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  1. Monster Musume heard this anime got quite a lot of plot
  2. zamtehman

    Crunchyroll to Dub, Release Anime on BD/DVD

    holy fk thats a quite the bomb to drop so fking hyped and gintama????? i always wanted to see that.
  3. zamtehman

    what order to watch ghost in the shell

    thanks for the reply i found this really helpfull was really confused on how to watch this
  4. Many of my friends and other have recomended me the anime ghost in the shell. But i have no clue on what order to watch the show and movies. From start to finnish to understand the story line and plot of the series/movies to the fullest. So anyone in here have rewatched it on the right order it was released when regarding to the story line? if so could you explain what order i should watch it in?