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  1. Moodkiller's Topic Index

    Oh, you mean the uploader status. Now I get it. Sorry my mistake. Yea, well, the donator status was granted automatically. I was considering uploader status but there is the "have 10 uploads" requirement which I don't have yet.
  2. Moodkiller's Topic Index

    What? Where? Who? There is a gold variant? Nobody told me. You're probably just kidding, right? xP And yea, my donator heart heeded the call. EDIT Also, this true?
  3. Moodkiller's Topic Index

    Thanks for that elaborate update dood!
  4. Listen to the song above you!

    Very nice. Just found out about them:
  5. EJF Index Page

    Hey, well, you are welcome. Don't expect a speedy release, though. I don't have time and energy to work on it everyday with RL going on around me. You'll get it, for sure. I want to watch it myself.
  6. Listen to the song above you!

    Yup!! I'm glad you like them: Classic Kiss. Nice to watch them perform life!
  7. Listen to the song above you!

    @Grundy Talking about foreign bands, heartless, a band from Argentina. This is a cover but they also have original songs: Original song:
  8. What got you into anime, and kept you there?

    Best line, man, best line! Thank you for sharing your story. It paints a very genuine picture that I don't have to tell. Thank you!
  9. Anime You've Recently Completed?

    My last three plus my ratings: Noragami Aragoto was a little weak on the ending. Next up is Ah! My Goddess from 2005 + 06. Yea, that show, top notch, one of the best in my book. I wish for a second season!
  10. Listen to the song above you!

    Ha, so this band caught me off guard. I discovered them one night when I was browsing youtube bofore going to bed. They are a real treat to watch and listen to. Damn they are good and I'm not even a metalhead.
  11. Ps4 or Xbox One

    I have both. The XBone I bought first. At the time I wanted to play GTAV online with 3 other friends. I also got the Halo collection for it to play them all. Great experience. Last year I got a PS4 mainly for the exclusives. Right now I'd say PS4 is best for it's superior exclusive titles already out and coming this year. Sony manages to hit my taste more often with what they release. Also, with Windows 10 the line between XBox and Windows games has become even blurrier. If a game comes out for Xbox and Windows 10 I play it on my PC rather than the console.
  12. Citrus

    I like it so far. Only watched two episodes, they really scratched that yuri itch for me.
  13. Yea, people do watch these kind of anime as well.
  14. EJF Index Page

    I already got them. Scyrous shared them with me. Thank you.
  15. EJF Index Page

    So here you go, NHK gets the 'On Hold' treatment, simply because I know of an encode that is yet better than the 720p upscale. This encode is still in the making, actively being encoded as of now. So either I'll be taking that encode when it's done or point to the version the encoder puts together. He did tell me he wants to use the same sub/signs source as I intended to. As this frees me up and @Scyrous approached me asking if I wanted to take it up, I'll be focusing on >>Monster 720p 8bit AC3 (Dual Audio)<< This is going to take the 720p upscale by null, CBM subtitles, and audio from the DVDs. The main chunk of work here is the English audio. I may release these in batches of about 12 episodes or so. Thanks goes to @Scyrous for providing insight into what sources to take.