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  1. Nice list you got there. Wonder if you have any plans to post them. Reason why i ask is because i see some nice christimas cartoon show that you have. Unless you've posted them in past already? thanks man ps. Im sorry, I dont mean to mess with your original post here. I Totaly understand that, originally you created the post to find what you are looking for, not to discuss what you currently have. Thanks again
  2. Wow. Thats a great wish list my friend. Im very curious to know/see what you have ( your own 125 ep/movies/specials) thanks in advance.
  3. Hey, what up? Yes im gonna look at this one too Cheers
  4. this is really cool. thanks Do you know now many episodes they have released so far ?
  5. Sounds good ... Will be waiting then
  6. How are you doing my friend... Are you still planing on bringing them in? thanks
  7. will be checking this one, for sure
  8. Wow, this is amazing! thanks a lot
  9. i also like linkin park, metellica and limp bizkit. i remember once, maybe some 8-10 years ago, the 3 band got together for a concert that i wanted to go but never made it. if i am not mistaken it was called the "summer tour" or something like that, which i believe took place in the meadowlands complex (tri state area)