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  1. This is for everyone that's still attempting to access the forums using forums.kametsu.com That subdomain is NOT the correct way to access these forums! This is why you get browser errors. Should you attempt to access this subdomain from this point forward, you will be forcefully redirected to this topic to remind you to update your bookmarks and start using the CORRECT domain of https://kametsu.com/ Please do not complain to us further of such browser errors, you will simply be pointed to this topic. There are currently no plans to support use of that subdomain at this time, as the site functions well enough under just 'kametsu.com'. If you are still trying to use forums.kametsu.com - STOP, and please start using https://kametsu.com from now on. Thank you.
  2. Ok, for those of you still trying to access the forums via forums.kametsu.com, I have forcefully redirected you to https://kametsu.com/ and disabled use of the former domain entirely. The CORRECT URL is https://kametsu.com and *NOT* forums.kametsu.com. Complaints about SSL warnings regarding the forums.* subdomain will hereby be disregarded from here on out, and you will simply be instructed to stop using that domain.

    1. Etzimal




      You breaking my bookmarks.

    2. IkarosBD


      @Etzimal bro your bookmarks be screwed, then. Update 'em, as I have no plans to redirect subdomain traffic to the correct location, because the SSL aspect of the site prevents me from doing that properly (the browser error you see). :P

    3. Etzimal




      Fix it. I don't like change forced upon me!

  3. @hamid1455 the ban has expired. You may enter, just keep in mind what I said and try not to startle people with that
  4. @hamid1455 Generally that's not how most people enter a channel. That and you tripped our anti-capslock protection too. And no, you are not permanently banned. It is extremely rare that anyone would be banned permanently from the channel - that 'honor' is usually reserved for people who do nothing but spam and/or attack the channel. It's set for 30 minutes, and based on the time it was set, it will autoexpire here in a few minutes.
  5. Sorry about the spam folks. It's been dealt with already, we're determining how best to harden the site against that.

  6. I've had high preference to XDCC because it's the easiest to use for me - that, and is much less likely to face takedowns. This is a luxury you don't have with torrent hosts or filehosts because both must directly answer to legal takedown requests (just look at BakaBT for example and what they were forced to do). Torrents sadly are becoming an increasingly popular target for so-called copyright trolls - the days of open anime trackers are numbered, I'm telling you now.
  7. I want to make sure people here understand something about this - everything you pull from the web about this at this stage is SPECULATION - it is UNPROVEN information and is therefore not to be trusted. Don't be so gullible to what you read on the net, ESPECIALLY from sites like TorrentFreak. The only true, factual information can only come from the owner himself, and Koby and I are both monitoring the situation closely through our own means. Everything else is to be considered hearsay/speculation and only taken with a grain of salt...maybe a part of a grain even. With all that said, I ask people to please, PLEASE, don't spread misinformation here about this. Koby will update here as he gets info, as he is the closest to the situation at this point.
  8. @Koby and I are keeping very close watch over the NyaaTorrents situation. Should any information become available, we'll get it to you here as soon as we're able to.

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    2. DigiPokeMon
    3. Catar


      Please stop linking to torrentfreak, they're just reading off /r/trackers like everyone else. Real news will come from those in contact with Commie or Nyaa himself on IRC.

    4. Etzimal




      Early version of that article said that SS floating around is fact, or something.

  9. Yes, Nyaa is gone, but Kametsu and other project releases will still be offered via other methods - primarily XDCC via our IRC channel. I'll probably compose an updated XDCC guide at some point this month, look forward to it.

  10. The certificate we use is issued by a trusted authority in all the major browsers. This should not be an issue unless you were using a browser that has not been updated to reflect current trusted Certificate Authorities. It also should not occur if you access the forums using https://kametsu.com - or www.* should also work. But any other domain will not. For the time being we use the rewrite engine to do our redirects. The hope is to bring all of the *.kametsu.com domains under SSL eventually (including the XDCC parser site). At that point I can probably change the redirect method to be more accurate.
  11. Yes both myself and Koby ran into this as well. There seems to be some occasional lag in spots, and I may have to tweak the web server software a bit more later on. I may actually implement the HTTP/2 module at some point, which should assist with that problem - it's generally a faster protocol than the standard HTTP/1.1 especially over SSL-secured connections. But that'll be for another maintenance time in the future. (BTW: Fun read on what I'm talking about in regards to HTTP/2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP/2)
  12. Perfectly fine on my end as well as Koby's. Now I will say that initially, SSL session caching settings weren't properly configured, and that likely was significantly impacting the performance of the SSL module in a negative way. I've since tweaked those settings and restarted the webserver. However, there's nothing else I can do about that if it's still slow for you, and you will just have to bear with it, sorry.
  13. I am pleased to report that after a bit of teeth-gnashing and countless head-desking, Kametsu is now fully SSL-enabled! We also want to let you know that, at times, your browser might say 'partially encrypted' or 'some parts insecure' or something similar. You will probably notice this occurring most often in these scenarios: A topic that contains posts that have external images A topic that contains posts made by a user that has an avatar linked externally A topic that contains posts made by a user that has an image in their signature that is linked externally User profile pages that avatars and/or images in signatures are linked externally These scenarios only apply to EXISTING topics and avatars/signature images - that is, they existed BEFORE we turned SSL on. NEW topics created from this point forward are NOT affected by this as any externally linked images are forced to HTTPS transparently. All members: If you wish to assist us in eliminating at least some of these areas, you can do so by refreshing your avatar URL and/or any embedded images in your signature. You do NOT need to prefix https:// to these things. Just re-set the same URL you have had before and save it - our system should automatically enforce HTTPS for it in the future. You need only do this for embedded images in your signatures in most cases. If you externally linked your avatar image, you'll need to do that for it as well. If you notice any other site-breaking issues, please post in this topic so we can take a look. Thanks!
  14. @sfree21 you're welcome. Also just to let you know, I set an exemption on your NickServ account as well. Even if I were to ban all of *.pt, that exemption would permit you to enter. You need only identify to your NickServ account, to enter the channel, if you find yourself unable to enter it again.