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  1. You request belongs there not here https://kametsu.com/forum/32-requests/
  2. Did you look at the copy CTR put together it uses OZC subs and it's on mega or are you looking for that specific copy?
  3. WorldEnd I really enjoyed it. https://myanimelist.net/anime/33502/Shuumatsu_Nani_Shitemasu_ka_Isogashii_desu_ka_Sukutte_Moratte_Ii_desu_ka
  4. This was posted on toonami facebook page.
  5. Whoops I should have looked a bit more sorry for bothering you.
  6. Hey Catar I was wondering if it would be possible to request Code Geass Akito the Exiled ova's I saw a trailer for it a few hours ago and it peaked my interest. Unless someone else had plans for this.
  7. Here the audio files https://mega.nz/#F!NttwnSRR!hUr7uSstt1svZwPgrRW5EA
  8. The first 2 episodes are 640X360 then the rest are 704X396. If someone ever needs the dubbed audio i could supply it if they need it.
  9. Honestly I can't remember. I got it from a site called portablepirates.
  10. This is episode 1 https://mega.nz/#!sk0glTLR!v37keKd9jAHXEDvDsMP0xkwMiYCqW8CroH5gZEI8QiQ
  11. I think I have this on my HDD i will upload the first episode to see if you want the rest.
  12. It has up-to episode 14
  13. All I get is a post that says banned. There is nothing else there the mods are A-holes.
  14. Ok I checked that reddit post and unfortunately the files and that account has been removed due to DMCA and for some reason the mods of that sub reddit banned the user Who originally posted/uploaded them.
  15. It was 3 times the other 2 were removed.