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      There was an unintended side effect as a result of the recent server maintenance carried out to increase its performance and update its SSL/TLS security layer. Immediately following the maintenance, some people started to experience intermittent periods of lag and even some experiencing "504 Gateway Timeout" errors.   I had to leave what was there in place for the time being so I could figure out where the issue was. I'm happy to say that I THINK I figured it out and made the necessary adjustments to the backend process manager. Most, if not all of these issues, should have cleared up as of late today. However, if you still happen to notice highly abnormal lag/dropouts/timeout errors anywhere on the forum, please report it to me in PM with the URL you were trying to visit when the problem occurred. I can't guarantee immediate responses, but rest assured that every report you send will be investigated.   You have my sincerest apologies for this bit of a rough ride post-maintenance. This is a fairly new backend configuration we're using that, while thorough tested, can be somewhat trickier to tune properly, and often times adjustments have to be made to it. It's pretty much a balancing game, just gotta find which settings work best overall...which I HOPE I've found finally.


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  1. Download latest stable version from https://github.com/seiya-dev/funimation-downloader-nx/releases and try again
  2. Downloading SAMPLE-AES streams

    please give me a link
  3. works for me works too yep, it looks like everything is working now
  4. @Yuusha, please, give me title id and episode number.
  5. @IkarosBD, thanks for review! It's just proof of concept. I will add encrypting system later.
  6. Anidex Torrent Uploader Upload torrent to multiply anime trackers. Supported trackers https://anidex.info/ https://nyaa.si/ https://www.tokyotosho.info/ https://nyaa.pantsu.cat/ Switches * -f path to torrent file * --cfg override program options with configuration file from config folder, filename should contain only a-z characters * --atkey api key for Anidex tracker, you can get it from settings page * --ntkey comma-separated login and password for NyaaV2 * --ttkey api key for TokyoTosho tracker, you can get it from settings page * --ptkey comma-separated username and api key for NyaaPantsu, you can get api key from settings page * --cat category id * --lang language id * --group group id for Anidex tracker, individual by default * --batch mark torrent as batch/complete * --hentai mark torrent as for adults * --reenc reencode/remake release * --hidden mark torrent as private, upload to TokyoTosho tracker will be skipped * -d comment for your submission, bbcode supported partially, if specified in configuration file then this text will be appended * --web link to your website * --debug debug mode, only for Anidex, for testing purpose only * --skip-at skip uploading to Anidex tracker * --skip-nt skip uploading to NyaaV2 and TokyoTosho trackers * --skip-tt skip uploading to TokyoTosho tracker * --skip-pt skip uploading to NyaaPantsu tracker Download: https://github.com/seiya-dev/anidex
  7. https://github.com/seiya-dev/funimation-downloader-nx/releases/tag/2.3.0 [CHANGED] Episodes are now selected by ID instead of number [ADDED] Downloading subtitles (vtt format)
  8. I will change numbering to episode ids (old style) in next version, please wait.
  9. @Yuusha, try to download ComEmu and run with it. @Catar, I use win10 too and it's work well for me.
  10. Javascript is not Java. Strange, all slashes was erased. What OS do you use?
  11. @Yuusha, already fixed with latest commit on github.
  12. Use new version from github: funi -s 98710 --cat movie --sel 0 --sub
  13. Source code now hosted here: https://github.com/seiya-dev/funimation-downloader-nx
  14. @tater7, thanks, but I add remuxing to mp4/mkv bit later and without ffmpeg. For mp4 I'm using tsmuxer (for demux) and mp4box (for mux). And still need add vtt downloading process.
  15. @salexis you need use "--proxy" option.