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  1. First show I ever watched was Digimon while Fox Kids was around and showing it. I caught it at the start of the very first season, back in 1999 when Fox Kids began to carry the English broadcast of it.
  2. Hello and welcome to the community! I would actually like to think that Kametsu releases are archive-worthy.
  3. You all probably did notice a blip or two in the forums a little while ago. My apologies. Our SSL certificates were due for renewal but the renewal didn't go quite as I had planned it would, a few problems cropped up during issuance. Said problems though have been corrected and the forums' SSL certificate has been updated.

    1. Etzimal


      Didn't notice a blip, but I did notice a bleep and and bloop.

  4. You're no longer servicing the site?

    What if the site explodes?

    What will we do?!

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    2. DabDeity710


      Y u need it in 4k then:greedy:

    3. Nabull
    4. DabDeity710


      Shoulda said the animation and use of color is top notch:bad_smile:it is tho that's why I watch, well that and the massive fanservice, and Asia ofc:x:x:x:x

  5. It is TOO FREAKING HOT. That is all.

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    2. Nabull


      That's super uncomfortable, summers here are pretty hot and dry so it's not that bad 

    3. Inverti


      And that's why ACs are one of our proudest inventions. 

    4. DabDeity710
  6. LOL yeah cat pictures always work! But aside from that I have my usual methods of letting off some steam - through Steam (get it? lol) - that is I just go off there, pick a game, play for a while until I feel better. And yeah it's usually going to either be one of my JRPGs or one of my FPS games. Something I can devote (and divert) my focus to for a decent amount of time without any problem.
  7. Hm. Been almost 24 hours, and nobody has any input to this at all? I see people looking at it. Surely some people have some sort of idea to pitch or opinion to post. I do think it's that important.
  8. Before I get started with this, I must apologize up front if this post ends up being long. There's a lot on my mind on this particular subject and I don't quite know if I can condense it all into a shorter post but I'll try. I suppose I should start off with why I'm making this post to begin with. After a private discussion with Koby via IRC, we came to an agreement that there was a problem in how the main IRC channel was being run. Koby and I have both observed a marked increase of oppression in the channel over the past months and beyond. People have noted as such - there seemed to be this "submit or else" vibe in the channel as of late, that people felt they were being oppressed/threatened into silence and thus scared to hold a discussion in the fear they would be retaliated against. We have lost valuable members of the IRC community because of this. And yes there's been a lot more use of that kick command than there really should have been in the first place. And, I have to admit, yes a major part of this problem is me. I can recall numerous times where I've either threatened to shut someone up or outright just kicked them out of the channel when there wasn't a clear cut rule violation of any sort. BUT, it's not just me, this occurs with a number of people as well, and I think this needs to be addressed with the public. Trust must be re-established. The channel must be freed from this oppressive iron grip, and I'd like to make it so that the people who felt they could no longer express themselves in the channel, can one day return and take part in regular discussions. Obviously the channel has to have rules. And those rules have to be enforced. But the line is crossed when we interpret and enforce these rules to our own liking...or even worse, when we start making up rules of our own or just take personal vendettas against people - *raises hand* guilty - and then crud hits the fan. I spent all day trying to think up ways to address this, and this is what I came up with. Moderation of the channel: We're going to greatly relax moderation of the channel overall. We will still of course monitor for rule violations, but we will do so only under official published rules as linked previously. If new rules must be enacted, they will be published in the IRC rules thread, and it will be communicated to you as soon as possible. Removal from the channel will only occur when it is absolutely necessary to do so and only when all other options have been exhausted. In addition, there will be no more "joke" kicking, even among channel staff. I feel this just sends the wrong message to users. The kick command is, after all, NOT a toy. THIS will take effect immediately. Open discussions: To help foster a more favorable environment for open discussion without fear of retaliation from channel staff, I'm going to propose that channel operator rights be more strictly regulated. Particularly, if a channel staff member uses their status (a) to suppress a discussion/silence those involved (b) to threaten users (c) to remove anyone without any justifiable reason - they will risk at the very least demotion to lesser status, and depending on the severity, possibly complete and permanent revocation of channel access and even being removed from the channel themselves. This will apply to ANYONE who holds a staff position in the IRC channel - myself included. This will be regulated solely at the discretion of the channel founder (Koby) and nobody else. This will ALSO take effect immediately, pending approval from Koby. Peer Review: Something we do at my job, whenever we feel there's a serious workplace concern or a dispute involving a manager, we file it to "Peer Review". This is where a complaint is filed and reviewed by a panel of employees + a few management level employees. I want to try a similar concept here - I want to put together a peer review group, consisting of a handful of normal users who use the IRC channel every day + myself + channel ownership (Koby). This group will be charged with reviewing any complaints brought against channel staffers in private, and will provide input on the matter to me and Koby. We will review the complaint, and Koby will then have final say in how to address the complaint based on that input. Now, I know what some of you are probably going to ask - "why does he have to include himself in this" - but let me explain - I wanted to include myself in this initiative because I was a huge part of this 'suppression' problem to begin with, and I want the opportunity to not only clean up my act but also involve myself more with fellow users of the channel, rebuild their trust in me, and instead of being the problem, I want to help contribute to the solution. As to how to implement this, I haven't yet come up with, but soon as I do I'll run it by Koby and see what he thinks. That's what I've come up with so far in the short term. However, it can't be just me pitching ideas here - I want you all, ESPECIALLY those of you who regularly frequent the channel or have in the past - to provide your insight to this. If you have any ideas to add to this to help make the IRC channel a much better place, we want to hear it! Mind you, forum rules still apply, so no bashing people's faces in. I also kindly ask that you not directly criticize anyone in this thread - it was only created for suggestions/insight from IRC regulars. Rest assured I will not attempt to be a douchebag here either - while I do wear a 'staff' tag in my profile here, it is in name only. I do not carry any special privileges here so I cannot moderate here - and for this thread, that's the way I want it. And just so everyone knows - I do have a...colorful...past in terms of both forum administration and IRC channel administration from nearly a decade ago. It was not pleasant. And I let it take control again on more than one occasion. For that, I am truly and sincerely sorry and I do hope you will forgive me in particular for being the ass that I was, and that those of you who once frequented the IRC channel will come back again and hang out with us once more.
  9. This is for everyone that's still attempting to access the forums using forums.kametsu.com That subdomain is NOT the correct way to access these forums! This is why you get browser errors. Should you attempt to access this subdomain from this point forward, you will be forcefully redirected to this topic to remind you to update your bookmarks and start using the CORRECT domain of https://kametsu.com/ Please do not complain to us further of such browser errors, you will simply be pointed to this topic. There are currently no plans to support use of that subdomain at this time, as the site functions well enough under just 'kametsu.com'. If you are still trying to use forums.kametsu.com - STOP, and please start using https://kametsu.com from now on. Thank you.
  10. Ok, for those of you still trying to access the forums via forums.kametsu.com, I have forcefully redirected you to https://kametsu.com/ and disabled use of the former domain entirely. The CORRECT URL is https://kametsu.com and *NOT* forums.kametsu.com. Complaints about SSL warnings regarding the forums.* subdomain will hereby be disregarded from here on out, and you will simply be instructed to stop using that domain.

    1. Etzimal




      You breaking my bookmarks.

    2. IkarosBD


      @Etzimal bro your bookmarks be screwed, then. Update 'em, as I have no plans to redirect subdomain traffic to the correct location, because the SSL aspect of the site prevents me from doing that properly (the browser error you see). :P

    3. Etzimal




      Fix it. I don't like change forced upon me!

  11. @hamid1455 the ban has expired. You may enter, just keep in mind what I said and try not to startle people with that
  12. @hamid1455 Generally that's not how most people enter a channel. That and you tripped our anti-capslock protection too. And no, you are not permanently banned. It is extremely rare that anyone would be banned permanently from the channel - that 'honor' is usually reserved for people who do nothing but spam and/or attack the channel. It's set for 30 minutes, and based on the time it was set, it will autoexpire here in a few minutes.
  13. Sorry about the spam folks. It's been dealt with already, we're determining how best to harden the site against that.

  14. I've had high preference to XDCC because it's the easiest to use for me - that, and is much less likely to face takedowns. This is a luxury you don't have with torrent hosts or filehosts because both must directly answer to legal takedown requests (just look at BakaBT for example and what they were forced to do). Torrents sadly are becoming an increasingly popular target for so-called copyright trolls - the days of open anime trackers are numbered, I'm telling you now.
  15. I want to make sure people here understand something about this - everything you pull from the web about this at this stage is SPECULATION - it is UNPROVEN information and is therefore not to be trusted. Don't be so gullible to what you read on the net, ESPECIALLY from sites like TorrentFreak. The only true, factual information can only come from the owner himself, and Koby and I are both monitoring the situation closely through our own means. Everything else is to be considered hearsay/speculation and only taken with a grain of salt...maybe a part of a grain even. With all that said, I ask people to please, PLEASE, don't spread misinformation here about this. Koby will update here as he gets info, as he is the closest to the situation at this point.