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  1. oKaKa

    Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    i mean that some members here that create a "fake" community on a website dead from some time called kametsu.com lead by a guy named jasonspidey was only to grower his collection by collecting what others have he already finish doing everything but never intend to share them with others all he was doing (only sharing 15 first episodes) was to attract people , if you wanted some stuff from him you was forced to share stuff or paid server fee it will never be shared so don't count on him
  2. oKaKa

    Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    It's a trick those kind of guys love to make hoping others (in the way gettings stuff or money for things) but never intends to do it
  3. Hello i just wanted to know if you have the Dragon Ball, z MOVIES from madman dvd as they have in fullscreen the same masters as funi but with better compression making them better


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    2. Gin
    3. Gin


      I guess it depends on the movie


    4. oKaKa




      even the widescreen have issues it's not a pb, if you watch the tv series you also have issues too even if it was made fullscreen

  4. oKaKa

    Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    http://www.kanzenshuu.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=19448&start=580 in this topics they are people doing color correction on r2j dvd
  5. oKaKa

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    saint seiya soldier soul and dragon ball xenoverse, and lego marvel super heroes lol geek inside
  6. oKaKa

    How do you convince people to watch Anime?

    simply by watch this anime when i see this people lol ....the better way to convince is to watch with lol
  7. oKaKa

    Invite AsianDVDClub Tracker

    asiandvdclub have a very very strict politics of register , i have an account before and even without cheating i have been banned ..... and several attempt of register have failed....it is an extraordinary site but very very poor mentality of administrator
  8. oKaKa

    How did you find this website ?

    i heard about this site by the 5.1 project of dragon ball dragon ball z dragon ball gt by another members
  9. oKaKa

    How do you learn?

    visual, to be graduate i have learned the scheme of my lessons and i better remember things i see more than things i hear
  10. i remember lol to see episodes of my favorite anime i have to wait that it air on tv, sharing VHS , hoping every weeks that i could record my episode without problem and that it will no be cut
  11. oKaKa

    Arrow (TV Series)

    what i hope is to see more heroes like clark kent, bruce wayne, wonder woman, hawkman etc.... i love to see this series, ...Arrow it will be 3 years i watch it and my interest haven't decrease at all
  12. yes you have to boot on uefi mode when you choose your drive uefi have to be before the name of your dvd drive..... if you cannot you have to save your data by another method like using on an external HDD and with gparted or disk partition software, you have to convert gpt to mbr and install like usually you install os
  13. oKaKa

    transferring DVR recordings to PC.

    i am not sure but if it is not a recorder give by your cable company and if you can extract your hard drive of this recorder, connect it to your computer and try to encode files...... but it depends of eventually drm or encrypt record
  14. oKaKa

    How to rip from Amazon Prime?

    The only thing i have found is fraps and record your screen on fullscreen ...if you don't do anything other with your computer, have a correct computer and have a good connection it will give you some good result replay media catcher do the same thing but i prefer fraps (the video will be uncompressed and divide on a lot of files.....use it with a big hard drive ( 20go for a 40mn episode)
  15. oKaKa

    How I register on AsianClubDVD?

    i was on adc but they have banned me without reason (i don't cheat), and i cannot register anymore.....i am not member of any other private trackers so i can't proove anything and even if they tell that we can join they on irc when you connect you are automatically ban...... it is a good trackers but administrators are dumbass