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  1. I would actually recommend reading that in print. The format of the book works waaaay better when you read it vs listening to it imo. I listen to audiobooks all the time but in this case it's not suitable.
  2. Same thing happening to me on Chrome. Often 0 results when searching for stuff, but not always. For example when I search "South Park" I get loads of threads, but when I search "What About Mimi" (one of my old topics) - no results. The topic works if you use a direct link, though, so it's not deleted.
  3. When will "Technoscare" become available for download?

    1. PM62


      It hasn't been released by TVSmash yet. I'll get in touch since it looks like it's been released on iTunes on October 15th.

  4. I will be extremely busy for the next several months due to medical school so I am unable to do daily updates in my topics. I will however attempt to update them on the weekends since I have a little bit of free time then. Of course there will be no updates at all during exam sessions so please be patient if I don't update in a longer while. Please continue to report any issues if they arise and I will get around to fixing them whenever I can.

  5. Orico enclosures from AliExpress are excellent and very reasonably priced. I definitely recommend them for single hard drives, haven't tried out their multi-bay ones though.
  6. Les Triplettes de Belleville. I guess I didn't "get" it, just pure style over substance for me.
  7. I have x264 480p WEB-DLs of Season 1, can't find Seasons 2 and 3 in anything better than Xvid DVDRips though. I'll upload it all tomorrow since I have a little bit of free time.
  8. I often format my posts in BBCode, paste them here: http://www.amigabounty.net/index.php?function=bbcodetest And copy-paste the result to Kametsu. Especially useful when image hosting sites output thumbnails in BBCode.
  9. 24-hour time (commonly used in Europe) thankfully resolves this issue easily since midnight is 0:00/24:00.
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