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  1. You can check on this website, if you find something you like? www.megapeliculasrip.com (tip use an adblocker)
  2. Who likes this? 4K Episode 1 - 2 - 3 Enjoy
  3. Found this on the internet, for people who want to upload and share anime! What do you guys think? Worth it? http://www.androidauthority.com/zoolz-2tb-deal-755472/
  4. Death Note 8/10 Don't like the ending and it was to short!!
  5. Hi, all, I don't watch much cartoons or anime but I'am making a collections of old anime I used to watch like Pokémon, DBZ all, Beyblade all, Yu-GI-Oh, Naruto,... and I'am searching for the best quality there is. This is how I found this website, I'am happy I've found it makes my life better.
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