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  1. jumpshot22

    Help get Ocean Kai on the air!

    Just sent a message. Let's see if I get any response back.
  2. I am resuming uploading both Fist of the North Star and DBZ Kai now that I have my ISP switched. Does anyone have any advice on increasing upload speed to Mega? My upload is 300 Mbps but I'm only getting about 1 MB/s upload with the Mega sync client. :|

    1. testing123


      Mega goes through those fits. It's shit to upload on. :/

    2. jumpshot22


      Damn that sucks. Know anywhere to upload that will take advantage of my upload speed? I guess I could do a torrent.

    3. testing123


      I prefer DDLs. :/ 

      Amazon might be a service to look into. You'd have to pay for it though.

  3. It's official.  I'm getting gigabit internet.  I will resume uploading once my connection is up.  I don't think my upload speeds will be gigabit but still way faster than what I have now.  Should make uploading more frequently easier.

  4. I might be in the process of switching my ISP and SIGNIFICANTLY increasing my upload speed.  Because of this, I will be suspending my uploads of Fist of the North Star and Dragon Ball Z Kai until I figure out my ISP situation.  Will keep everyone updated.

    1. testing123
    2. jumpshot22


      Thanks!  I might be getting gigabit B|

    3. testing123
  5. Holy cow this is amazing. Definitely looking forward to checking out some of these projects.