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  1. The whole Funimation site is very bad. The pages are slow and sluggish. The products section/shop for each anime is very bad compared to the previous site. The shop ui is very buggy as well, every time you click next page it doesn't save the filters you had set. Overall would rate 3/10.

    1. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      Back in early 2016 I praise them for their transition into HTML5, but now they fully embraced it and it looks like shit. Viz Media is shit, and so is RightStuf. What to do besides their website is great. (even so right stuff is an online store) I will still shop from them but I refuse to use their website.

  2. @IkarosBD That's what I thought, I was just a bit confused as to what was meant when he said that the server was flagged for spam abuse. Still though, as for the bigger forums out there, they probably inform Yahoo, AOL, GMail, and Hotmail about their situation and get whitelisted. Actually, I have a useful link on mass mailing here, https://thomasbarker.com/how-do-mass-mailing, that sheds some pretty good insight on the matter. Basically Yahoo and AOL have bulk sender lists, while Hotmail and Gmail rely solely on algorithms. Also, there is a thing called "Paid for Whitelists" which offers almost guaranteed delivery to the big four email providers, however at a steep price.
  3. What do you mean by, "the server was flagged for spam abuse apparently?" Are you using a provider or something to send out emails? Also, what the bigger sites probably do is host their own email server.
  4. Cat

    Thoughts on clannad

    I absolutely loved it. One of my most favorite anime ever, it's tied with Gurren Lagann. I cried so much during "After Story" lol.