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  1. watched its review on youtube yesterday and from its review its looks like it is more gore then the Dead man Wonderland
  2. Monkey D Luffy4

    Manga You're Currently Reading?

    I am currently reading Tokyo Ghoul re just caught up with latest chapter yesterday
  3. Monkey D Luffy4

    Fairy tale anime

    yeah you are right about that Fairy tail anime is censored anime but till 175 epiodes But now they have started showing blood in some scenes and art is also very gorgeous . Anime is now also in its best arc
  4. Monkey D Luffy4

    'Resident Evil' Gets CG Anime Movie in 2017

    Very good news i just recently watched Resident Evil Damination and it was pretty amazning movie Still waiting for them to announce resident evil 7 game .
  5. Monkey D Luffy4

    Will Tokyo Ghoul receive a 3rd season?

    Guys this is my first time posting a new topic so I want to know your views weather this season of tokyo ghoul will be a original story of anime like second season or it will be story that is based strictly on manga
  6. Monkey D Luffy4

    A Cetain Magical Index/ Scientific Railgun More Season?

    Recently the author of this show apologized to its fans for the 3rd season of magiclal index so i think may be their is still a little hope for its 3rd season afterall shows are being continued even after many years like Dragon ball Ushio to Tora Parasite Maxim So Lets not lost hope for 3rd season
  7. Bleach and katekyo hitman reborn are also unfinished but now i have decided to stop waiting for their return and start reading their manga, hopefully they will be amazing as their animes
  8. Monkey D Luffy4

    Looking for Manga

    yow can read Soul eater it is just about 130 chapters and if you like it then you can also check another of his work soul eater not i think yow should avoid watching its anime because it is original story of anime and not related to to the manga
  9. Monkey D Luffy4

    New Anime to Watch

    If you have not watched Detective conan then you should watch it is very strategical and mystey show, but it is not Sci - fi . yow should avoid watching its filler. I also recently finished watching it, it took me entirely almost a year, but now when i think about the calculating mind of main character i think it was worth it
  10. Monkey D Luffy4

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Just Ended Witcher 2 and started playing Witcher 3
  11. Monkey D Luffy4

    [Voting] Anime of Summer 2015

    I have watched gangsta And i think it was pretty good show except the animation and art of last 4 episode was not so good lol koby is definately right about Dragon ball super