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  1. Yeah there are definitely similarities between the two, though only really superficially, I think. Both of the main characters begin as ordinary guys who happen to come upon an ordinary power, and try to use it for good. After that though, the two series really go off in different directions, with Code Geass becoming a resistance story, while Death Note sort of evolves into a detective-thriller hybrid. Despite Lelouch dying, the end of Code Geass was for the most part optimistic, while the end of Death Note I viewed more as nihilistic. But as for which one I find better, I don't know. The one major complaint I have about Code Geass is that I view the show as kind of xenophobic towards America. While it really isn't America (CG being alternate universe, and everything), to me the show kinda comes off as having a kind of attitude like, "America is being a bully to innocent Japan." Of course, this may just be me, and I still like the show despite it. The only other complaint I really have about the show is that I found R2 really underwhelming. It wasn't necessarily bad, but I felt a lot more could have been done, or the show could have reached the same ending in a different way. The one thing I really did like about Code Geass, though, is that it really didn't seem to take itself too seriously, and seemed to have fun with it's characters. Between the constant fanservice shots of all the female characters, Spinzaku, and the gloriously hamtastic performances of JYB and Crispen Freeman, the show is definitely something that's enjoyable and fun to watch. I don't really have any major complaints about Death Note, like I have about Code Geass. The only big complaint I really have is that I don't particularly like Near. Perhaps that was intentional, as L was also a bit strange as well, but I think I would have enjoyed it more if Mello was the only replacement L in the second half of the story, instead of the quasi-L character Near was. I also enjoyed how over the top Death Note was as well, with all of these master plans playing out where L and Light thought exactly what the other was going to do, and formulated plans accordingly. Wildly unrealistic, but entertaining, nonetheless. As for which of the shows I enjoy more, I have to go with Code Geass. That choice in the end comes down to the main characters, Lelouch and Light. While both characters do succumb to some of the darker aspects of their powers, Light fully falls into and embraces the darkness. By the end of the series, it becomes clear that he is only using the Death Note to keep the population of the world fearful and under his control, rather than his initially stated goal of making the world a better place. While Lelouch definitely performs some morally questionable acts throughout both seasons of the show, at the end he shows that he never really forgot what his true purpose was, and strove to create his new world at the cost of his life. He dies believing that what he did made the world a better place, while Light died (in the anime) running away and fearful for his life. Perhaps it's just because I'm an optimist, but I like the idea of Lelouch keeping his ideals more than that of Light getting justly killed. That's why I enjoy Code Geass more than Death Note.
  2. I'd like to think of myself as a Firebender, but more realistically Earthbending closer matches me.
  3. Fairly Oddparents hasn't been any good since Season 5 ended way back in 2006. From what I've seen of it since then it's become far too dependent on pop culture references and reducing characters to one or two traits. Even worse are the characters they added. It was bad enough when they added the baby, which outwore it's welcome far too quickly, but then they added the dog who no one likes, and now they're adding another new character? If it wasn't clear before, the series has officially run out of new ideas. Which is really sad, since it used to be my favorite Nicktoon.
  4. Probably moreso my own personal opinion but I would have liked to see more Ed and Al adventures after what happened in Conqueror of Shamballa (sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who likes how FMA 2003 ended...), though the series does end on a relatively good point. I'd love to see more Flame of Recca, especially because of the hilarious way they wrapped up loose ends at the end of the anime. Hoping for more Black Lagoon to come along soon, too.
  5. Working my way through Super Dimensional Fortress Macross for the first time. I watched Robotech when I was younger and I always meant to watch the original show but I never got around to it until just recently. From what I've seen of the series so far it's very good, though I do feel it's a bit rushed at times. That really doesn't take much away from it, though, and I'm still enjoying it.
  6. Blue Gender is pretty good, at least I thought so. It can be divisive, though, so you'll either love or hate it.
  7. Nothing in particular really got me into it. The first anime I can remember watching is Kiki's Delivery Service, back when I was 3 or 4 years old (I think it was right around the time Disney did their dub of it.) I watched Toonami when I was growing up, and I remember watching Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z every day after school, though I always enjoyed watching Adult Swim more, maybe because it was forbidden (my parents never let me watch Adult Swim). It wasn't really my attraction just to anime itself, but more to animation in general. I always was a big fan of animation, especially the old Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry cartoons. Like I mentioned elsewhere, I kinda grew out of anime and animation somewhere around 2007, mostly I think just because of a backlash of wanting to act more "adult" and have less to do with kiddie stuff like animation. It wasn't until high school that I got back into it, thanks in no small part to a lot of Adult Swim nostalgia and the Funimation Channel, and I've been into it ever since.
  8. Usually I'd rely on nostalgia to make my choice for me, but I personally don't have a preference. I have seen both though, and the Ocean dub does sound a bit better to me, so I'll go with that.
  9. Incredibles 2 should be fun, I'm looking forward to that. Toy Story should have ended with 3. The first one is still my favorite of all the Pixar movies, so I'd hate to see the series go to hell. The Cars franchise just needs to die in general. Finding Dory will probably be good, though I wasn't a huge fan of Finding Nemo, to be honest. Call me oldschool, but I always enjoyed the traditionally animated Disney movies over the CGI ones.
  10. I watched the Lego Movie again a couple nights ago.
  11. Oh no, I understand companies do make Blu-rays, I was just trying to justify a situation in which a company would not product a Blu-ray for a show.
  12. My only possible guess would be that the companies don't think it warrants producing both Blu-ray and DVD releases when they can just do solely a DVD release instead. Why they would think this for popular shows, I don't know. Perhaps there's a greater profit from DVD sales than Blu-ray sales?
  13. I just got MGSV (Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes) and WWE 2K16 for my PS4.
  14. I typically prefer dubs of shows, just because I don't like to spend all the time reading, though I will switch it up and watch the subs from time to time.
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