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  1. works for me works too yep, it looks like everything is working now
  2. @Yuusha, please, give me title id and episode number.
  3. @IkarosBD, thanks for review! It's just proof of concept. I will add encrypting system later.
  4. Anidex Torrent Uploader Upload torrent to multiply anime trackers. Supported trackers https://anidex.info/ https://nyaa.si/ https://www.tokyotosho.info/ https://nyaa.pantsu.cat/ Switches * -f path to torrent file * --cfg override program options with configuration file from config folder, filename should contain only a-z characters * --atkey api key for Anidex tracker, you can get it from settings page * --ntkey comma-separated login and password for NyaaV2 * --ttkey api key for TokyoTosho tracker, you can get it from settings page * --ptkey comma-separated username and api key for NyaaPantsu, you can get api key from settings page * --cat category id * --lang language id * --group group id for Anidex tracker, individual by default * --batch mark torrent as batch/complete * --hentai mark torrent as for adults * --reenc reencode/remake release * --hidden mark torrent as private, upload to TokyoTosho tracker will be skipped * -d comment for your submission, bbcode supported partially, if specified in configuration file then this text will be appended * --web link to your website * --debug debug mode, only for Anidex, for testing purpose only * --skip-at skip uploading to Anidex tracker * --skip-nt skip uploading to NyaaV2 and TokyoTosho trackers * --skip-tt skip uploading to TokyoTosho tracker * --skip-pt skip uploading to NyaaPantsu tracker Download: https://github.com/seiya-dev/anidex
  5. https://github.com/seiya-dev/funimation-downloader-nx/releases/tag/2.3.0 [CHANGED] Episodes are now selected by ID instead of number [ADDED] Downloading subtitles (vtt format)
  6. I will change numbering to episode ids (old style) in next version, please wait.
  7. @Yuusha, try to download ComEmu and run with it. @Catar, I use win10 too and it's work well for me.
  8. Javascript is not Java. Strange, all slashes was erased. What OS do you use?
  9. @Yuusha, already fixed with latest commit on github.
  10. Use new version from github: funi -s 98710 --cat movie --sel 0 --sub
  11. Source code now hosted here: https://github.com/seiya-dev/funimation-downloader-nx
  12. @tater7, thanks, but I add remuxing to mp4/mkv bit later and without ffmpeg. For mp4 I'm using tsmuxer (for demux) and mp4box (for mux). And still need add vtt downloading process.
  13. @salexis you need use "--proxy" option.
  14. @storm134 http://www.videohelp.com/software/tsMuxeR - for demux http://www.videohelp.com/software/mp4box - for mux It's site glitch. Try later.
  15. @storm134 You can just remux it into mkv, or demux with tsmuxer and mux in mp4 with mp4box.