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  1. The certificate we use is issued by a trusted authority in all the major browsers. This should not be an issue unless you were using a browser that has not been updated to reflect current trusted Certificate Authorities. It also should not occur if you access the forums using https://kametsu.com - or www.* should also work. But any other domain will not. For the time being we use the rewrite engine to do our redirects. The hope is to bring all of the *.kametsu.com domains under SSL eventually (including the XDCC parser site). At that point I can probably change the redirect method to be more accurate.
  2. Yes both myself and Koby ran into this as well. There seems to be some occasional lag in spots, and I may have to tweak the web server software a bit more later on. I may actually implement the HTTP/2 module at some point, which should assist with that problem - it's generally a faster protocol than the standard HTTP/1.1 especially over SSL-secured connections. But that'll be for another maintenance time in the future. (BTW: Fun read on what I'm talking about in regards to HTTP/2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP/2)
  3. Perfectly fine on my end as well as Koby's. Now I will say that initially, SSL session caching settings weren't properly configured, and that likely was significantly impacting the performance of the SSL module in a negative way. I've since tweaked those settings and restarted the webserver. However, there's nothing else I can do about that if it's still slow for you, and you will just have to bear with it, sorry.
  4. I am pleased to report that after a bit of teeth-gnashing and countless head-desking, Kametsu is now fully SSL-enabled! We also want to let you know that, at times, your browser might say 'partially encrypted' or 'some parts insecure' or something similar. You will probably notice this occurring most often in these scenarios: A topic that contains posts that have external images A topic that contains posts made by a user that has an avatar linked externally A topic that contains posts made by a user that has an image in their signature that is linked externally User profile pages that avatars and/or images in signatures are linked externally These scenarios only apply to EXISTING topics and avatars/signature images - that is, they existed BEFORE we turned SSL on. NEW topics created from this point forward are NOT affected by this as any externally linked images are forced to HTTPS transparently. All members: If you wish to assist us in eliminating at least some of these areas, you can do so by refreshing your avatar URL and/or any embedded images in your signature. You do NOT need to prefix https:// to these things. Just re-set the same URL you have had before and save it - our system should automatically enforce HTTPS for it in the future. You need only do this for embedded images in your signatures in most cases. If you externally linked your avatar image, you'll need to do that for it as well. If you notice any other site-breaking issues, please post in this topic so we can take a look. Thanks!
  5. @sfree21 you're welcome. Also just to let you know, I set an exemption on your NickServ account as well. Even if I were to ban all of *.pt, that exemption would permit you to enter. You need only identify to your NickServ account, to enter the channel, if you find yourself unable to enter it again.
  6. @sfree21 I set that ban due to repeated abuse from the ISP. I have revised the ban to be just the ISP but I have also applied an exemption to your host - just connect with your nick and ident/username as it is now and you should be perfect, so long as you match sfree21!sfree21@*.rev.vodafone.pt you should be able to join now. PM me here on the forum if you have any trouble getting in.
  7. Could always hang out on IRC with us while it's down - the IRC is always there (gotta love multi-server networks!)
  8. Just a quick followup - my hope is that we can keep the downtime minimal here, I only allocate the 2 hours so that we have time to go back and make sure things work as expected and nothing really site-breaking exists after we flip the SSL switch on. During the downtime, what I will likely do is force everyone to a static page explaining what we're doing, that page will have a link to Kametsu's IRC channel via the IRC network's webchat on it, as well as information for connecting normal IRC clients like mIRC and HexChat to the channel. This will allow both myself and @Koby to access the site and do what we need to do to get SSL up and running with minimal interference, and provide you guys with a line of communication with us as we'll post updates to the IRC channel as applicable. If you guys have any questions between now and then, feel free to post them in here - I'll field them as time permits so you'll have to bear with me.
  9. I have to concur, I picked this one up as well this season, and I'm hooked from the start just from the first 2 episodes. If the manga indicates anything, I don't think this one will let me down in the slightest. I'll definitely have this one hosted on my XDCC bot every Tuesday. The link to those files is in my signature.
  10. @noob447 - since I was able to confirm this was the case on our end, I have removed the ban early. These are never permanent bans. I apologize for the inconvenience. In order to protect ourselves from potentially malicious users, we check every connecting user's IP address against DroneBL (amongst others). It's unfortunately a necessary defense. We recognize that sometimes innocent users end up using an IP address that was previously used maliciously in some way that it gets listed in one of the blacklists our system checks. In the future, if you find yourself on the receiving end of such a ban again, feel free to PM me directly.
  11. Good to hear. I'm not entirely sure how you ended up banned like that or why Kaishiro thought you were cloning, but if something like that happens again, feel free to approach me directly, either by sending me a PM here on the forum (preferred), and/or if I'm available on IRC at the time, message me directly (/msg BDRyan).
  12. Do I really have to override another of his "oops"es? One moment. EDIT: I have removed your ban. See what happens when I'm not watching the channel? *sigh* EDIT 2: Proof: 10:53:56 PM * Now talking in #Kametsu 10:53:56 PM * Topic is '[PARSER] http://xdcc.kametsu.com [TRIGGERS] !list, !blist, @find, !tuts, !rules [NEW] BTOOOM! (1080p), KonoSuba (1080p/720p), Kanon (2006) (1080p), GitS Arise (1080p/720p), DanMachi OVA (1080p/720p), GOD EATER (1080p/720p), Death Parade (1080p/720p) [NOTE] All % = XDCC/fserv bots.' 10:53:56 PM * Set by Koby on Fri Dec 23 22:25:24 2016 10:53:56 PM * Kametsu sets mode: +ao BDRyan BDRyan * Retrieving #Kametsu modes... 10:58:16 PM * &BDRyan sets mode: -b *!*@xertion-sg1.7h0.167.75.IP
  13. Those of you using Hotmail addresses (or MSN, or Outlook, or Microsoft Live), Microsoft has lifted the block on the IP. I have re-enabled service for the affected domains. Please notify me directly if you suddenly stop receiving mail again, if you have one of these addresses.