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  1. It's a good game but I play to get the fun just can't be fucked with getting trophys if I get them yey but I'm not.huntting them lol
  2. Alians vs predetor on the pc loved it but merines get boned lol
  3. I got the ps vita and was happy so.far you can port psp games you have got of the market at the moment there working on a update so that all games on the ps3 will play over remote play with very little lag I'm still wanting a UK monster hunter portable 3 hd on it
  4. Last live action I whatched was gantz level 2
  5. Always monster hunter and enny tenchu game always good
  6. The tv show is ok the comics its taken from is vastly better and is ongoing
  7. Was a big fan of 2 there was more to it 1 was a bit of a let down a half arssed game
  8. I like to stop.and look round on ff9 was a fan of the cartoon art and just read there will be a remake of ff10 for ps vita
  9. I'm so happy was just told there is going to be a season 2 its a good day to kill zombies
  10. happy xmas thanks for the amazing uploads

  11. Happy to be back after bike crash all ok thank god

  12. right i have started to up load to mega upload it will take some time but i will post as there uped i have started with the movis and ova,s
  13. basilisk all the dot hacks and you cant go wrong with a bit of gun x sword
  14. Np, I like 2 have new friends...

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