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  1. I would actually recommend reading that in print. The format of the book works waaaay better when you read it vs listening to it imo. I listen to audiobooks all the time but in this case it's not suitable.
  2. Same thing happening to me on Chrome. Often 0 results when searching for stuff, but not always. For example when I search "South Park" I get loads of threads, but when I search "What About Mimi" (one of my old topics) - no results. The topic works if you use a direct link, though, so it's not deleted.
  3. I will be extremely busy for the next several months due to medical school so I am unable to do daily updates in my topics. I will however attempt to update them on the weekends since I have a little bit of free time then. Of course there will be no updates at all during exam sessions so please be patient if I don't update in a longer while. Please continue to report any issues if they arise and I will get around to fixing them whenever I can.

  4. Orico enclosures from AliExpress are excellent and very reasonably priced. I definitely recommend them for single hard drives, haven't tried out their multi-bay ones though.
  5. Les Triplettes de Belleville. I guess I didn't "get" it, just pure style over substance for me.
  6. I have x264 480p WEB-DLs of Season 1, can't find Seasons 2 and 3 in anything better than Xvid DVDRips though. I'll upload it all tomorrow since I have a little bit of free time.
  7. I often format my posts in BBCode, paste them here: http://www.amigabounty.net/index.php?function=bbcodetest And copy-paste the result to Kametsu. Especially useful when image hosting sites output thumbnails in BBCode.
  8. 24-hour time (commonly used in Europe) thankfully resolves this issue easily since midnight is 0:00/24:00.
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