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  1. Step 1: Ask them why they don't watch it. Depending on their answer I don't press further. Step 2: Ask them what TV shows/movies/genres they enjoy. Step 3: Recommend something good. Not being a newbie helps here.
  2. And what would be the need for the two opposing views of a show? If you go about obsessing over a show, it would seem to me that you really like it so why doesn't your score reflect that? If it was really just a run of the mill show then why don't you feel that way about it? My guess is that you picked up this "critical" stuff from elsewhere. If it's possible that a show you scored 5 or below( average-bad ) was enjoyable enough to obsessive over then it's possible to think that a 10/10 was immensely boring and/or not worth talking about. Does that sound right? I'd recommend Bakemonogatari next btw and if you can't get behind that series then give Katanagatari a shot.
  3. Yeah I hope some of this looks more polished by the time it airs.
  4. Can you please re-upload Michiko & Hatchin?

  5. Kids on the Slope Honey and Clover Kemonozume Kaiba Nagi no Asukara Nodame Cantabile Berserk
  6. Mars of Destruction Ice Darker than Black Season 2
  7. Now I have a reason to watch The Second Raid
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