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  1. Yo @Koby, thoughts about making a must watch anime list? Apologies if it already exists

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    2. Nabull


      The one that started it is Firewatch, i really enjoyed playing it. The best part is that they don't require a lot of your time.

      I'm most interested in ABZU, looks very interesting

    3. ZeroPenguins


      @Nabull, the forum is deleted, the forum and this message is all in your head :P

    4. Nabull


      Which anime am I in

  2. Happy birthday love

    *gives Tanks and Lolis*

  3. Hey how are you doing? 

    1. ThePJzer


      Hey! Been awhile hasn't it. I'm doing fine, how about yourself?

    2. ThePJzer


      Duplicate Post Deleted

    3. Nabull


      I'm good, what have you been up to 

  4. I made a steam account \0/

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    2. NeutralHatred


      I play actually good games, sorry.

    3. Nabull


      Steam account only for online games 

    4. Kid Boruto

      Kid Boruto

      @Nabull You got Steam now cool. Check your Discord, left a message.

  5. Happy birthday 

    1. EccentricOne


      Thank you :D 

    2. DRX


      Happy birthday bud, sorry it's a bit late but things have been hectic lately. Hope you enjoyed your day :D

    3. DJStarfish


      Happy belated birthday!

  6. Nabull

    Happy anniversary? 

  7. Happy birthday @Scyrous 

    1. Scyrous


      Thanks friend :D

    2. basheer_naimi


      Happy Birthday :)

  8. You alive? 

    How's it going 

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    2. Nabull


      It just repeat posted

    3. ThePJzer


      We can defenitley discuss things again, it'll just require patience since it may take me a couple days to respond sometimes.


      Not sure why I double posted the same reply, pretty sure I clicked Clear Editor on my phone, oh well. ¬¬

    4. Nabull


      Expect a PM soon 

      Glad to finally hear from you again, how is everyone at home doing? 

      Buy a PS4 lot of good stuff coming this year 

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    2. ramensama92
    3. Nabull


      Mega has downloading limits now iirc

    4. Gin


      Set simultaneous downloads to a high number like 13-20 and you can get half-all of it from mega. Could also use a proxy or vpn.

      Otherwise it is on XDCC, there are no limits for that.

  9. Join the discord bro 

    1. ThePJzer


      I'm just about to retire for the evening. I will this weekend though. ^_^

    2. Nabull
  10. Why don't you make a MAL profile :big_smile:

    1. Alice


      Because I have an anime planet profile and its too much to start on another site when I already got one.



    1. emjay911


      There is a scene release for this

    2. Nabull
    3. pixxelherz



      Just one search in this forum turned this up. Nabull, do some research first before you ask others. ;-)

  11. Koby, I charge you guilty of stalling the release of Naruto. 

    Please do it eventually :P

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    2. Dab is a Cunt

      Dab is a Cunt

      *Trump twitter voice* SAD!

      Good thing I'm still only up to ep 142 for the original seriesxD

    3. Koby


      @DabDeity710 May as well skip to ep1 of Shippuuden, lol.. All the rest of the episodes you have left to watch are pointless filler aside from like 30 seconds of content in the final episode.

    4. Dab is a Cunt

      Dab is a Cunt

      So I hear, but I'm a completionist

  12. You PC specs are ticking some people off :D

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    2. SakuraChan

      † SakuraChan

      anime archiving ofc this is Storage Server #2 i am talking about, Storage Server #1 has 24x4TB in RAID6 for ~80TB storage, gonna do the same 24x4TB in RAID6 on server 2 for a total of 160TB storage across 2 servers

    3. Nabull
    4. Nabull


      BTW if you see ninja dogs around your house just give them your CPU, monitors, servers, hdds. And they'll leave without causing any trouble. 


      Also, give them some food and belly rubs

  13. Hey did you check the subs I sent you ?

  14. Hey, so I was working on the Fairy Tail subs, the subs are fine but they look rather ugly. Any help?

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    2. DeathTheKid


      I have tclactl6's (or whatever his name is) release which was 576p and retail subtitles so if that release used the retail then I converted those already. 


      Just checked what I've done... and I've only done episodes 1-12. Feel free to do them again/all of them. Send them my way if you do please.

    3. Nabull


      I'll send you a sample see if it syncs correctly 

    4. DeathTheKid


      Oh, it won't. The timing on the retail subtitles are pretty bad. I was fine timing each episode.

  15. Can we get Disney's Recess

    There is a release here but the post is confusing, so not sure if I should download it 

    1. Tooncore


      Try the request section, I don't have that series sorry!

    2. Nabull


      Okay, no problem 

  16. Why can't you have a MAL profile like normal people?! 

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    2. emjay911


      @Nabull why would you rate Rainbow a 9 and than drop it?

      I thought dropped shows are bad shows?


    3. Nabull


      The main stuff was amazing it was the post jail stuff that wasn't on the same level as the first 13-15 episodes. Would recommend watching it. 

    4. Nabull


      Let's just say that I was expecting a bit too much due to the main story,it isn't bad at all I just decided to not watch it @emjay911

  17. Hey Koby I want to learn to use Avisynth can you teach me/link me to a good online guide?

  18. Can you get me the subtitles from this release in .ass or .srt?

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    2. Nabull


      Could you review one of the conversions if you have time?

    3. Moodkiller


      Sorry, dont quite know what you are referring to?

    4. Nabull


      I have converted some FT subs to.ass was asking if you were willing to take a look at that

  19. Will we never get Slam Dunk?

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    2. Nabull
    3. Badman


      Previews for the next episode

    4. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      That's why I spliced the Japanese audio in for the next episode preview and created custom subtitles for the English track but that was really tedious. Now audio slicing is a cinch the subtitles is a pain in the ass.

  20. Koby I would like some help can you check my post in A/V encoding ?

  21. Reupload Kids on The Slope Already

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