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  1. It appears The Promised Neverland is getting a dub coming April 13th on Toonami.

    1. (Kirito)


      Looking forward to it 😍.

    2. CardGames


      Yes and I don't understand why it's so great. It seems overhyped and overrated to me but I may be over-analyzing things again. I'm not saying I won't watch episode 1 when it airs on Toonami but I'm not confident that this anime is for me and/or fits my tastes. 😅

    3. (Kirito)


      I too think that "The Promised Neverland" is overhyped but I enjoyed it.


      I like Sci-Fi Anime Series that are a bit overhyped.


      Ending of each episode made me want to watch the next episode even more (especially the 2nd last & last episode).


      I'm eagerly waiting for the next season.

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