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  1. Nice write-up, man! I definitely look into your recommendations. Three new shows for me. Now and Then, Here and There i watched, great show. Haibane Renmei I have but not watched. The other three are new to me. Thanks for pointing them out.
  2. God, lol, the shit they come up with!! Alright, @olympustenay, you gotta check out that one, it even got a hyper sexy edition! hahaaaha
  3. The fact that you have posted repeatedly here makes this an unstupid thread. :} *EljayFlintok pats NeutralHatred on the head* Better now? Bah in it for the plot now are we pervy guy >_< This is actually funny. There is always story in hentai. Don't pretend there isn't! Just don't! P l e a s e !
  4. Alright, now I feel inclined to say, the only user missing from this thread was @DabDeity710. Finally, I feel complete now. hehe
  5. LOL again, sorry I mean no offense. I did not upload anything, my friend. You mean Yosuga no Sora? No, that's actually hetero ecchi/borderline hentai.
  6. ehhhhh ok. My answer is no then. LOL!!
  7. Please do not quote a big main post like this again. It doesn't make sense at all and just makes for unnecessary scrolling. Also, posting the same question in several different threads is overload or might even be called spamming. . . so don't do it. Please. Thank you.
  8. https://xdcc.kametsu.com/?search=sora Do you use IRC at all? PM me and I can help.
  9. Hmm. Doesnt sound so good. Do check it out. For ecchi/perversion you get your fill! Nope. Not true. There is a batch command. Hold on. . . For Yosuga no Sora for example: /msg FakeEtzimal xdcc batch #2892-2903
  10. XDCC is super easy to use! Learn it. And it doesn't have the stupid limitations like mega when you are a free user.
  11. Thanks for pointing it out. There is no styled signs track with HiCost, though. That would be a decisive factor I think. If my typesetter and I manage to pull it off, we'll have a 1080p Paranoia Agent with Ani-Kraze subtitles and Ani-Kraze styled signs. Thanks. My point exactly.
  12. It should also be noted that users can disable their personal messenger. It's on the left hand side at the bottom of your inbox:
  13. Come join me on KITSUhttps://kitsu.io/users/EljayFlintok I don't wanna hang out all alone. ^_^ Taiga beta that supports synchronization: https://github.com/erengy/taiga/releases/tag/v1.3.0-beta It will get updated automatically once stable! 

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      Just the two of us? 

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      Nice! Less people to share the food with

  14. All the "good" people here, what happened? Oh shit, I'm here too . . . I actually liked it. . . so go for it. No English dub, though. German, if you are into that. A Kite - not up the 'lots of nudity' alley but more the perverted one. Not on kametsu.