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  1. Quick question for all: Would you like to see more from me, such as maybe adding another method or two of grabbing LostYears releases aside from XDCC and torrents?

    1. mrbaer
    2. gskumar


      What else could be there?. Like cloud services?

    3. Sinbad


      Why not XDCC & Torrent even when they're most popular downloading methods?

  2. LAAAAAG (when exiting a game such as GTA V)...





  3. Due to continued server problems at AniDex - our automated XDCC fetching is not currently functioning at this time. New releases for LostYears are especially affected by this and will likely not be transferred to XDCC until our XDCC bot owners are able to transfer the files manually from other sources (or we get lucky and AniDex somehow responds during a feed check). We apologize for the inconvenience.

    1. DigiPokeMon


      Have you contacted anidex to let them know about this problem?



    2. Koby


      @DigiPokeMon Holo has been contacted numerous times but apparently fails to ever respond about the lack of stability.

  4. I am in an IMMENSE amount of pain right now. It hurts more when I'm up and walking after 3-4 minutes, mostly in my lower back.


    That is why I'm minimizing my activity at this time. I will be cutting back on any non-work activity (including the IRC network and the forums) so my back can get proper rest.

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    2. DRX


      Get better, that's the important part

    3. Sinbad


      I hope that u recover soon.

    4. Nabull


      How you doing now?

  5. Just an FYI: I've done some reorganizing of the Discord server roles. I THINK I got everyone's roles correctly assigned. However, if you're a member of our Discord server, could you please go there and check your current assigned roles to make sure I didn't miss anything? If I did (e.g you're supposed to have the Donator role, for example, or Uploader, or something else), please let me know. Thanks.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. IkarosBD


      Sorry @NeutralHatred you cannot be a bot. You do not meet the qualifications. :P

    3. ElectricAngel


      I just got the uploader role and I'd like for it to be added to the Discord please 😄 (ElectricAngel#8461)

    4. Nabull


      Why do I not have a special role? 


  6. *sigh*

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    2. Nabull


      Time for Pollux's promotion 

    3. Pollux
    4. Nabull


      I'm sorry, I don't remember asking you

      Now start banning people go go go

  7. A quick note to everyone: I will be taking a hiatus from administration. This is due to a number of things, but I also did sort of warn this could happen back at the end of May, and it's looking like that, in order to maximize my productivity at work, it is necessary.


    I haven't yet decided if I'm leaving administration entirely. I do not yet feel that itself is necessary. But I do feel my ability to make fair decisions is impacted by my work schedule and the lack of sleep caused by it.


    Effective immediately, I will no longer be handling forum matters for a period of 2 months. I will continue to perform regular work on the server itself. Just not on the forums.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. NeutralHatred



      You should see a doctor first about that cough. Sounds pretty bad.

    3. (AC)


      too much AC in here catching a cold

    4. NeutralHatred


      That was absolutely terrible. Please try again.

  8. Apologies for the sudden downtime. A pretty nasty issue was noticed with the webserver during routine updates, that necessitated its downtime in order to fix the problem. This specific problem was related to the webserver log files not rotating properly and thus were consuming excessive amounts of disk space.


    The webserver had to be stopped in order to move the log files out of the way.

    1. Sinbad


      Maintaining server is such a hassle.

  9. IkarosBD

    Private Messages not removed

    Ok, looking at the database (and doing a little date-time conversion since the timedate is stored in UNIX style timestamps), each of the conversation IDs you've given me have a last-active-at age of 1 year or greater. I'd like your permission to manually delete these IDs for you (since I'd be doing more than one this time). Note that I may not actually be able to get to it today as I have full-time work I must rest up for, but rest assured I'll poke at it Mon/Tues at the very least in the evenings (probably around 7:30 PM CDT). EDIT: I've TEMPORARILY increased your inbox size. Once I resolve the issue, I'll restore its original size.
  10. IkarosBD

    Private Messages not removed

    Yes that corresponds to a conversation ID. See if you can get me some more conversation IDs that are failing to delete.
  11. IkarosBD

    Private Messages not removed

    @misseps - I was able to delete a few of my older PM conversations fine, and the counters properly updated. No errors are being thrown in the backend far as I'm able to tell (and believe me we log EVERY error that gets thrown!). For your case I went directly into the database, found an old conversation ID (note: NOT the actual conversation itself, I can't actually read your PMs), and deleted any references from the database that referenced that conversation ID AND your user ID. You should probably notice that one conversation now missing from your list. Could you try deleting another single conversation for me? I'm starting to zero in on what I THINK the problem could possibly be.
  12. IkarosBD

    Private Messages not removed

    I can see if any errors were thrown in the backend. I haven't been able to look at the site as literally the only free time I have to do things with it is on Saturdays, and I'm really one of the only ones who can dig that deeply. I'll take a look at it Saturday and get back to you.
  13. Friendly reminder: Site maintenance WILL be going forward as scheduled on July 1st at 9:30 AM CDT (2:30 PM GMT). Maintenance window is 2.5 hours, actual expected downtime is up to one hour. REMEMBER to join us on IRC and/or our Discord server to stay connected with the rest of the community and staff (including myself)!

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    2. megajew
    3. IkarosBD


      I have personal reasons I'm not going to go into in public for it, but yes, you guys win. :(

    4. Bardon


      I am so sorry... xP

  14. Sorry about the longer-than-expected downtime. Apparently I'm going to have to actually firewall off all connections except those of the SSL CA during renewal in order to prevent connection overloading. This overloading caused the verification process to fail, necessitating another attempt to initiate the certificate renewal.

    1. Koby


      Didn't even notice the downtime.

    2. toonami335


      Why don't you use letsencrypt with auto-renewal. My servers run with almost 0 downtime with letsencrypt.

  15. Heads-up: I'll be renewing the SSL certificate for the server shortly. There may be a BRIEF moment of downtime. Apologies in advance.