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  1. Hi, there are sleeves in full color
  2. Hello, I would see if anyone could upload the special "Bob the Builder: On Site: Green Builds and Recycling Centers" which is 2008 I hope there is a way that someone can share. Thank you https://itunes.apple.com/au/tv-season/bob-builder-on-site-green/id903802584
  3. Hello everyone on this forum, just register me. And because I wanted to mention some of my anecdotes and anime series I grew up with. All I remember most were Cardcaptor Sakura, Detective Flim time, Dragon Ball and Digimon. I remember fighting for the TV remote control provided be the one to see her favorite show. Hence also I remember drawings like Pokemon, Doraemon. And series that I like and that I always remember, are Charmed, Xena: Warrior Princess, Buffy, etc. From my point of view, they were excellent, as they plot and had a lot of good things that made them interesting and inevitable failing to follow them, they were great. Currently I follow the series Once Upon a Time, Vikings, and Super Dragon Ball. Well it's a bit about me. I say goodbye and thank you for accepting this forum.