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  1. I know both are quite entertaining anime but I wanna know how many of you think which is better than other in terms of plot, logic and pragmatic according to plot. What do you vote for? Deathnote or Code geass?
  2. Anybody watched Zettai Shounen? I prefer slice of life and comedy and NIRO PLUS AND MAD HOUSE Sci-Fi.
  3. For me Japanese version tends to be more expressive than English versions. Serious few English dubs are so sick. Death Note, Transformers, Full Mental Alchemist, Slam Dunk, Capeta. I watched both Japanese and English version of so many anime, personally I prefer watching it in Japanese even English version is available.
  4. I have been following it till now. Episode 33. Till 26or 27th, the episodes are remade from Ressurection F and Battle with Gods. From there it is interesting. Thought you got love for characters of DBZ, of coarse i do to. Little change in story line, made it interesting. At least I am not regretting like watching One Piece since 3 years.
  5. I would love to watch it as a cartoon than an anime. No offense but POC adventures seems more better than One Piece and like Koby mentioned, I don't think anything being pirate in Straw hat crew. They are wanted mostly just because they fought navy. I would like to see Disney Ghibli making POC minus too much see romance. It would be nice to make Harry Potter too.
  6. It is the most boring story, oh my god! It's a headache. i watched the first season cause it's rating is so high, I really don't know what is so good about emotions in that anime. If it is not for animation, I think that story will give headache to most people. It's just my personal opinion. If somebody watched it and liked it, You really got your nerves in complete control.
  7. Still my favorite TV show is Spongbob Squarepants Of coarse, house of cards too.
  8. Air Bending. It has balanced defense and offense.
  9. Sony Bravia 32''. It's clear resolution enhancer really helping me to watch low resolution videos in HD with very decent quality.
  10. Well, I sure enjoying cartoons in my mid 20s as i used to be in my teenage. I still watch new cartoons and also old cartoons. I collect cartoons and watch them often. May be 'cause of change of time and taste, cartoon artists lost their touch on creating new cartoons. most of the cartoons now are not understandable to kids, may be in my country and in my family but they lost that enjoyable creative touch and comedy. I think they want to transform them into Anime industry. To everybody. I still love the old cartoon series running now. TMNT, Justice League, Transformers Prime, Spongbob Square pants(not so entertaining as it used to be), Mr Bean Animated Series(Total flop of story), Power Puff Girls Rule.
  11. My favorite is Jazz and Blues. Those carry much feel than any other genre for me. Particularly, the unlimited access the instruments that can be played in jazz really cleans my ears.
  12. Fan service scenes and characters over sized breast showing girls emotionally inferior to boys Too much coolness in protagonist All girls fighting for single guy Over action and single character centered stories twisted mind characters shown in responsible posts Too much IQ who can do everything good. Perfect Guys/girls These things along with few others really irritates me while I watch anime.
  13. The grave of fire flies(Ghibli movie) It literally made me cry at the end. Children die of malnutrition and starvation because of some war which they have nothing to do with it and people loosing compassion. Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (Anime series) Well, it does really moved me so much about the bonds between friends and how future will never be what we expect it would be, broken childish dream and who were once closest friends breakup into pieces to an extent they can't speak to each other about their past and of coarse Menma. She is real cute, nobody wants her to die, such a adorable, cute and sweet girl. Aoi Bungaku Every short story of the series actually terrified me so much of how harsh really a life can be. So i went ahead and read those novels No Longer Human By Osumu Dazai, Kokoro by Natsume Sosuke. The anime was nothing like that in those books but when i watched the anime completely understanding the characters from the novel, it became so hard for me to watch those characters. Naruto Shuppunden When Jiraya was killed, i couldn't able to control myself. Such a lover of peaceful world and mentor for Naruto, he is my all time favorite character. I really couldn't able to control myself feeling so sad looking at those melancholic scene of Naruto loosing his only family again. My favorite anime genre is Slice of life. I like watching anime with more emotions. I like myself being so emotional. These are the few anime I got now into my mind.
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