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  1. Ok @Idle and I got LostYears FINALLY caught up on Knight's & Magic. We had to use HorribleSubs for now (so they are considered 'v0'), but we'll replace with new encodes when we batch it after the end of the series dub.


    Oh and we also got Ep 8 of Classroom of the Elite out as well. Go get 'em :P

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    2. IkarosBD


      @NeutralHatred, @Etzimal I imagine that (first off) we were unaware of *why* the encode we were using was stalled...until we found out about all the recent drama. I think it's safe to say that at least played a decent part in encoding activity, and led to Idle and I deciding to just use HS for now given how far behind we were with the show. It was a stall we could not avoid as it did not originate within LostYears but rather, upstream.


      In an emergency, you do what you must. With any luck we can resume from the original encoder we were sourcing from, by the time we batch the show.

    3. Idle


      Still don't know about any drama :3 (only that there is/was some apparently), probably doesn't concern me though.

      Anyways, will try not to stall LostYears stuff anymore, no promises on Kametsu stuff though. They are getting worked on, I just need some time. Not my fault signs aren't consistent throughout the series...

    4. Etzimal


      I'm also unaware of any drama.

  2. And here I was wondering if I was going to start an official topic on upcoming anime, I was considering just posting up the anime chart. This will do I suppose. That being said, the ones I'm probably going to follow closely are Black Clover, Mahoutsukai no Yome, and Dies Irae. The rest probably not nearly as much but I do have at least some interest in a significant portion of Beave's list.
  3. This index got a little neglected since Koby's been gone for a bit. I've just updated it with our current ongoing projects.
  4. I have kept quiet about this for the longest time but it's getting to the point now that I'm becoming increasingly frustrated by this. I normally wouldn't make a status post regarding something like this but I feel it's very important.


    I will be posting an announcement for all to see within the next day or two - regarding so-called "first post" spam. That is, new accounts making a new post or thread simply to gain access to other features, often times in complete disregard of our rules. Especially our rules that govern spam. Now I'm not saying ALL of you new-ish people have done that, but a very large portion has actually been deemed in violation.


    To date I have been extremely lenient in dealing with these. At first I merely told new members that's not the way to get started. I've moved on now to deleting such posts - especially those that bump VERY old threads without actually adding anything of value to it, and then locking it. I'm hoping this will get my point across.


    People, we have specific guidelines laid out on what is and isn't considered spam. We expect you to follow these at all times. No exceptions. If you suddenly find your account features restricted again after making your first post, the likely cause is because someone deleted your only post due to it being classified as spam.


    The best way to get started here is to make your first post in Meet & Greet. Not post something of absolutely no value in some months-old thread. Not make topics that serve no purpose.


    I want to keep this community open to expression. I ask you please to respect our rules regarding spam, because if this problem continues, I won't have much other choice but to start issuing warnings. Please, PLEASE respect our rules, especially those regarding spam and bumping old topics. Thank you for reading, as well as your understanding of this matter.

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    2. IkarosBD


      @NeutralHatred but I do :( (and it has nothing to do with my handle or my avatar)

    3. Etzimal




      There was a huge fight on IRC a while back when we took the "Nymph" nick for our Bot.


      IkarosBD was PISSED... :3

    4. Renzourin


      Lol now i wanna hear about what pissed Ikaros off so much lol.


      Anyway Ikaros Me and koby have been issuing carte blanche bans for 1 post spammers for a couple of years now so dont be afraid to slap the banhammer on them.

  5. To LOVE Ru

    This thread has been locked due to age. Please note that bumping old threads without adding anything of value, constitutes spam. I deleted numerous posts from this thread that violated this rule. Those of you making new posts for the first time, you should do it in the Meet & Greet forum. Please note that if this issue continues I will start handing out warnings. Please do not bump old threads unless you have something of value to add to it.
  6. Quick update: @Idle and I will be coordinating a multi-release of Knight's & Magic this Sunday to catch us up on the series. Please monitor the release thread for any updates.

  7. @Duckgoose you could try clicking the Create button in the top bar, and from that menu select "Status". I don't know which skin you might be using but if you're using the default skin the Create menu button should be in the bar immediately below the Search field at the very top of the page. I am currently unaware of any restrictions that might be affecting your ability to post status updates, so if you still cannot see/use status updates I can poke other admins to find out.
  8. @ThePJzer or a mod like me sees it and moves it of his own volition.
  9. Prayers for Koby everyone. Hurricane Irma looks more and more to make a direct strike on Florida with each passing advisory.

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    2. IkarosBD


      @Alice I've been keeping connected via the IRC channel while he still has wifi at the hotel he's hunkering down at (I believe he's taking advantage of Comcast opening up all their hotspots to the public there, given the IPs he's using), after that will be SMS/text message. Models pushed Irma's track west yet again this evening and now rides it up the west Florida coast. It knocks it down to about 130-140mph or so right before landfall but that's still a very mean storm...and unfortunately that track takes it straight through Tampa, up through the Keys and Fort Myers.


      Try not to worry yourself too much about it. Floridians are very hurricane-smart (for obvious reasons), whether they've lived their entire lifetime there or just moved there recently. The damage will be extensive, and I'm sure Andrew of 1992 comes to mind, especially the aftermath images. But building codes have changed drastically since then, and a LOT of structures were well-built to withstand most hurricanes fairly well. So long as your family hunkers down in a big, sturdy structure (like what Koby did by going to a hotel), they should be perfectly fine.

    3. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      It's a Cat 2 now before it hits me here in Winter Haven, FL.

    4. IkarosBD


      @Mr. Kimiko yeah but it was still putting out some fierce wind gusts - the airport in Naples, FL recorded a 142 MPH wind gust before its observation equipment was knocked out of commission, they took the brunt of the northeastern eyewall. Unfortunately, so did Koby in Fort Myers, and I have yet to hear from him since.

  10. It's pretty much the same with me. I do tend to have a short fuse, albeit moreso online than in real life. I'm not the type of guy that's gonna sling a lot of profanity your way if I see you on the street, but I just might online (IRC, forums, etc).
  11. We try to promote XDCC as its really the next best option available, if a given torrent's dead and the filehost links are as well. Would you guys be more into using that if we promoted it more, e.g updated our guides on how to get to us on IRC, how to download from our bots, etc?
  12. Hmm. Hurricane Irma (currently Category 3 hurricane) may impact Florida in the long term. Too early to tell right now but with each advisory it's looking more and more like it'll impact Florida. We're gonna have to worry about both @Koby and @Etzimal if later forecasts this coming week indicate that. Moreso for Koby though, sorry Etzimal >.>

    1. professa X

      professa X

      yo @Koby has been affected? do we have info if hes doing fine?

    2. IkarosBD


      @professa X he's fine, and the man has a plan. No worries. I'll also be in touch with him as much as I can, as we used to live in the same region.

    3. professa X
  13. @todb - Satellite internet quality generally is piss-poor in most areas, rural or not...and frankly just isn't worth the price they charge for it. It's a deliberate attempt to take advantage of rural folk for profit. Unfortunately a lot of rural people are also too far away from an ISP's central office and/or DSLAM to get DSL out where they are, let alone cable, so more often than not it's their only option. Torrents tend to be a boon for these people because torrent clients can simply pick up where it left off after service returns, getting rid of bad pieces and downloading fresh ones to replace them. Also nice Star Wars reference
  14. I come to realize nobody updated the Seasonal Anime Discussion block below the status update block on this page, for the Summer 2017 season. Since it's a bit late for it now, and because I JUST now figured out how to access it, I think we'll just reinvigorate it for the Fall 2017 season beginning in October. Sorry about that guys. Rest assured though that the usual discussion topics are still in their usual place here: https://kametsu.com/forum/59-airing-anime/

    1. NeutralHatred


      Koby stopped bothering with it as no one ever used it.

      He didn't see the point of updating it seasonally and wasting his time.

      I am inclined to agree, honestly.

      /r/anime pretty much does what that forum provides except a post is made per episode once it airs on CR/FUNi.


      I'm no Mod so, I don't know if there's a way to simply remove that section or it'll stay there and always be outdated.

    2. IkarosBD


      @NeutralHatred In the same place I changed it to be what it is now, I can also enable/disable the block but I didn't feel like I wanted to waste it.

  15. Very well written. Yes, I can see the benefit, there was never any doubt there. If the published/advertised features actually work, and the payment goes to the company and not to some individual, then yes I suppose there's no worry is there? I might give it a try myself, if I ever did more downloading from places like MEGA.