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  1. Will be 30 soon. Cartoons have always been a love of mine and my father's. A lot of our time we shared was watching cartoons so it's not only nostalgic but comforting.
  2. noob447


    I don't remember if it was Nick because I've already looked at the list of practically everything Nick did except for all of those shorts that didn't even get enough love to have a fan base. Otherwise I have no clue.
  3. noob447

    Do you have a piercing?

    I sure would love to have the money for more right now
  4. noob447

    Do you have a piercing?

    I've had about 32 in my day (counting things being re-done from closing up!). The only things I still have are my nipples, 1-1/8 ear lobes, and a 5/8 septum, and my tongue is just open enough to still get something in there but I don't wear it often anymore.
  5. noob447


    @DabDeity710 Any clues man? I'm going nuts!
  6. Guys.. I have been wracking my brain trying to remember an old cartoon I just had randomly pop in my head but I remember so little of it. I can remember a kid that would always wear a hoodie or possibly a cloak with a hood, I think purple or some kind of maroon? He had a friend that always wore a mask, I think. He had a hideout that was inside the doghouse out back, and when he went in, it was massive, kind of like how Dexter's Lab was. It was 2D animation and I think I remember it looking like the style of animation for the Wild Thornberries or Ahhh! Real Monsters. E: I forgot to specify that I THINK it aired in early 00's but I can't be positive. I also remember, somewhat, the supporting character calling the protagonist "Hoods" like it was his nickname. I have looked at everything from Klasky and Csupo's production lists and I don't see it there so I'm REALLY hoping you fine folks can help me :3
  7. noob447

    Yu gi Oh; Duel Monsters

    Duel Monsters was the only one I liked. Obviously it was an anime geared toward children but I loved how Pegasus was eccentric and dark and crazy but they sort of made him pityable and lovable because he did it all out of desperation for his love. It's relatable.
  8. noob447

    Official Vent Thread

    Bro...the saddest thing.
  9. noob447

    Which Studio Ghibli films are worth watching?

    Castle in the sky is enchanting. I've never enjoyed Lupin for some reason, although I can say that the film was done well. Basically anything they do is going to have to do with a return to the beautiful nature around us and I can relate to that. That's always been my favorite part about Mononoke and Totoro; the simple past, innocence and adventure in the untouched wilderness, and Mononoke with the "we are destroying the Earth and need to revert our shit" trope. Personally, I didn't care for Porco Rosso but still, of course, respect it. I guess I just don't care for anime comedy aspects. Anywho, watching all of it will not be a regret in any way.
  10. noob447

    Official Vent Thread

    Yo that album is an underrated gem too....
  11. I would wash my hands of Anime if they made him vape dude
  12. I'm so scared of what they might do....
  13. noob447

    Yes hello

    Welcome, welcome! I like your tracker. I have used it for about a year I believe.
  14. I know I'm definitely in the least popular opinion but I just cannot bring myself to enjoy Naruto. I've tried to give it a chance for like 10 years, lol. I suppose I've never really gotten into many things revolving around Ninjas....and even when I was within the age demographic it was marketed for (shonen) I still didn't care for the manga. Maybe if it's in some good hd I can try again.
  15. noob447

    [HELP] Wireless Adapter Not Working

    Have you gone into the BIOS (tap delete a few times when booting) to make sure it's not disabling the pci-e slot for some reason? Edit: I found the manual for your mobo and it almost looks like the pcie slots might not have legacy support enabled by default. If that wireless card is not a supported device, it could be as simple as turning on the legacy support.