more to us than all of you. Nothing at all. But remember what a forum is intended for - it's meant for discussion. Always has been. Kametsu's origins are rooted in this very notion, in fact. And we have every intention to maintain that aspect. Yes, it sucks Kametsu can't offer downloads...but if all someone was doing was joining for downloads, you have to ask - were they ever going to really participate in the community? Were they ever really going to mingle with other like-minded users, discussing whatever comes to their mind, like a forum was intended to be? Ask yourself this - what is a forum for? If you say "for the discussions and the community", that's awesome and you understand what we're aiming for here. You understand that a forum is intended to be a place for like-minded individuals to gather and hold discussions based on their hobbies and interests, to develop new friendships, and just be social! If you say "for downloads", then you've entirely missed the mark on what forums are intended to be used for. The problem was too obvious really - the existence of downloads severely impacted overall forum participation, and caused other issues as well (like the spam Koby mentioned, which actually itself drove away regularly contributing members). It was only a matter of time before Koby starts to consider whether or not the cost to operate was justified. So if you're truly here to embody what a forum website is all about...then we're glad you're still around and we look forward to many more years to come! If all you cared for was downloads, we only ask that you join us in full-on participation in the community and enjoy the future projects we have to offer you! All in all just bear with us.
  16. Don't worry guys, the anime focus sure as hell isn't going anywhere. This actually opens the door up for us to be able to do even neater things to make up for what we lost, we really think you guys are going to like this a lot once we start rolling out the plans. You guys are what make Kametsu great. Nothing else. No amount of downloads could ever surpass that. A forum cannot even exist without each and every one of you and we sincerely hope you stick with us for the long run. This was an extremely stressful time for us to ensure we could keep this community operational, and we endured it for you guys because we just care that much for all of you. You'll all have plenty more opportunities down the line to make suggestions to us as to what else we can do on this forum for you all. That's another positive aspect of all this too. I sincerely believe the future is brighter for Kametsu now. I really do. We rise from the ashes anew, and become even greater.
  17. As you are all aware by now, a server maintenance was conducted today to update the webserver and underlying TLS library that provides secure connectivity to our network of sites. Part of this upgrade, was the addition of support for the newly created TLS version 1.3. This new protocol version is supported by the latest versions of both Firefox and Chrome, and should already be enabled by default in those browsers, so if you're using the latest versions of either browser, you should now be using TLSv1.3 transparently. However, with this change, we have to also make a change to some of the older ciphers we currently support on Kametsu. Right now, we maintain a relatively sane degree of backwards-compatibility to account for older browsers. Now that we have TLSv1.3 enabled, this has to be revised. We've already disabled support for TLSv1.0, and on December 16th, 2018 - we will be making the following changes to our supported TLS cipher suites/parameters: Plain DHE (Diffie-Hellman Exchange)-based cipher suites will be completely disabled. We will only support ECDHE (Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman Exchange)-based suites. DHE is still relatively secure provided you use a decent-sized key, but its performance is generally lower than that of its EC-based counterpart especially with higher key sizes. TLSv1.1 will be disabled, and TLSv1.2 will become the minimum supported. The older Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) cipher suites will be depreciated and ultimately removed, in favor of the superior Galois/Counter Mode (GCM) cipher suites. These changes, especially 2 and 3, will mostly impact users on older operating systems and/or those using older/obsolete browsers (such as Internet Explorer on anything other than Windows 10, for example). These users will likely see their ability to connect to the site disappear once these changes take effect. For those of you using older operating systems and/or browsers - I implore you to update your systems and/or your browsers to the latest available versions to ensure you are still able to connect to Kametsu without a problem. If you have any concerns, please let me know. I do have a very busy work schedule so I can't always guarantee a timely response but I'll make every effort to respond to every concern raised regarding these upcoming changes.
  18. LostYears' SSSS.GRIDMAN ep 3 will be released later tonight. Einherjar batch will be done Saturday morning. Sorry for the delays, I'm dealing with quite a bit at the moment.

  19. Sorry guys I'm just really out of it today. Lot of personal issues I'm having with certain individuals, leading to a lack of motivation to do anything.


    And yes, my XDCC bot is down. Don't ask why. Personal issues.

    1. (Kirito)


      May god resolve your personal issues very soon 😇.

    2. Pizza Cat
  20. Quick question for all: Would you like to see more from me, such as maybe adding another method or two of grabbing LostYears releases aside from XDCC and torrents?

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    2. (Kirito)


      That's great 😍.


      I misunderstood & thought that u were gonna remove Torrents & XDCC 😅.

    3. (Kirito)


      I would like to see MEGA & Google Drive as those new methods.

    4. (AC)


      I would like a new HDD with every ly series on it posted straight to meh

  21. LAAAAAG (when exiting a game such as GTA V)...





  22. Due to continued server problems at AniDex - our automated XDCC fetching is not currently functioning at this time. New releases for LostYears are especially affected by this and will likely not be transferred to XDCC until our XDCC bot owners are able to transfer the files manually from other sources (or we get lucky and AniDex somehow responds during a feed check). We apologize for the inconvenience.

    1. DigiPokeMon


      Have you contacted anidex to let them know about this problem?



    2. Koby


      @DigiPokeMon Holo has been contacted numerous times but apparently fails to ever respond about the lack of stability.

  23. I am in an IMMENSE amount of pain right now. It hurts more when I'm up and walking after 3-4 minutes, mostly in my lower back.


    That is why I'm minimizing my activity at this time. I will be cutting back on any non-work activity (including the IRC network and the forums) so my back can get proper rest.

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    2. DRX


      Get better, that's the important part

    3. (Kirito)


      I hope that u recover soon.

    4. Nabull


      How you doing now?

  24. Just an FYI: I've done some reorganizing of the Discord server roles. I THINK I got everyone's roles correctly assigned. However, if you're a member of our Discord server, could you please go there and check your current assigned roles to make sure I didn't miss anything? If I did (e.g you're supposed to have the Donator role, for example, or Uploader, or something else), please let me know. Thanks.

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    2. IkarosBD


      Sorry @NeutralHatred you cannot be a bot. You do not meet the qualifications. :P

    3. ElectricAngel


      I just got the uploader role and I'd like for it to be added to the Discord please 😄 (ElectricAngel#8461)

    4. Nabull


      Why do I not have a special role? 


  25. *sigh*

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    2. Nabull


      Time for Pollux's promotion 

    3. Pollux
    4. Nabull


      I'm sorry, I don't remember asking you

      Now start banning people go go go

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