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  1. Hello, I have seen that you have commented on some raw that I did for nyaa, do not use them, they were just a test and they have errors. Soon I will release a V2 with the first 10 chapters of the series, but not in English since I do not work in that language and I do not have the original material (DVD audios without reencode). On the doubts that you comment, it is impossible to make a BDRemux of the first 34 chapters since the Opening 1 in the Spanish BD is edited because Sunrise no longer has the rights of the songs of the group V6, therefore the Japanese audio can not be synchronized in that opening 1 because it lasts less than the original, in my raw what I have done is to reconstruct the opening 1 from the credit-default DVD R2J and the sponsord card of the Opening 2 of the Spanish BD since it is the same sponsord card (this is not what I've published yet, it's the raw V2 that I said I'll publish soon). If anyone is interested I can share the .avs scripts of the reconstruction of OP1 and Chapter 21 and 22 since these 2 chapters in the BD are "clipped" (they are not really clipped, they are simply the Original Aired versions of Japan, which happens in the edition on DVD R2J these 2 chapters joined them as a 48-minute special and created new scenes and curiously it was this version with new scenes which was then exported to other countries and that's why the dubs from other countries already have those added scenes. My native language is Spanish, so i use translator, if someone wants the original message is this:
  2. fabrebatalla18

    Dragon Ball Super

    For me this anime has lost all sense, perhaps it is because I am no longer a child and I see it with new eyes.