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  1. Project Itoh Genocidal Organ 720p

    I forgot all about the movie until I saw it on animetosho and thought I would ask. Thanks for letting me know.
  2. Project Itoh Genocidal Organ 720p

    I was wondering if someone is going to do a Dual Audio Release of Genocidal Organ. If not could some do it? Or look in to the possibility of it. I am mainly looking for a 720p but I know some people might want a 1080p.
  3. Request: My Wife is the Student Council President

    It was announced/ posted last year. And on their twitter page they are talking about dubbing hentai these days I guess and I guess My wife is the Student council was but on the back burner for awhile. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2016-03-25/media-blasters-licenses-my-wife-is-the-student-council-president-erotic-comedy-anime/.100269
  4. Request: My Wife is the Student Council President

    The official dub isn't out and I believe you might have seen something along the lines of a fandub unless I am confusing it with a different anime. I was looking at their twitter and on Sept 14 17 media-blasters posted "Materials should finally be coming in this month". After a guy asked about Okusama ga seitokaichou
  5. [NOMINATIONS] Anime of Summer 2017

    Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni
  6. SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    Oh OK I was just assuming that season 2 would be released around the same time as season 1 thanks for the info.
  7. SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index

    I was wondering I kept on seeing your hints at Testament of Sister New Devil Season 1 & 2. And after that I looked at funimation and rightstuf and they only have Season 1 listed with episodes 1-12+OVA and nothing about season 2 unless I missed it.
  8. Moodkiller's Topic Index

    Idle will be doing it unless those plans have changed.
  9. You request belongs there not here https://kametsu.com/forum/32-requests/
  10. Cowboy Bebop (1998) [OZC] [Dual Audio] [BDRip] [HD 1080p]

    Did you look at the copy CTR put together it uses OZC subs and it's on mega or are you looking for that specific copy?
  11. [NOMINATIONS] Anime of Spring 2017

    WorldEnd I really enjoyed it. https://myanimelist.net/anime/33502/Shuumatsu_Nani_Shitemasu_ka_Isogashii_desu_ka_Sukutte_Moratte_Ii_desu_ka
  12. This was posted on toonami facebook page.
  13. Whoops I should have looked a bit more sorry for bothering you.
  14. Hey Catar I was wondering if it would be possible to request Code Geass Akito the Exiled ova's I saw a trailer for it a few hours ago and it peaked my interest. Unless someone else had plans for this.
  15. Here the audio files https://mega.nz/#F!NttwnSRR!hUr7uSstt1svZwPgrRW5EA