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  1. Haven't gone through all of these but it looks like the people over at Verge have some taste.
  2. Dropped the show after season 4. I stuck to Person of Interest instead. Might catch up with TVD now that it's over. You been watching regularly?
  3. Person of Interest hands down. I'll keep coming back to it over the years. At number 2, Lost.
  4. @YukinoAi, rig apart, do you think 4K gaming is really worth it? I mean, beyond 1440p I'd say that there are diminishing returns for visual quality....so that high a resolution won't really be very useful.
  5. Bro I'm not sure you'd actually benefit from the 4K res. To really take advantage of that, you'd need the game assets to be of the same fidelity, which is rather unlikely. And using supersampling on textures has its limits too I guess. Right now, the safest bet would be to steer clear of 4K, and start investing in VR. From the reading I've done, it's about to become way more relevant than 4K res in the years to come. But you're welcome to argue, always nice to hear a fellow's views on the matter.
  6. A 2 TB full of games, along with a 1 TB which has around 850 GB games and another 1 TB which has something like 650 GB games. I've got another 1 TB which is exclusively for animes, with the occasional movie or TV Show.
  7. I'd say Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho
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