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  1. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    i mean that some members here that create a "fake" community on a website dead from some time called kametsu.com lead by a guy named jasonspidey was only to grower his collection by collecting what others have he already finish doing everything but never intend to share them with others all he was doing (only sharing 15 first episodes) was to attract people , if you wanted some stuff from him you was forced to share stuff or paid server fee it will never be shared so don't count on him
  2. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    It's a trick those kind of guys love to make hoping others (in the way gettings stuff or money for things) but never intends to do it
  3. Hello i just wanted to know if you have the Dragon Ball, z MOVIES from madman dvd as they have in fullscreen the same masters as funi but with better compression making them better


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    2. Shinnosuke
    3. Shinnosuke


      I guess it depends on the movie


    4. kojiroryuga




      even the widescreen have issues it's not a pb, if you watch the tv series you also have issues too even if it was made fullscreen

  4. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    http://www.kanzenshuu.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=19448&start=580 in this topics they are people doing color correction on r2j dvd
  5. Definitive Dragon Box Project

    no soucy enjoy the files
  6. Definitive Dragon Box Project

    @imagine Breaker if you watch were i have upload to you the 5.1 files you can find japanese broadcast audio of dragon ball gt (1000x better of audio in dragon box gt) i found it on a taiwanese dvdbox (it just don't have next episode preview) you can use it for your project
  7. Definitive Dragon Box Project

    I GIVE TO IMAGINE BREAKER LINK BY PM of the ac3 untouched files for dragon ball and dragon ball gt english files....it is the 5.1 english with japanese bgm files for each dvd of the remastered sets ....it is all i have temporarly for my project
  8. Definitive Dragon Box Project

    i haven't subs for anything on english (i am french so no need) but i can have you english 5.1 audio for dragon ball and dragon ball gt (i give you it on pm)
  9. Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box with good audio

    @Tomukas: DBNL sadly choose to use stereo for english with japanese music track.....and that for dragon ball dragon ball z dragon ball gt...but on the digitally remastered box of dragon ball dragon ball and dragon ball gt...the english with japanese music is on 5.1 with vocall on separate channel so by removing this channel we can mix with the japanese audio (with few synchronisation) but i can't find anywhere 5.1 tracks of dragon ball and dragon ball gt and the full iso found on internet have 0 sources.....
  10. Hokuto No Ken 2/Fist of the North Star 2 Hulu rip

    you could record using software like fraps (use 3.4.3 it is unlimited in time) or replay video capture it works fine
  11. [REQ] Ultimate Dragon Ball Releases

    all dragon ball, dragon ball z dragon ball gt rescanned like level sets in 4/3 HD without DNR, all with color correction and broadcast japanese audio (and foreign language and subtitle for other countries) movies in blu-ray 4/3 like dragon ball movies on streaming funimation with the same treatement than others... dragon ball kai 167 ep on 4/3 aspect ratio, with colour correction, for buu saga opening international and ending for the 15 first episodes then japanese openings and ending for 114to167 on HD but i know i dream lol
  12. Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box with good audio

    maybe, it is clear that the broadcast audio is better and with all the 5.1 english tracks of dragon ball and dragon ball gt (dragon ball z 5.1 tracks can easyly be found) i can re-create a stereo japanese tracks but i am french and don't have dragon ball and dragon ball gt 5.1 audio tracks
  13. What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    saint seiya soldier soul and dragon ball xenoverse, and lego marvel super heroes lol geek inside
  14. Hello i search only the 5.1 audio of dragon ball and dragon ball GT complete series for my project ...i a french and i have see on the web that the funimation remastered box of these series have 5.1 audio english (wich have vocals on separate tracks) i wan't to do a project of dragon ball with stereo japs make and for that i search these.... can someone give me all the files? thanks a lot
  15. Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box with good audio

    japanese real stereo doesn't exist on dvd but the japanese dvd iso is the better.....a man have the japanese broadcast version in stereo but doesn't want to share