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  1. biggman15

    Kametsu is now SSL-ready!

    I ran into the same issue. took me a little bit to find my way around it.
  2. biggman15

    Steam Summer Sale!

    I've mostly been picking up bits and peices of the indie Bundles. Just bought Insanely Twisted shadow planet.
  3. biggman15

    Dango Family?

    hmm... I was wondering about that...
  4. biggman15

    first movie you've seen at the theaters?

    I don't remember watching it, I was too young but I remember going to a dick tracy flick...
  5. biggman15

    Few moments of downtime.

    I kinda figured it was a problem on my end... By the time I hit reload everything was fine...
  6. biggman15

    Harvest Moon

    I still play harvest moon on the SNES. Love it. I have a tale of 2 towns for the DS. But I haven't had time to play it yet... I always pick up the harvest moon games when I can. Some are great others not so much. I'd say my favorites are part of the spin off series. Rune Factory. It's like half Harvest moon and half dungeon crawler.
  7. biggman15

    Excited for Gundam Unicorn Episode 4?

    I'm excited, I'm hoping they release it for rental on my Zune like they did last time! I'll be watching this one with my brother on his Big Screen instead of my little television. I wouldn't mind getting some of my friends together for it as well. but I'm not sure our work schedules will match...
  8. biggman15


    I own the game... but it doesn't run on my computer. I knew that going in though... I just need to save up to get a new computer before I can enjoy some minecraft.
  9. biggman15

    Headphones or Speakers?

    I prefer speakers, but I live in a small apartment complex. My 5.1 system gets shut off or turned down around 8 or 9 at night. So if I really want to listen to something with some form of bass I usually switch to my headphones.
  10. biggman15

    what is your best racing game?

    Super Offroad on the SNES. There's just something about a top down single screen racer. As far as newer racing games go. Cruisin USA, newer still, Excite Truck on the Wii. I also enjoy racers like Hydro Thunder, Offroad Thunder, and NFS Hot pursuit 2(The PS2 version to be specific, The Xbox pc gamecube version sucked. Yes, I bought them all.) I've also spent alot of time on various versions of Gran Turismo.
  11. biggman15

    Is "Lucky star" any good?

    It's not everyones taste... I wouldn't call it girly. I'd call it hilarious. I'd also kinda compare it to seinfeld... Most of the time there just doesn't seem to be much of a point. Other than that it's really funny.
  12. biggman15

    Firefox problems

    Is this a Laptop or a Desktop computer? You might try cleaning that key but you risk breaking it, and on a laptop that might not be a good idea. If you have a normal keyboard it would be as simple as replacing it... Edit: I can't make the message go away using that little check box either... so your going to need to do something about that key...
  13. biggman15

    Pc vs Consoles whos better.

    Personally, I think a PC with a game pad is superior to a Console. It's so much easier to play a FPS with the majority of the extra controls and movement mapped to the left half of a DualShock style game pad while still using a mouse to aim. But then I still have a tendency to pull out my NES and SNES for some Console gaming goodness.
  14. biggman15

    Anime Recommendation

    You could try Eureka Seven. Although one of the main characters is very annoying... Soul Eater is another good choice. Those are both in the 50 episode range. Umm. Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple is another good one. Lots of action and it's very funny. Also in the 50 episode category... I can't think of anything else right now... Edit: Thought of another one... Darker than Black. It was somewhere around 25 or 26 episodes... But now there's a new season Box set coming out... So that should put it around 50 as well... Edit: Just noticed you mentioned Highschool of the Dead. I enjoyed that one... Kinda a Mix of action and fanservice.
  15. biggman15

    What pair of ear buds do you have?

    I have or had 2 sets of ear buds, I have Jbuds J3... I love them, but for work I had some Jbuds. They were great too but I ended up breaking them at work.