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  1. I no it seems weird but hey i like then but i need some suggestions on whats good and whats bad yeah im still kinda new at this:dhh:
  2. My Faveorite of all pokemon Would have to be hmm charmander awww yeah he is awsome:beauty:
  3. Yeah i Would want to be in VIII because i really liked the plot and because of how cool lighting is.
  4. Well the latest Anime Ive watched would be Soul Eater Seasons 1 and 2. Yup has to be one of my favorite Animes aside from Air Gear:embarrassed:
  5. i would have to choose the X-box 360 because of the online gaming experiences also because a lot of my close friends have them:happy:
  6. Im Working on a game called Record of the Agerest War pretty fun game i gotta say if you like turn by burn strategy based games:happy:
  7. My all time favorite would have to be Chris Patton-Air Gear:dhh:
  8. i was probly about 16 wen i started watching Naruto ^^ mmm delicious kinda mest up my b-day srry:hguit5:
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