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  1. at this point i just download to collect stuff maybe in a few years ill have interest again but i only rewatch a few shows from time to time like spice and wolf / strike witches / ah my godess (only the really good ones) but now i just download / log that i downloading the show then dump into my archive 8 tb drive and forget about it lol.
  2. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/transgender-people-do-exist-steven-weinberg https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender_dysphoria http://apps.who.int/classifications/icd10/browse/2016/en#/F64.9 http://apps.who.int/classifications/icd10/browse/2016/en#/F64.8 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transgender Transgender people are people who have a gender identity, or gender expression, that differs from their assigned sex. Long story short they are butthurt about the way they were popped out of the mold and want to add or remove parts to there body and think it will actually make them the opposite sex. Its just higher order cross dressing with less legal protection and more stigma because your doing something that shows beyond reasonable doubt you have gender dysphoria disorder. Think of it like this: aka trans male to female you (99% males who use this forum, 1% google spiders) if you have sex with the trans its gay sex but because the she is a he. We all started out female, then depending on what hormones the mother gave the child it will determine gender. But female is the default for everyone, as males we are the modification to the norm. It makes perfect sense some one to be born with a male body but have a largely female brain but no matter how they change and what cloths they wear its not possible to change your gender. We know now more about the stars in the sky then the brain or the ocean. So its not “hate speech” but very accurately pointing out brain damaged millennial's. I do not advocate physical violence to these people in any way. Threw self ownership we have the ability to make absolute changes to our body as we see fit. They in no way harm me or my quality of life and I have no intention of harming them or keeping them from living how they want. However the quality of life will go down if they make these needless physical changes. Not to mention they make themselves a minority with limited legal protection and open to a life time of discrimination. At the end of the day a so called “trans” will still use the male bath room even if they dress as female. What I would do in my case if I saw one of these people is ask for there cell phone then: Me: “ok google – mental healthcare clinics in my area” me: errr – whats your insurance them: oh thats xxxxxxx me: k me: “ok google – therapist who takes xxxxx insurance” me: do you know what a ssri is bro? I got a doctor who just gives it out. I can get you on sertraline with in the hour after one phone call. them: errrr what is that me: let me take your hand and lead you to the pharmacy “All brains a wired differently, which is why we all are unique, and transgendered brains are "wired" a way that they do not identify with the sex that they were born into.” in a nut shell yes that is why they need a therapist and acceptance of what they are because makeup and dresses changes nothing. Just like poker its the hand you got and make the best of it and not play with jokers. So when people say they want to become “trans” I interject a “csb” or cool story bro the due diligence is done and I know they are bat shit crazy. (I could use the “theres your sign” joke but its kinda dead) “If someone is transgender i dont really care, but stupidity and ignorance from people who should know better, that is something to look down on/ laugh at. ” No one is laughing or looking down but it gives an opportunity for them to seek mental health services and there family should help them seek treatment. I know what they are and loath this new do not offend culture. If its not for me then no one will give them the light in the darkness by a simple “ah err bro you know this is brain damage – I mean google this shit like asap gender dysphoria disorder “ , “also bro you might be doing this to go into the girls bathroom but your not fooling anyone – your still peeing in the male bathroom”
  3. transgenders dont exist there is only male and females Cut off your penis and your balls / wear girls cloths but your still a guy it chances nothing. Its just brain damage. If you take hormones to change your physical appearance but again it changes nothing.... Cant change your dna. These people say they are making a gender change but they just need a better therapist.
  4. well first my internet connection now is uber slow (50-500kb slow) but its uncapped so they know my swag done be downloading like crazy and torrenting 1.5 tb a month cuz my power levels over 9000 also i have a computer / tv full house network that is not wireless so i can have a media server in one room and it connect to any tv or tablet and stream from my 8 tb archive of shows. when i go on long flights i like to watch strike witches / spice and wolf / ah my goddess to pass time and lots and lots of 3ds majoras mask ( i do a lot of traveling)
  5. omg cast your vote here so we can see who is voting for who. its coming down to the final hour...
  6. well you could always tell them about how great henti/lolicon is and that alone is a very strong motive to watch. oh and the plot is also great along with high fps / picture quality. But who does not love small boobs and pantie shots to keep you hooked on a show, i mean really some shows thats the only reason why i watch them. The major problem with anime is a clear lack of content. There are a few shows that break the mold - spice and wolf is one of them so is strike witches. cookie cutter vs non cookie cutter cookie cutter: goes to middle/high school high ratio of girls girls finding males sexually attractive and competing for the male the male being a total pussy females hitting males ; this i dont like at all.. opening shots where main character is shown in a crowd of "normal people with normal brown hair" then he is shown in bright colours to attract you to the main character like you were too dumb to figure it out on your own (kinda like the way apple thinks of its users) clear pandering to sexual fetishes parental figures don't really exist and or have no point or in the story aka useless. A tasteful example is "Walt, Jr." from breaking bad. If that character was removed it would have almost zero effect on the story. ----- now add in flavour twists: supernatural, school life, gundam type shows - meck, girls with guns, fighting, ect ----- non cookie cutter does not go to school has plot elements from parents actually has a plot that scales and has rewatchability not just based on loli or pantsu - (strike witches / spice and wolf / ah my goddess / moonphase / black lagoon / darker then black / a clearly defined story line that is thought provoking and innovative. with non cookie cutter shows being so rare its hard to put a finger on what makes them quite unique. This will require more brain storming.
  7. I'm thinking of renting a remote server with high bandwidth and doing a remote install of ubuntu on it. Then when my downloads are done just ftp it to my network or drop it into a trucrypt container and ftp the media like that so even if security is compromised in route as it will be with out the long password + keyfiles gl opening it to give me a dmca violation.
  8. I would all the strike witches mmmmm to be fwb so tasty and Holo from spice and wolf. Lets not forget how cute belldandy is from Ah! my goddess is along with her little sister skuld wow shes like 10/10 hot. Props to rail gun for being super cute.
  9. playing around is not a crime no computers where destroyed hew hew hew
  10. http://themerkle.com/fbi-can-obtain-a-warrant-if-you-run-tor-come-december/ Just a heads up because it seems this story is not getting any media attention if you run tor and live in the usa expect the feds to be at your door if they think your up to no good..... So why is this happening? The fbi has been using xss attacks on tor websites for years now and the total invested amount for those attacks are huge were talking millions of dollars and the use of universities to help make a temporary exploit in tor also the fbi cannot break into tor because the system works. So if your connection is encrypted or running tor "your up to something" and that is enough for a search warrant because this is a last ditch approach because the tor system is too strong. In a few countries encryption over the internet is banned because the proper implementation of strong encryption (aes-256/rsa/pgp) is almost bulletproof, and that is one thing in this entire world you can rely on. This brings me back to the frog in the pan with water with low heat. Our freedoms will be slowly stripped and one day people would not remember a time when it was any different. I can bet my balls they are doing this not only to catch online crime aka the use of darknets and tor network for illegal purposes like drugs but in the name of anti-terror and its going to get a shit ton of funding and not make the news. The attack is really focusing on encryption and the "*going dark problem". Who knows at this point what is there next move, like making full disk aes encryption illegal or mandatory backdoors of encryption keys. Windows already has those backdoors built in and some encryption vendors were asked to quietly "break your code in this way" to give the false illusion of security and to allow immediate access to information protected via encryption - fbi's iphone break in even when they had the means it was a ploy to try and change the laws to allow easer access to encrypted data. *going dark - is a law enforcement term used to describe the massive inability to intercept in real time communications and decrypt data to allow remote monitoring of computers and internet connections due to the use of encryption.
  11. ubuntu 14.04 lts firefox 47 sry about that
  12. i have the same problem 14.04 lts /ff latest ver
  13. download via tor/proxy/freenet/i2p unless they block or ban encryption they will not stop people from downloading there shows
  14. Then how would non loved or friended members like me access that section? I am already downloading more then 60% of my shows from nyaa and love the idea of torrents downloading everything so i dont have to go threw free file hosts that are slow and might have xss.
  15. using photohop ofc with funny pics with out of scale fat people
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